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Varous articles & photos highlighting communiy outreach and accomplishments


  • In support of the West Gate Christian Center, LEAP Org. donated 40 pair of new shoes for their upcoming Back to School Shoe Drive. LEAP Board President, Joe Shakeenab said that, LEAP Org. is honored to assist other community organizations in their efforts to pprovide for, uplift, and inspire our children.

    Destiny takes one-step at a time but it is hard to step without a good pair of shoes so I decided to do .something, said Cheryl Moultry, Assistant Pastor at Westgate Christian Church. Cheryl went on to say that her prayer is to see our children who come out on 24 August leave with a smile on their face and a new attitude. "When I see some of our children come into the school where I assist in teaching, with overly worn shoes, my heart aches," Cheryle said.

    TThis event will be held on 24 August from 10:00 am to noon, at the West Gate Christian Center on 1481 Golf Club Lane, Clarksville, TN. Shoes will be available for K-5 students. To contribute or to inquire a bout this upcoming event, contact Pastor Chery l Moultry at 931-503-1398 or email at cheryllogos@netzero.net.

    Back to School Shoe Drive

  • St Louis, MO Youth from Clarksville, Tennessee embarked on an educational excursion that began with the Missouri Historical Museum where they learned about the Missouris rich history and viewd the NFL Hall of Fame exhibits.

    The next day the group went on a walking guided tour atour around them Arch prior to taking the tram to take in St Louis from the top followed by a Riverboat cruise. Upon disembarking the group visited the Historical Courthouse where the Dred Scott Trail took place and were able to participate in the reenactment of the trial.

    On day three the group visited the interactive Science Center followed by thrill rides at Six Flags for the remainder of the day. The last day of trip included some back to school outlet mall shopping before returning to Clarksville.

    Mr Reason, I dont think Ive ever been to a hotel like this before commented one of the students in amazement as the group entered their room at the Marriott hotel.We often take for granted things we consider as normal experiences for us, that otheothers may consider extraordinary. There were students in the group that experienced a lot of firsts on this trip such as riding real roller coasters, traveling outside of the state, dining at restaurants featured on TV, and not to mention all the various attractions they visited. It was truly an honor and a privilege to be apart of that and I am very grateful for all the donations that made this trip possible. said Richard Reason Garrett

    Some of the businesses and organizations that were instrumental in either making ffinancial or in kind contributions to this trip were Wyatt Johnson, Sams Club, Clarksville Rotary, Daymar Institute, Ruff Ryders Motorcycle Club, JoeShakeenab.com, the Marriott, Hertz, and Planters Bank. There were also many individuals who sponsored students to be able to participate in this trip.

    Clarksville Youth Educational Excursion

  • Clarksville, TN Kelly Maselli of Gateway Realty & Investment Group, LLC & A+ Property Management shared the importance of networking to aid students in pursing their career goals.

    Youth listened intently as Kelly addressed ovovercoming the fear of rejection and encouraged them to implement some of the timeless principles from Dale Carnegies book of How to win friends and influence people.

    Some of the tips she provided students when networking consisted of

    ~ Always smile and make eye contact while firmly shaking hands~ Memorizing and using everyones first name so they feel valued~ Actively listening and asking relevant questions to that you leave the conversation knowing more about the other person than they know about you~ Keep business cards handy to distribute and collect others cards so that you can ffollow up within 2 days after meeting them

    After providing insightful best practices for students to engage networking in person, Kelly began to educate the students on social networking online. She stressed the importance of being careful o the content posted on social media sites and understanding employers policies about accessing those sites while at work.

    Social networking sites have become very popular among our youth as they seek to explore and define who they are and connect with others like themselves. I aappreciate Kelly setting clear guidelines with examples from real life scenarios so that the students could understand the risks involved in placing personal informationonline. commented Richard Reason Garrett

    It is my hope that the students leave this class with valuable tools that create opportunities for open communication and help maximize the benefits of the internet while avoiding its potential dangers. Kelly expressed.

    Kelly Maselli teaches Youth to Aspire to Stardom through Networking

  • Clarksville, TN APSU Vice President of the National Alumni Association, Makeba Webb shared the ins and outs of pursuing higher learning opportunities and relationship that education has to career development with students enrolled in the LEAP Youth Career Development Program.

    Students listened intently as Makeba advised them Students listened intently as Makeba advised them of the differences between financial aid, Pell Grants, scholarships and student loans and the impact selecting a school in state or out of state would have on funding sources.

    The real life examples she used from her personal experiences helped me understand why its important start early preparing for college and looking for ways to pay for it. shared Ranisha, who was among the youth participants.

    Makeba went on to encourage the group to be active in various clubs, sports, and greek organizations to assist them in becoming more well rounded and develop connections that could open career opportunities.

    She also stressed the importance of staying focused, maintaining a high GShe also stressed the importance of staying focused, maintaining a high GPA, and keeping their disciplinary record clean to avoid consequences such as probation and suspension that may result in them being denied admission into Grad school or other programs.

    From the beginning, students were engaged in the informal classroom setting that encouraged them to ask questions and share information. Some of the concerns the students had were related to working while in college, balancing sports and academics, developing good study habits, the pros/cons of living on campus, and maintaining healthy personal relationships. personal relationships.

    The session concluded with Makeba, reinforcing the importance of education with career development. She challenged the students to take the time to research companies thoroughly prior to interviewing for the position so they would be knowledgeable and able tailor their answers during the interview to appeal to what the company is looking for in employees.

    APSU shares impact Education has on Career Development

  • Clarksville, TN Damon Jennings, of Daymar Institute passionately explains the importance of developing strong interpersonal communication skills to students enrolled in the LEAP Youth Career Development Program.

    Damon simplified, yet expanded their dedefinition and understanding of communication being the attempt to send and receive messages between parties whether face to face, telephone, texting, internet, sign language, signage, and other non verbal cues.

    He then went on the various types of Noise that interferes with messages causing misinformation and problems with the senders and/or receivers. Some of the lessonsstudents learned were the importance of actively listening, asking for clarity, using appropriate language, tones, and non verbal communication to handle noise.

    Equipped with Joharis Window to promote continual self discovery and self improvement, Damon kept the students engaged with various interactive exercise todemonstdemonstrate how to successfully communicate with individuals and groups.

    For more information on the Youth Career Development Program visit www.leaporg.net

    Daymar Institute facilitates Interpersonal Communication Class for youth

  • Anti-bullying Program engages Alternative School StudentsApril 29, 2013 - The Alternative School auditorium was converted into a youth matinee that addressed Anti-bullying. Staff from the LEAP Organization opened the program by selecting volunteers to participate in skits that focused on forms of bullying that consisted of starting rumors and excluding others fothers from various activities.

    Following the skits, the students were given an opportunity to share some of their personal experiences with being bullied and being the bully. I was impressed with some of the transparency of the students who opened up about how being bullied negatively impacted them as well as those who acknowledged some of the reasons they bullied others. Commented Richard Reason Garrett who went on to share the reduction theory of how individuals with low self esteem often want to lower others self esteem so they dont feel as bad about themselves.

    Sharon Edwards, shared some of her personal experiences with being bullied and the affect it had on her life until she discovered her true identity. After the program, a student passed her a note expressing his gratitude and the way he was touched by some of the personal accounts shared by the staff.

    the leap chronicle

  • Clarksville, TN On April 6th, the Clarksville Association of Realtors was the center point for recognizing the achievement of students from various high schools who completed the 12 week Youth Career Development Program.

    The graduates consisted of Cassidy Ebersole, Stacey Jenkins, Raven Ross, Matthe