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  • 01 - Omigod You Guys.pdfOmigod 01.pdfOmigod 02.pdfOmigod 03.pdfOmigod 04.pdfOmigod 05.pdfOmigod 06.pdfOmigod 07.pdfOmigod 08.pdfOmigod 09.pdfOmigod 10.pdfOmigod 11.pdfOmigod 12.pdfOmigod 13.pdfOmigod 14.pdfOmigod 15.pdfOmigod 16.pdfOmigod 17.pdfOmigod 18.pdfOmigod 19.pdfOmigod 20.pdfOmigod 21.pdfOmigod 22.pdfOmigod 23.pdf

    01A - Transition to Serious.pdf02 - Serious.pdfSerious 01.pdfSerious 02.pdfSerious 03.pdfSerious 04.pdfSerious 05.pdfSerious 06.pdfSerious 07.pdfSerious 08.pdfSerious 09.pdfSerious 10.pdf

    02A - Daughter Of Delta Nu.pdfDaughter 1.pdfDaughter 2.pdfDaughter 3.pdf

    03 - What You Want (Part 1).pdfUntitled-1.pdfUntitled-2.pdfUntitled-3.pdfUntitled-4.pdfUntitled-5.pdfUntitled-6.pdfUntitled-7.pdfUntitled-8.pdfUntitled-9.pdfUntitled-10.pdfUntitled-11.pdfUntitled-12.pdfUntitled-13.pdfUntitled-14.pdfUntitled-15.pdfUntitled-16.pdfUntitled-17.pdfUntitled-18.pdfUntitled-19.pdf

    03A - What You Want (Part 2).pdfUntitled-20.pdfUntitled-21.pdfUntitled-22.pdfUntitled-23.pdfUntitled-24.pdfUntitled-25.pdfUntitled-26.pdfUntitled-27.pdfUntitled-28.pdfUntitled-29.pdfUntitled-30.pdfUntitled-31.pdfUntitled-32.pdfUntitled-33.pdf

    04 - The Harvard Variations.pdfTHV 01.pdfTHV 02.pdfTHV 03.pdfTHV 04.pdfTHV 05.pdfTHV 06.pdfTHV 07.pdfTHV 08.pdfTHV 09.pdfTHV 10.pdfTHV 11.pdf

    05 - Blood In The Water.pdfBlood 01.pdfBlood 02.pdfBlood 03.pdfBlood 04.pdfBlood 05.pdfBlood 06.pdfBlood 07.pdfBlood 08.pdfBlood 09.pdfBlood 10.pdfBlood 11.pdfBlood 12.pdfBlood 13.pdfBlood 14.pdfBlood 15.pdf

    06 - Positive.pdfpositive 01.pdfpositive 02.pdfpositive 03.pdfpositive 04.pdfpositive 05.pdfpositive 06.pdfpositive 07.pdfpositive 08.pdfpositive 09.pdfpositive 10.pdfpositive 11.pdfpositive 12.pdf

    07 - Ireland.pdfireland 1.pdfireland 2.pdfireland 3.pdfireland 4.pdfireland 5.pdfireland 6.pdfireland 7.pdf

    07A - Ireland (Reprise).pdfreprise 1.pdfreprise 2.pdfreprise 3.pdfreprise 4.pdfreprise 5.pdf

    08 - Serioius (Reprise).pdfserious 1.pdfserious 2.pdfserious 3.pdf

    08A - Party Music.pdf09 - Chip On My Shoulder (Part 1).pdfchip 01.pdfchip 02.pdfchip 03.pdfchip 04.pdfchip 05.pdfchip 06.pdfchip 07.pdfchip 08.pdfchip 09.pdfchip 10.pdfchip 11.pdfchip 12.pdfchip 13.pdfchip 14.pdfchip 15.pdfchip 16.pdfchip 17.pdf

    09A - Chip On My Shoulder (Part 2).pdfchip 18.pdfchip 19.pdfchip 20.pdfchip 21.pdfchip 22.pdfchip 23.pdfchip 24.pdfchip 25.pdfchip 26.pdfchip 27.pdfchip 28.pdfchip 29.pdfchip 30.pdfchip 31.pdfchip 32.pdf

    10 - Elle Reflects.pdfelle 1.pdfelle 2.pdf

    11 - So Much Better.pdfbetter 01.pdfbetter 02.pdfbetter 03.pdfbetter 04.pdfbetter 05.pdfbetter 06.pdfbetter 07.pdfbetter 08.pdfbetter 09.pdfbetter 10.pdfbetter 11.pdfbetter 12.pdfbetter 13.pdfbetter 14.pdfbetter 15.pdfbetter 16.pdf

    11A - Entr'acte.pdfentr 1.pdfentr 2.pdfentr 3.pdfentre 4.pdf

    12 - Whipped Into Shape.pdfwhip 01.pdfwhip 02.pdfwhip 03.pdfwhip 04.pdfwhip 05.pdfwhip 06.pdfwhip 07.pdfwhip 08.pdfwhip 09.pdfwhip 10.pdfwhip 11.pdfwhip 12.pdfwhip 13.pdfwhip 14.pdfwhip 15.pdf

    13 - Delta Nu Nu Nu.pdf13A - Off To Department Store.pdfoff 1.pdfoff 2.pdf

    14 - Take It Like A Man.pdftake 01.pdftake 02.pdftake 03.pdftake 04.pdftake 05.pdftake 06.pdftake 07.pdftake 08.pdftake 09.pdftake 10.pdftake 11.pdftake 12.pdftake 13.pdftake 14.pdftake 15.pdftake 16.pdf

    14A - Kyle The Magnificent.pdfkyle 1.pdfkyle 2.pdfkyle 3.pdf

    15 - Bend And Snap.pdfUntitled-1.pdfUntitled-2.pdfUntitled-3.pdfUntitled-4.pdfUntitled-5.pdfUntitled-6.pdfUntitled-7.pdfUntitled-8.pdfUntitled-9.pdfUntitled-10.pdfUntitled-11.pdfUntitled-12.pdfUntitled-13.pdfUntitled-14.pdfUntitled-15.pdf

    15A - Day Three Of The Trial.pdf15B - Lovers!.pdf15C - Elle's Cell Phone.pdf15D - Hey There, Sexy!.pdf16 - Gay Or European?.pdfgay 01.pdfgay 02.pdfgay 03.pdfgay 04.pdfgay 05.pdfgay 06.pdfgay 07.pdfgay 08.pdfgay 09.pdfgay 10.pdfgay 11.pdfgay 12.pdfgay 13.pdf

    16A - Gay Or European Playoff.pdfUntitled-33.pdfUntitled-34.pdf

    17 - Legally Blonde.pdflb 01.pdflb 02.pdflb 03.pdflb 04.pdflb 05.pdflb 06.pdflb 07.pdflb 08.pdflb 09.pdflb 10.pdflb 11.pdf

    17A - Kyle Gets Bandaged.pdf18 - Legally Blonde Remix.pdfremix 01.pdfremix 02.pdfremix 03.pdfremix 04.pdfremix 05.pdfremix 06.pdfremix 07.pdfremix 08.pdfremix 09.pdfremix 10.pdfremix 11.pdfremix 12.pdfremix 13.pdfremix 14.pdfremix 15.pdfremix 16.pdfremix 17.pdfremix 18.pdfremix 19.pdfremix 20.pdfremix 21.pdfremix 22.pdfremix 23.pdfremix 24.pdfremix 25.pdfremix 26.pdf

    19 - Scene Of The Crime.pdfscene 01.pdfscene 02.pdfscene 03.pdfscene 04.pdfscene 05.pdfscene 06.pdfscene 07.pdfscene 08.pdfscene 09.pdfscene 10.pdfscene 11.pdf

    19A - Chutney Wyndham.pdf20 - Find My Way\/Finale.pdffinale 01.pdffinale 02.pdffinale 03.pdffinale 04.pdffinale 05.pdffinale 06.pdffinale 07.pdffinale 08.pdffinale 09.pdffinale 10.pdffinale 11.pdffinale 12.pdffinale 13.pdffinale 14.pdffinale 15.pdffinale 16.pdffinale 17.pdf

    21 - Bows.pdfbows 01.pdfbows 02.pdfbows 03.pdfbows 04.pdfbows 05.pdfbows 06.pdfbows 07.pdfbows 08.pdfbows 09.pdfbows 10.pdf