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  • 7/31/2019 Konstantinos Vii 913



    KONSTANTINOS, son of Emperor LEON VI & his fourth wife ZoeKarbonopsina (905-9 Nov 959, bur Constantinople Church of the Holy Apostles).

    Theophanes Continuatus records the birth of "Leo ex Zoe quartauxore sua

    filium Constantinum" and his baptism "die sacroluminum"[1136].

    Symeon Magisterrecords that "Constantini Leonis filii exZoe" was born in

    the twentieth year of his father's reign[1137]. He is named "Constantinum,

    Leonis imperatoris filium" by Liudprand[1138]. Symeon Magisterrecords

    that "Constantinum filium suum in Porphyra natum

    ()" was crowned "die sancto pentecostes" in the twentieth

    year of his father's reign[1139]. Theophanes Continuatus records that "Leo

    imperator filium Constantinum" was crowned "Augustum"[1140].

    Theophanes Continuatus records that "Alexandercum Constantino

    Leonisfilio" succeeded after the death of Emperor Leon VI and ruled for one

    year and 22 days[1141]. He succeeded his paternal uncle in 913 as Emperor

    KONSTANTINOS VII, under a council of regency headed by Patriarch

    Nikolaos. Theophanes Continuatus records that "Constantinus" ruled for seven

    years with his mother after the death of his paternal uncle Alexander, a further 26

    years "cum Romano socero suosubiectus", and 15 years alone[1142].

    Following his predecessor's refusal to pay the annual Bulgarian tribute, Symeon

    Prince of Bulgaria invaded Byzantium and arrived at Constantinople Aug 913.

    After demanding the imperial crown, Symeon was obliged to compromise faced

    with the impenetrability of the city's defences, and was crowned Tsar and

    Autocrat of the Bulgarians at Constantinople 913 by the Patriarch [1143].

    Theophanes Continuatus records the invasion by "Symeon Bulgari

    princeps", his arrival at Constantinople, his meeting with Patriarch Nikolaos

    and his return to Bulgaria[1144]. The concessions granted to Symeon triggered a

    palace revolution in which Patriarch Nikolaos was replaced as regent in 913 by

    Emperor Konstantinos's mother Zoe, who cancelled the betrothal of Symeon's

  • 7/31/2019 Konstantinos Vii 913


    daughter to her son. Symeon invaded Byzantium once more, Adrianople

    submitting to him in Sep 914. He defeated the Byzantine fleet at Anchialos on the

    Black Sea coast 20 Aug 917[1145], and the army at Katasyrtai near Constantinople

    in early 918, moving on to capture most of Greece north of Corinth. Following

    this disastrous war, Empress Zoe was replaced as regent by Romanos Lekapenos,

    whose history of more successful military campaigns provided a good basis for

    optimism that he could contain Bulgarian expansion. He married his daughter to

    the emperor, and was crowned co-emperor in Dec 920, Konstantinos VII being in

    effect demoted [20 May 921/Apr 922] although his name still appeared first on

    protocol lists[1146]. After Emperor Romanos I was deposed and banished by his

    sons 16 Dec 944, Konstantinos VII succeeded in imposing himself once more as

    sole emperor and in turn arrested and banished Stefanos and Konstantinos

    Lekapenos 27 Jan 945[1147]. Theophanes Continuatus records that

    "ConstantinusRomani gener" became emperor again in Dec "anno

    6454"[1148]. A prolific writer, he composed among other works an encyclopaedia

    The Book of Ceremonies, a history of the provinces of the empireDe

    administrando imperio, and a biography of his grandfather Emperor Basileios I.

    Cedrenus records the death 15 Nov of Emperor Konstantinos aged 54 years and

    two months and his burial "juxta patremsuum"[1149]. Theophanes

    Continuatus records the death 15 Nov of "Constantinus Porphyrogennetus

    imperator" aged 55 years and two months[1150]. Emperor Konstantinos VII'sDe

    Ceremoniis Aul records that "imperator Leo Sapiens Basilii filius et

    filius eius Constantinus Porphyrogenitus" were buried in the church of

    the Holy Apostles[1151], although this presumably represented the emperors

    plans for burial assuming that he was the author of this part of the text.

    Betrothed (913, contract broken 913) to --- of Bulgaria, daughter of SYMEON I

    Prince of Bulgaria & his second wife --- (before 913-). The betrothal of this

    unnamed daughter, at the same time as her father's coronation as Tsar, is

    referred to by Fine, who says that it was arranged as part of the negotiated

    settlement with Prince Symeon after he invaded Byzantium, but was annulled by

    Empress Zoe after she seized the regency[1152]. The primary source which

    confirms this daughters parentage and betrothal has not yet been identified. It is

  • 7/31/2019 Konstantinos Vii 913


    assumed that the daughter would have been little more than a child at the time of

    her betrothal, considering the birth date of her betrothed. It is therefore likely

    that she was born from her father's second marriage.

    m ([Apr] 919) HELENA Lekapene, daughter of ROMANOS Lekapenos [later

    Emperor ROMANOS I] & his [second] wife Theodora --- ([915]-19 Sep 961).

    Theophanes Continuatus records the marriage in Apr of "Constantino

    imperatore" and "Helen Romani filitertiaque pasch", dated to just

    after the Bulgarian war of 918[1153]. "Romanosfiliam suam Helena" is

    named as wife of Emperor Konstantinos by Liudprand[1154]. No record has been

    found of her age at the time of her marriage. It is likely that she was very young

    as her son was born nearly twenty years after her marriage. Her father arranged

    this marriage to increase his influence with Emperor Konstantinos. Theophanes

    Continuatus records the death 19 Sep of "Helena Augusta" (in 961)[1155].

    Emperor Konstantinos VI & his wife had six children:

    1. ZOE . Theophanes Continuatus names "Zoen et Theodoram et

    Agatham" as daughters of "Helena Augusta"[1156]. Theophanes

    Continuatus names "sorores Zoen Theodoram Agatham

    TheophanonemAnnamque" when recording that they were banished

    to the convent of Kanikleion (in 959), and that Zoe, Theodora and Theofano

    were later sent to "Antiochi monasterio"[1157]. She was banished to the

    convent of Kanikleion in 959, later to Antiochus with her sisters Theofano

    and Theodora.

    2. ROMANOS ([938/39]-15 Mar 963). Theophanes Continuatus records that

    "Romanus imperator" was 21 years old when he succeeded "patre suo

    Constantino Porphyrogenneto"[1158]. He was crowned co-emperor 6

    Apr 945. He succeeded his father in 959 as Emperor ROMANOS II.

    - see below.

    3. THEODORA. Theophanes Continuatus names "Zoen et Theodoramet

    Agatham" as daughters of "Helena Augusta"[1159]. Theophanes

    Continuatus names "sorores Zoen Theodoram Agatham