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    Kaedah Pengajaran Sejarah

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    Quote of goal of

    Education the removal of ignorance

    proposing or promoting

    something other than the primeobject of the school

    in undertaking to do whatcannot be done within the

    conditions of time and talent setby the common realities in life

    to provide understanding

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    curricula that would promoteunderstanding rather than

    overwhelming critical thoughtwith memorization

    life-long process of learning

    useful awareness of the world.

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    The Basic Principles

    of Education The primary purpose of

    education is to prepare students

    to function effectively in thefuture.

    Education should be focused onmeaningful learning.

    Education should be realistic inits expectations.

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    The Role of History

    History: understanding the humanworld

    Science: understanding the physical


    Mathematics: understanding theworld quantitatively

    Language: communicating about the


    Arts: expressing human creativity

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    Objectives of History

    Education Understand what it means to be


    Informs judgment, therebyserving as a guide to action

    Provides language and conceptsnecessary to participate in the

    ongoing human dialogue.

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    What is History?

    Is the story of human experience.Contemporary history education hasassumed a more integrative approach

    offering students an expanded, viewof historical knowledge that includesaspects of geography, religion,anthropology, economics, philosophy,

    technology, art and society. Thewider is reflected in the term socialstudies.

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    Is the story of human experience

    Has no subject matter of the own

    Synthesizes knowledge from manyfields.

    Illuminates pieces of the past, not thepast itself.

    Is constantly changing.

    Is subjective.

    Is a search for the truth.

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    The Historical Method

    Identify all relevant informationabout historical event.

    Examine sources for validity andbias.

    Select and organize informationinto a well-crafted narrative.

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    The Uses of History

    The students who reads historyunconsciously develop what is thehighest value of history: judgment in

    worldly affairs. This is a permanentgood, not because history repeats we can never exactly match past andpresent situations but because thetendency of things shows an

    amazing uniformity within any givencivilization. It is not to make us moreclever the next time, but wiser for alltime.

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    Not to know what happenedbefore one was born is always

    to remain a child Cicero.

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    Why study History?

    History is the story of thehuman world.

    History seems to be morepopular than ever with thepublic.

    Progressive and postmodernist

    scholars [probably not]questioned the uses of history.

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    Why bother with History?

    1. History shows us what itmeans to be human.

    A historian is interested in the pastbecause he is interested in life. Thetrue historians interest in the past answers a deeply felt to assurethe continuity of human life and

    discover its meaning, even if thegoal is never fully realized.

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    2. History improves judgment.

    data from the past must serve asour most vital evidence in theunavoidable quest to figure out whyour complex species behaves as itdoes in societal settingsand peopleneed to have some sense of how

    societies function simply to run theirown lives.

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    6. History satisfies a need for identity.

    7. History help develop tolerance andopen-mindedness

    8. Historical knowledge is extremelyvaluable in the pursuit of otherdisciplines.

    9. History gives pleasure.

    10. Studying the past is preparation for thefuture. [History in school].