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<p>CURRICULUM VITAE</p> <p>CURRICULUM VITAEPersonal Information</p> <p>Name:</p> <p>Waseem ZafarFathers Name:</p> <p>Zafar IqbalDate of Birth:</p> <p>3rd April 1984NIC No.:</p> <p>36402-0939972-5Domicile:</p> <p>Pakpattan (Punjab)Nationality:</p> <p>PakistaniPermanent Address:Street: Latif Abbasi, Pir Sultan Road,</p> <p>Mohalla Karam Pura Pakpattan, E-mail:</p> <p>waseem_mt Ph. No.: </p> <p>+92-300-4576755</p> <p>Fields of Interest</p> <p>Computed Tomography (MDCT)</p> <p>Nuclear Medicine /PET CT</p> <p>Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)</p> <p>Aim &amp; Objective</p> <p>My objective is to pursue a career that will enhance my practical knowledge &amp; capabilities to excel in my profession. Wish to contribute all of skills as a team player to an esteemed organization.</p> <p>Qualification </p> <p>Degree NameBachelor of Medical Imaging Technology (Hons)4 year programmeLevel</p> <p>Graduate (Hons)University </p> <p>University of Health Sciences, </p> <p>The School of Allied Health Sciences CH &amp; ICH </p> <p>Lahore, Pakistan</p> <p>Session</p> <p>2003-2006</p> <p>MajorsAnatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Medicine, Surgery, Magnetic resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, Angiography, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, Contrast Media, Mammography, General Radiology, Radiation Science and Technology, Basic Nursing, Behavior Science and Communication Skills. Echocardiography,pharmacology,advanced imaging,Biostat. </p> <p>Resaerch Project: Comparision of Cardiac CT ANGIO 64-SLICE MDCTwith conventional coronary angiography to measure the Accuracy of 64-slice MDCTPercentage </p> <p>66.2%Degree Name</p> <p>F. Sc. Pre-MedicalCollege</p> <p>Govt. Faridia College Pakpattan</p> <p>Board</p> <p>Multan Borad</p> <p>Session</p> <p>2000-2002</p> <p>MajorsChemistry, Biology (Zoology / Botany), Physics </p> <p>Percentage </p> <p>65.1</p> <p>Level</p> <p>Matriculation (Science)School </p> <p>Govt. High School, Pakpattan</p> <p>Board</p> <p>Multan Board</p> <p>Session</p> <p>1999-2000</p> <p>MajorsChemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics</p> <p>Summary</p> <p> More than a year practical work experience as Imaging Technologist especially Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography (64-slice MDCT), Nuclear Medicine, Angiography, during study Superb knowledge of principles, concepts, and methodology of MRI, MDCT, NM to carry our a variety of diagnostic tests and verify results Uncommon ability to recognize abnormal and abnormal test results and adverse affects of drugs and radiation to determine causes or possible significance of abnormalities and to alter procedures or techniques to correct problems Great knowledge of anatomy (radiology / cross section) such as size, shape and variance of structure to be studied Sound ability to work independently in order to plan, coordinate and carry our assignments in accordance with instructions, policies, previous training or accepted practices Excellent ability to communicate orally and in writing with individuals from a variety of background and with varying levels of understanding Indepth knowledge and ability to acquire and process studies using MRI, MDCT, Gamma Camera Working knowledge of x-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasonography and mammography Profound knowledge ad ability to work in Angiography and Echocardiography Practical knowledge of ECG</p> <p>Internship (during studies)</p> <p>Children Hospital</p> <p> Reviewed request of x-rays, ultrasound, MRI and other diagnostic imaging procedures and determined applicability of requested procedures under supervision</p> <p> Interviewed patients as necessary and recorded supplementary data under supervision</p> <p> Worked with technologist in fluoroscopy and Angiography</p> <p> Assist the technologist in preparation of comprehensive interpretative reports of findings</p> <p> Performed special imaging procedures under supervision, including fluoroscopy, x-rays, Angiography, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging with limitation of available resources and expertise</p> <p>Jinnah Hospital</p> <p> Performed mammography test procedure under supervision of experts and worked for the test and post-test activities, activities, including preparation, positioning and factors of x-rays</p> <p> Interviewed patients as necessary and recorded supplementary data under supervision</p> <p>Punjab Institute of Cardiology and Gulab Devi Hospital </p> <p> Performed Angiography test under supervision, including patient preparation, views, drugs and information about contrast materials, radiation safety</p> <p> Understanding Angiography procedures and equipments used in Angiography procedure roomRotation of ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY AT Punjab Institute of Cardiology and Gulab Devi Hospital </p> <p>INMOL Hospital </p> <p> Performed test and kit formulation under supervision of senior doctors and technologists</p> <p>Experience Total experience approximately 8 year in CT/MRI.Organization </p> <p>The Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi</p> <p>Radiology Department (from13, October 2008 to</p> <p> 20 February, 2009. </p> <p>Equipment used</p> <p>Toshiba Aquilion (64 slice MDCT Scanner) </p> <p>1.5 Tesla SIEMENS AVANTO (Superconducting Magnet)</p> <p>FUJI CR system, Siemens c-arm, Fluoroscopy, </p> <p>Multiple X-Ray units, OPGDesignation</p> <p>MEDICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIST Organization Heart and Body Scan Centre (DOCTORS HOSPITAL LAHORE)TenureAugust 03, 2007 to 4th October 2008.&amp; march 2009 to 22nd april 2010.Designation</p> <p>CT &amp; MRI TECHNOLOGISTEquipment used</p> <p>Toshiba Aquilion (64 slice MDCT Scanner) </p> <p>0.35 Tesla Hitachi (Permanent Magnet) </p> <p>0.35 Tesla Toshiba OPART (Superconducting Magnet)</p> <p>Job Description</p> <p>Patient history, preparation and positioning, Scanning</p> <p>Procedures performed Complete operational work of 64-slice MDCT Scanner </p> <p>especially 3D Reconstruction of CT Cardiac and Carotid </p> <p>/ Peripheral Angiographies and Whole Body Joints and </p> <p>various MRI scans</p> <p>Organization </p> <p>Children Hospital &amp; Institute of Child Health, LahoreTenure</p> <p>3rd September 2007 to July 15, 2008)</p> <p>Designation</p> <p>Medical Imaging Technologist</p> <p>Equipment Used</p> <p>MRI 1.5 Tesla Philips (Superconducting Magnet), CT </p> <p>Siemens (Somatom) 4 Slices, Fluoroscopy Siemens, </p> <p>X-Ray Siemens</p> <p>Job Description</p> <p>Patient history, preparation and positioning, Scanning</p> <p>Procedures performedWhole body x-rays, various procedures of fluoroscopy, </p> <p>independently performing CT (CTA and all types of </p> <p>scans) and MRI scanning of different body parts </p> <p>including MRA and MRCP</p> <p>Organization </p> <p>Institute of Nuclear Medicine &amp; Oncology, Lahore</p> <p>Tenure </p> <p>Eight months (August 3, 2007 to April 12, 2008)</p> <p>Designation</p> <p>Nuclear Medicine Technologist</p> <p>Job Description</p> <p>Preparation of radiopharmaceuticals and patients, </p> <p>Injecting radiopharmaceuticals and assist the </p> <p>Physician inreporting</p> <p>Equipments Used</p> <p>Dual Head Siemens Gamma Camera E.Cam (e.soft), </p> <p>Single Head Siemens Gamma Camera E.Cam (e.soft)</p> <p>Procedures performedCardiac SPECT study (Myoview / Thallium), Gated </p> <p>(Rest Stress) Cardiac SPECT study, Bone Scintigraphy, </p> <p>Renal DMSA Scan, Renal DTPA Scan, Lung Perfusion </p> <p>Imaging, Lung Ventilation Imaging, Thyroid Scan, </p> <p>Parathyroid Scan, Hepatobiliary Imaging, Liver / Spleen </p> <p>Scan, GI Bleed Scan, Tumor Imaging, </p> <p>Radiopharmaceutical Kit Formation and Quality Control</p> <p>Organization </p> <p>Children Hospital </p> <p>Tenure</p> <p>One year Rotation at Diagnostic Radiology (2005-2006) </p> <p>X-rays (two months)</p> <p>Fluoroscopy (two months)</p> <p>Computed Tomography (two months)</p> <p>Ultrasound(two months)</p> <p>Magnetic Resonance Imaging (two months)</p> <p>Organization </p> <p>Children Hospital and Gulab Devi Hospital Angiography (two months)</p> <p>Organization </p> <p>INMOL Hospital Lahore </p> <p>Nuclear Medicine (two months)Organization GUJRANWALA MRI &amp; CT SCAN CENTRE </p> <p>Worked in evening as a chief MRI/CT technologist from 3rd march 2011 to date to 10th November 2014.Organization </p> <p>GINUM CANCER HOSPITAL GUJRANWALA</p> <p> (PAKISTAN ATOMIC ENERGY COMISSION) </p> <p>Working in the Radiology Department, Nuclear Medicine dept. from 22nd July 2009 to date.</p> <p>Organization MEDCARE INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL GUJRANWALA Working in evening as a supervisor/Incharge MRI/CT technologist from 11th November 2014 to date.Organization Arrow-Tech Medical System Working as a part time application specialist of Siemens MRI system &amp; CT scan from 2 Feburary 2014 to date.</p> <p>Conferences, Workshops and Symposium</p> <p>July 2007</p> <p>On Congenital Heart Disease at Punjab Institute of </p> <p>Cardiology with Prof.Shakeel Qureshi &amp; Prof.Masood </p> <p> Sadiq. 20 Feburary,2009. </p> <p>December 2006</p> <p>on Child Health Sciences at Children Hospital </p> <p>October 2008 National Radiology Conference Karachi</p> <p>February 2009 Workshop of Radiation Protection, PNRA (Pakistan</p> <p> Nuclear Regulatory Authority) at Aga Khan University </p> <p> Hospital Karachi.</p> <p>Skills</p> <p>Computer:</p> <p>Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Language:</p> <p>Possess good abilities in written, understanding and </p> <p>conversational English and Urdu</p> <p>Sports:</p> <p>Cricket, Badminton</p> <p>Interest:</p> <p>Television, books </p> <p>References:</p> <p>Dr. Mehfooz ur Rehman</p> <p>Professor </p> <p>Head of Department of Radiology </p> <p>Children HospitalPh: </p> <p>Dr. Khalid Farooq</p> <p>F. C. P. S. (Diagnostic Radiology)</p> <p>Assistant Professor </p> <p>Lahore Medical and Dental College</p> <p>Consultant Radiologist </p> <p>Heart and Body Scan Centre</p> <p>Ph: 0321-4397531</p> <p>Dr. Numair Younis </p> <p>M. Sc. Nuclear Medicine </p> <p>Nuclear Medicine Physician</p> <p>INMOL Hospital</p> <p>Ph: 0333-4353533</p> <p>Dr. Furqan AhmadConsultant Radiologist</p> <p>Heart and Body Scan Centre </p> <p>Al Noor Clinic</p> <p>Ph: 0300-4154825</p> <p>Haji Tariq Javaid Qureshi </p> <p>Chief Technologist</p> <p>Heart and Body Scan Centre</p> <p>Ph: 0333-4252833</p>