KTS logistics solutions

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Page 2: KTS logistics solutions

About KleinTech Services– Specialization: Software development and technology integration

• KTRailGate – automated inspection and identification of passing railroad cars– 2D scanning– Container recognition

• KTTruckGate – automated inspection and identification of passing trucks– Container recognition– 2D Scanning

• Custom solutions– Offices

Page 3: KTS logistics solutions

Logistics automation by KTS

• Intended for customers with passing road / railroad traffic– Based on Latest MachineVision technologies

• Main goals of the system– Automation of inspection and registration of

transport units and cargo– Identification of exact state of arrival of cargo and

state of cargo when leaving– Recieving / Passing on data in automated mode

Page 4: KTS logistics solutions

Uses for the KT__Gate systems

• Inspection/Identification of passing railroad cargo– High resolution imaging (video, linescan, etc)– OCR/LPR

• Inspection/Identification control system for Container Terminals– Trucks, Railroad, Ships

Page 5: KTS logistics solutions

Main features• Full imaging (video, high res

photo)• Automated number recognition

/ textual data reading– Trucks– Railroad cars– Containers– Other objects?

• Automated dimensional inspection (2D Laser scanning system)– Holes, Bent items, Oversize items

Page 6: KTS logistics solutions

2D Laser scanning

• Weatherproof technology

• Allows to identify– Oversizes– Damages– Loading status

• 3D rendering of object also is possible

Page 7: KTS logistics solutions

KTTruckGate system• Designed to control

cargo/containers on trucks– Self service mode for

entry/exit– Container and Truck

automated identification (by numbers and other data)

– Damage inspection• Visual• 3D scanning

– Visual evidence of status

Page 8: KTS logistics solutions

KTTrainGate system• Automated inspection and

identification of moving trains– Identification of wagon

numbers– Damage inspection

• Visual• 2D scanning (for open carts

includes full/empty)– Integration with railroad

systems (expected, unexpected, damage reports)

Page 9: KTS logistics solutions

KTContainerGate• Container numbers (ISO 6346)

– Foto and Video sources• Data integration with external

systems• Full archive• Automated inspection

– During loading/unloading– On trucks– On train platforms

• Inside inspection– Visual– Laser inspection– Odours, etc



Container type


Control number

Page 10: KTS logistics solutions

Uses of systems

• Automated and remote inspection at:– passing points at speed– Entry/Exit (e.g. ports)

• Evidence provision and damage reports to customers (including via Customer portals)

• Tracking of cargo and vehicles

Page 11: KTS logistics solutions

Additional integrated features possible

• Weighing in motion• Thermal imaging for hot-spot identification• Advanced machine vision applications, e.g.– Wheel diameter inspection (trains)– Discoloring/Graffiti (trains, trucks, containers)– Brake pad state (trains)– Custom machine vision applications possible

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