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LEPAK / GOWAN MGT 430 – Spring 2016 Class 6 Chapter 6 Planning For and Recruiting Human Resources

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MGT 430 Spring 2016Class 6 Chapter 6Planning For and Recruiting Human Resources

LEPAK / GOWANHR Planning Process Directly helps organizations meet business objectives and gain competitive advantages over competitors.

Compares the present state of the organization with its future goals

Identifies what changes it must make in its HR to meet those goals

(Hint, Hint)HR personnel must be fully aware of the business plans for their employerLEPAK / GOWANTrends and events that affect the economy also create opportunities and problems in obtaining HR. To prepare for and respond to these challenges, organizations engage in HR planning to the numbers and types of employees the organization will require to meet its objectives.The first step in human resource planning is personnel forecasting. Through trend analysis and good judgment, the planner tries to determine the supply of and demand for various human resources. Based on whether a surplus or a shortage is expected, the planner sets goals and creates a strategy for achieving those goals. The organization then implements its HR strategy and evaluates the results.

2THOUGHT STARTER - NursesTask: Forecast nursing needs for a small (50-bed) hospital in Lake Placid, NY

HR would need to know information on:Medical services provided (e.g. emergency, Hospice, surgery, etc.)Population shifts (e.g. older, younger, active, retirees, etc.)Patient services demand (e.g. heart, eyes, pediatric, Ob/Gyn, etc.) Health care trendsHealth care vs. government regulation/oversight Nursing labor costs Other

LEPAK / GOWANHistorical Nursing Needs Lake PlacidNurse to patient ratioNumber of medical treatments expectedGeneral nursing skillsSpecialized nursing skillsNurse turnover ratioCost/benefit analysis

LEPAK / GOWAN Figure 5.1: Overview of HR Planning Process

LEPAK / GOWANFigure 5.1 shows the HR planning process. HR tries to determine supply of and demand for various types of human resources. xThe process consists of three stages:ForecastingGoal setting and strategic planningProgram implementation and evaluationForecasting - The attempts to determine the supply of and demand for various types of human resources to predict areas within the organization where there will be labor shortage or surpluses.

5ForecastingForecasting: Attempt to determine supply and demand for various types of HR to predict areas within the organization and where there will be labor shortages or surpluses.Forecasting steps:Forecast labor demand Determine labor supply Determine labor surplus or shortage5-6The first step in HR planning is forecasting.The primary goal is to predict which areas of the organization will experience labor shortages or surpluses.6Goal Setting and Strategic PlanningRecruiting goals must be consistent with and supportive of the organizational strategy and business plan

Recruiting goals should come directly from analysis of supply and demand.

Our organizations should focus on attracting and retaining employees who provide or improve on a companys core competency (what makes it better than competitors)LEPAK / GOWANThis is the second step in HR planning as shown in the middle of Figure 5.1.7RecruitmentProcess of identifying potential employees, communicating job and organizational attributes to them, and convincing them to apply for available jobs

Focuses on finding qualified applicantsLEPAK / GOWANTypes of EmployeesFull Time Equivalent (FTE)FTE traditionally works a 40 hour work week with the expectation that exempt employees will work the hours necessary to accomplish their jobs

Part Time Employee (PTE)A part time employee has traditionally worked less than a 40 hour work week. Today, though, some employers count employees as full time if they work 30, 32, or 36 hours a week.LEPAK / GOWANTemporary & Contract EmployeesShort term (Seasonal)

Legal issues: Are they employees or contractors

Loyalty or motivation to company customers owners

Temporary spike in businessLEPAK / GOWANRecruitment ProcessAcknowledge a recognized need Identify best sources for finding targeted applicants

Craft a clear and compelling recruitment message

Clarify role of recruiterLEPAK / GOWANRequired/Desired Characteristics - NurseCritical KSAsCertifications/licensingInter-personal skillsLevel of experienceAbility to travelMultiple discipline settingsProblem solvingOther?????????

LEPAK / GOWANInternal RecruitingProcess of seeking applicants from within the firm using, e.g.:Job postings Employee inventories (H.R.I.S.)Intra-net websitesPersonal referralsPromotions & transfersLEPAK / GOWAN

LEPAK / GOWANExternal RecruitmentProcess of recruiting employees from outside the organization

Requires identifying the relevant labor market (RLM),

Non-exempt = local community

Exempt = regional, national, and international communityLEPAK / GOWANExternal Recruitment MethodsAdvertising print social mediaEducational institutions Career fairs Employment agencies and employee search firms Internet e.g. Monster Careers Job OpportunitiesTrade organizationsEmployee referralsTemporary to- permanentLEPAK / GOWAN


LEPAK / GOWANEmployer BrandDeveloping a long-term strategy to manage how a firms stakeholdersincluding its current and future employeesperceive the company

How does my company become an employer of choiceLEPAK / GOWAN

LEPAK / GOWANRecruiting Practical ExerciseYou are an HR specialist and the companys recruiting manager.

You are tasked to recruit and recommend for hire five professionals:Chemical engineerExemptChief marketing officerExemptCredit department manager ExemptFork lift operatorNon-exemptPayroll specialistNon-exempt

How do you prepare to find, interview, and select qualified candidates?LEPAK / GOWANRecruiting Exercise #2You are in charge of recruiting for a global division of your company. Your company is opening up three sales territories in Australia. From Albany, you are tasked to find sales managers and staff for these three territories.

Identify some of the issues that will impact your search. LEPAK / GOWANRecruiting Exercise #2ConsiderationsCompensation & benefitsOffice financial supportLogisticsInternationalLegalTechnologyAdministrationFamily


LEPAK / GOWANRecruitment in Practice:Environmental InfluencesLabor marketTarget audienceAmount of recruitment needed

TechnologyManagement of recruitmentSkills neededLEPAK / GOWANRecruitment in Practice:Environmental InfluencesGlobalizationRecruitment strategy usedWhere recruiting occurs

Ethics and corporate social responsibilityValue proposition offeredTruth-in-hiringLEPAK / GOWANRecruitment in Practice:Regulatory IssuesContent of message is there potential for discrimination claims?

What you can and cannot say during interviews (Keep it strictly job related

Record-keepingLEPAK / GOWANInterviewing QuestionnaireAre these questions permissible or not permissible during an interview?LEPAK / GOWAN

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