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    Humanities Department

    Secondary 1 Geographical Investigations (Feb 2017) The Secondary 1 students embarked on a geographical investigation (fieldwork) at Punggol Waterway as an extension of the topic on water resources. Despite the gloomy weather, their spirits were not dampened in their pursuit for knowledge. The students collaborated in their groups to test the water quality of our water supply and recorded their findings. They were also taught to make observations of the environment and make connections to concepts they learnt in the classroom. This experiential learning, helps to make the learning of geography more authentic and connected to the issues of the real world.

    Humanities Department

    Secondary 2 Historical Investigations (Feb 2017) This year, the secondary two history students went to the National Museum of Singapore for their historical investigation. The purpose of this trip is to spark curiosity of history among students outside the four walls of the classroom.

    Students visited the exhibition on the Japanese Occupation to reinforce their content knowledge of Chapter 5 in the textbook, as well as exhibitions on the 1950s to the 1970s. One particular object of interest among the students was Prime Minister's Lee Hsien Loong's old bicycle. Technology was also incorporated during this learning journey. Students were allowed to use their smartphones to take photos and to submit reflection questions online. Most students agreed that the museum is a suitable location and would recommend

    going back there again.

    Vision: Grateful Children, Respectful Pupils, Compassionate Citizens.

    Mission: Care. Lead. Inspire. Partner. (CLIP) Values: Gratitude, Respect, Compassion.

    HS PC 2017 Issue 3 June 2017

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    Humanities Department Secondary 3 Geographical Investigations (Feb 2017)

    The Secondary 3 classes had their Geographical Investigations in school this year. Their goal was to find out which area in the school compound would be most suitable to set up an open concept cafe! Although it's hypothetical, the students were enthusiastic in their collection of data to find the most ideal spot. They were assigned a few places within the school where they had to test for temperature, wind speed and even relative humidity. They were taught to use instruments like sling psychrometers and pocket weather trackers. Despite the scorching hot weather, students took care to be accurate when collecting data. The data collected was reflected on a recording sheet and taken back to class for further analysis before they decided on the most ideal space for a caf.

    Secondary One and Two Sports Education Programme (SEP) on 18

    and 19 May 2017

    The PE Department organized a two hour once-off

    programme for all Secondary One and Two students during

    SA 1 post examination period. Here, we introduced a sport

    or a sporting lifestyle that is not within the PE curriculum so

    that students are exposed to more sporting experiences.

    We also conveyed the message that sport is fun and easy

    to do. Each student selected their sport via an online

    selection exercise. The sports offered were: Archery, Form

    Sword Fencing, Inline Skating, Rope Skipping, Tchoukball.

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    Secondary Two Adventure Camp (15 17 May 2017) @ Jalan Bahtera OALC

    The PE Department organized a 3D2N adventure camp for all Secondary 2 students. The

    camp is a platform for students to realize their full potential through a variety of unique outdoor

    experiences that helps to bring about Grateful children, Respectful pupils and Compassionate

    citizens (School core Values GRC). It further encourages students to be a Self-directed

    learner, Team player, Active contributor and Role model (STAR). In addition, the camp

    facilitated the building of stronger rapport between students and teachers.

    During the camp, students stretched their limits and encouraged one another while attempting

    the various High Elements (E.g. Zipline, Abseiling, High Challenge Ropes Course) and worked

    as a team to navigate through a pitch dark Artificial Caving System. The camp also allowed

    students to apply their knowledge learned from Outdoor Education lessons in school. These

    include Orienteering activities as well as Outdoor Cooking where students prepared their own

    dinner from raw ingredients provided. On the final day, awards were given to 2 Best Campers

    from each class and 2A2 was awarded the Overall Best Class.

    GRC Beyond Borders

    3E1 and 3E4 Overseas Service Learning Trip to Batam : 24 to 27 May 2017

    Reflection by 3E1 at SDS Veritas, Batam

    Our OSL trip to Batam was an eye-opening experience for all of us. We were exposed to many

    challenges. Through the trip, we have grown to appreciate what our school values; gratitude,

    respect, and compassion mean. We are all grateful to have a conducive environment with

    proper tables and chairs to study in. Although the children live in difficult conditions, they do

    not flinch or complain. This taught us not to take things for granted and to cherish what we

    have now.

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    We showed compassion by donating items such as clothes, stationeries and storybooks. We

    noticed that they did not have proper footwear as they walked about only in slippers and some

    were even barefooted even though there was uneven flooring. The small rocks on the ground

    could injure them and may leave deep cuts. To make their study environment more conducive,

    we cleaned all their tables and chairs and painted the walls and the doors of the classrooms.

    This process not only benefitted the children, but also benefitted us in a way that we forged

    stronger bonds as a class through working together to complete our tasks.

    Through this OSL trip, we have learnt to be more grateful. Even though we may not have

    everything we want, we should always learn to give and help others without expecting to

    receive anything in return. When serving the students at the school, we are always happy to

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    be able to see the children's smiles. Seeing them being so happy with the little they had has

    taught us how blessed we are.

    Though the trip has ended, the memories and learning would linger in each of our hearts.

    Reflection by 3E4 at Panti Asuhan Altaqwa Orphanage On May 24th 2017, 3E4 embarked on our Overseas Service Learning Trip travelling to Batam for a total of 4 days and 3 nights, to provide our service to the children living in Panti Asuhan Altaqwa orphanage.

    The first days visit of

    the orphanage gave the

    class the impetus to do

    our utmost for the next

    two days to improve the

    living environment and

    to leave an impression

    through our interactions.

    Some examples

    included teaching the

    children practices of

    personal hygiene by

    learning to wash their

    hands properly, and

    teaching Basic English

    through creating simple

    pieces of art which the

    children could keep.

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    The class also decided on giving two rooms of the orphanage a fresh coat of paint while also

    cementing the floor of the third storey. One group of 3E4 students first used sandpaper to

    smoothen the wall before painting it. Another group worked through the initial awkwardness

    to conduct lessons through fun and games, while a third group perspired through the day to

    get the cementing work done. Every pair of hands was active in ensuring all the tasks was


    Each of us experienced something outside our comfort zones. As we reflected about these

    experiences, all of us concurred that this trip has challenged us to adopt a more purposeful

    outlook to learning and life.

    3E2 and 3E3 Overseas Service Learning Trip to Malacca : 21 to 24 May 2017

    Reflection by Lena Lim En Qi, 3E2 Through OSL, I've gained more confidence to speak in front of a crowd whereas in the past, I

    would get nervous easily when I'm asked to do so. I also felt a sense of accomplishment when

    I see that the children open up to me and share about their family problems even though we

    only know each other for a short period of time. From hearing their stories, I appreciate deeply

    what my parents have done for me all these years.

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    Reflection by Melson Tan Zhi Xin, 3E2

    During the trip, I was worried that I could not conduct the English

    lessons for the children. Teaching is tough! However, with the help of

    my teachers and classmates, I managed to execute the lesson

    smoothly! Seeing that the students were engaged, my classmates and

    I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Is this what our teachers feel

    too? I wonder.

    In the afternoons, our class was also tasked to repaint the gate and

    fences for the school. Before we painted them, they were covered in

    a thick layer of rust. However, through our hard work and efforts, the

    gate and fences look new again. Even though the weather was

    unbearably hot, we managed to work as a team, taking turns to help

    one another. Those who were not painting, took the initiative to deliver

    bottled water and use cardboards to fan the others who were painting

    relentlessly under the scorching sun.

    Through this trip, our class has learnt more about what it takes to be

    an active contributor, as well as a team player and how having

    perseverance will enable us to overcome challenges!

    Reflection by Tan Lin Ning, 3E3

    The 4D3N in Malacca is

    a very memorable trip

    for our class. One of the

    most memorable

    experiences would

    definitely be the 2 day

    service at SJK(C)

    Machap Baru. Upon

    arrival, we were greeted

    warmly by the students.

    Despite the condition of

    the classroom, the

    students were very

    enthusiastic about their

    learning and participated

    in the activities actively. This trip developed us to be a GRC

    STAR. Through teaching the students, we learn from them how to demonstrate G.R.C : to be

    grateful, respectful and compassionate towards their teachers, which is, us. Their learning

    attitude made us realize that we should not take things for granted but to appreciate what we

    already have. We should be grateful that things like the projector, tables and chairs are

    provided to us and not complain about the quality of the equipment. We would like to specially

    thank our teachers in charge for their guidance for without them this trip would not be a


  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    GRC Banquet 2017 (May 12, 2017)

    GRC Banquet is an annual celebration in Hougang Secondary School. The purpose of the

    event is to give recognition to the pupils, staff, and key partners who have espoused and

    demonstrated the values of Gratitude, Respect and Compassion and celebrate success as a

    HS family (parents, staff, students, alumni, School Advisory Committee and beneficiaries).

    The focus for this year is GRC through Achieving Academic Excellence, Cultivating Character

    Excellence and Enhancing Staff Capacity. (GRC through ACE).

    Elderly guests from regular service points were invited and they interacted with the staff and

    students. Beautiful memories of 2016 were captured in the video. Besides that, in the video

    montage, the award recipients shared heart-warming gratitude message to their loved ones

    (family, friends and teachers) and how their loved ones always supported them all the time.

    GRC Award recipients also shared about how GRC continues to impact their lives even though

    they have graduated from Hougang Secondary School. Members of the Guzheng and Dance

    CCA group performed gracefully while choir sang a mixture of choral songs and oldies to

    engage the elderly. Staff and elderly participated in the sing-a-long session.

    It is a joy to see the smiles of the elderly, parents, students and staff as they come together

    for the celebration.

    Our school leaders and our previous principals, Mr Chia Choon Kiat (front left) and Mr Ng Tiong Nam (front right) joined us in the celebrations.

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    Welcoming the elderly from the various organizations

    One of our GRC Award Recipients, Jordan Yap (4E2 2016) receiving the award together with his Character

    Coaches and family members.

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    Ms Judy Tay received the Friends of HS award for contributing to Hougang Secondary for 3 years while her son, Lim Yifei (4E4 2016) received MOE ECHA award.

    Mrs Laila KC and Mrs Lai Yee Tyng received National Day Long Service Awards and National Day Commendation Medal respectively.

    Our school leaders and Parent Support Group Members

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    Guzheng Ensemble, Dance and Choir students singing the school song during the finale

    Interclass Competitions Semester 1 2017

    As a build-up from the PE lessons where our pupils learnt basic sports skills, the PE

    Department organized the interclass competitions for Secondary One to Four students. The

    competitions gave students opportunities to take part in intra-school recreational sports within

    the PE programme. This enriched the students experiences in playing sports and enabled

    them to continue playing as recreational activities beyond school. The results are as follows:

    Level / Sports 1st 2nd 3rd

    Sec One Badminton

    1E1 1E4 1A2

    Sec Two Softball (Boys)

    2E1 2A2 2T1

    Sec Two Softball (Girls)

    2E4 2A2 2A1

    Sec Three Volleyball

    3E2 3E1 3E3

    Sec Four Pickleball (Boys Doubles)

    4E1 4E1 4A2

    Sec Four Pickleball (Girls Doubles)

    4E1 4T1 4E3

    Sec Four Pickleball (Mixed Doubles)

    4A2 4A2 4E4

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    HS BIG FAMILY DAY 2017 Our Kampong Days

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg

    The staff ended Semester 1 of 2017 with the annual HS Big Family Day where the HS family

    gathered in a fun and relaxed setting, and with our loved ones who has supported us to be

    happy, healthy and highly competent staff. It was heartwarming seeing these two important

    groups of people mingling, laughing and enjoying the evening together!

    This years annual HS Big Family Day was all about our kampong days and reminiscing the

    good old days through participating in our all-time favourite traditional games like goli, chapteh,

    five stones, visiting the Mama Shop (selling good old tidbits like haw flakes, Ding Dang

    chocolates and gem biscuits!), enjoying performances by HS students, which included a mass

    sing-a-long session of the classic Chan Mali Chan; and of course, having fun dressing up in

    our kampong-themed costumes.

    A special thank you to the Parents Support Group for making this day possible through setting

    up the mama shop and organising fun childhood kampong games for all of us!

  • 2 Hougang Street 93 Singapore 534256 Tel: 63851990 Email: :hougang_ss@moe.edu.sg


    Week Month Date Day Event

    1 Jun 26 Mon Hari Raya Puasa - Off in Lieu

    2 Jul 3 Mon School Close In Lieu Of Youth Day

    3 Jul 10 Mon Sec2 GI

    11 Tue Sec1 HI

    13 Thu Sec1 HI & Sec 2 GI

    4 Jul 17 Mon Sec2 GI

    18 Tue Sec1 HI

    5 Jul 28 Fri Industries Talk Day (Sec 4/ Sec 5)

    6 Jul 3 Thu Sec 2 NAPFA test (2.4 Run test @ Stadium)

    7 Aug 7 Mon Class, CCA, SLC Photo-taking (whole day)

    9 Wed National Day

    10 Thu School Close In Lieu Of National Day

    8 Aug 14 18

    Aug 4N/NT PRELIM 2

    9 Aug 21 25

    Aug S1-S3 MT PAPER 3

    24 29

    Aug 4E5N PRELIM 2

    31 Aug Thu Teachers' Day

    1 Sept Fri Hari Raya Haji

    Sept 4 10 Sept

    Term 3 Holidays