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  • KIMEP Times#5 (4), OctOber 204Independent student newspaper

    Since 995

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    Maria Baideldinova:Animals, just like human beings, are capable of emotions and moral behavior

    Our reporter, Tomiris Orozoeva, is turning into Grazian and shares her Erasmus program exchange experience

    Wait for the new Vlyublennaya AlmaAta 3 movie by Madi Aitimov in coming January

    Inspirational story about Chynara who collected money for her participation at Global Village by fundraising





    More than 50 business representatives from Kazakhstan and South Korea gather at Kazakhstan-Korea Business Forum at KIMEP. Daniyar Zhakullinov

    High-ranking guests from South Korea share their best business practices

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    The forum consisted of three presentations. The first was about key success factors in Korean business management. The second presentation gave a clue about five management methods presented on the basis of case studies of Samsung, Homeplus and Tesco companies. The last session covered the great economic boom of South Korea the role the government played in this time and advice, how these methods could be executed in Kazakhstan.

    All in all, the event was a big success. More than 50 attendees gathered together for illuminating sessions given by expert speakers focused on business innovation. Besides getting insights into Korean business management, many used it for socializing and networking.

    On October 2 and 3 the KazakhstanKorea Business Forum took place at KIMEP University. Representatives of successful companies from South Korea held lectures about business innovation, shared their best practices and showed how they could be applicable to the Kazakhstan realities.

    Students neglect FTESAccording to the Office of Quality Assurance, only 53.3%of KIMEP students fill Faculty Teaching Evaluation Survey (FTES) in Spring 204.

    Altynay Rais

    FTES , survey created by the Office of Quality Assurance, which students should fill atthe end of each semester, started to work in the academic year 2004 2005. The main goal of this survey is to get students feedback concerning professors and their teaching methodology in order to improve learning process.

    However, statistics provided bythe Office of Quality Assurance

    show that half of all KIMEP students skip the FTES. In Spring 204, 2,806 students were registered, and 6867 students or 53.03% filled the survey. The situation is slightly better that in Spring 202, when response rate was only 20.89%.

    Starting from Fall 204, FTES became obligatory for each student who wants to access KIMEP student portal. From Fall 2004 till Fall 204 FTES was conducted only on voluntary basis. However such practice didnt give expected results.



    First business experience: students sell T-shirtsFive KIMEP students created and started to sell KIMEP University branded Tshirts in order to get real business experience during the Summer II semester.

    Kristina Nikulina

    A yna Kebayeva , Selbi Turesheva, Jeren Turesheva, Alex Tagaev and Ali Hamrayev are friends who recently also became business partners. During their three years at KIMEP they got a lot of theoretical knowledge but almost no practical business experience, they say. So, the five seniors decided to fill this gap during Summer II 204.

    Searching for successful startup ideas, students were thinking about something KIMEP students do not have but would like to purchase.

    We found out that in KIMEP we dont have something that would show that we study at this university. Tshirts are the most

    widespread in that category, says Kebayeva, a BCB student majoring in finance.

    She says that last year the KIMEP advising office distributed white Tshirts with I love KIMEP written on them to volunteers and freshman students during Orientation Day. Many people were wearing them for a week after.

    Thats why we came up with the idea that many people would like to buy stuff like that but of better quality and design, Kebayeva says.

    The cost per one Tshirt either Terranova or Bershka brand is 3000tenge both for male and female models. Black, red, white, gray, and blue colors are available.

    According to Kebayeva, the team has sold only half of those

    See FTES, page 2

    See T-SHIRTS, page 7

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    Lauriza Abildayeva

    Baideldinova , Assistant Professor at the School of Law, also serves as a legal consultant for several animal protection NGOs in Kazakhstan. A member of the Global Animal Law Consortium, she has become one of the initiators of Animal Law course at KIMEP. The new discipline suggests examining the problems that our fourlegged friends face in modern society from the legal point of view.

    Animal law is a relatively young field of study in the worldand totally new for Kazakhstan. This elective course has been available for L. L. B. students of KIMEP from 203 Spring semester and is going tobe offered again in 205. Students denominate Animal Law classes as aviewchanging experience. It covers international legislative practices used to overcome problems, in which social and ethical issues get tightly intertwined, like the problem of stray animals in urban areas.

    For instance, Italian courts can sentence irresponsible owners of domestic animals for abandoning their pets with one year of imprisonment. Sounds harsh? Yet, it is not simply about being merciless towards

    animal abusersmore importantly, it works as a preventive measure against many social ills that stray cats and dogs cause, from sanitary to security. Law is a dynamic substance, explains Dr. Baideldinova,

    and if there are loopholes and contradictions in the animalrelated legislation, it has to be adjusted and improved for the common good.

    Can we deem domestic animals as members of the society? How

    shall our legislation determine the furry beasts that we let live with usa property? Or a subject of law, juridically entitled to some sort of special treatment? The course invites students to venture into discussions and studies that change the way they think about many things. Animals are sentient beingsthey feel pain and psychological suffering, they are capable of emotions and moral behavior, Dr. Baideldinova says. Once we realize it, we have to assume responsibility.

    Dr. Baideldinova argues that economic wellbeing of the country is often a prerequisite for the development of moral and ethical values; the more prosperous an economy, the greater is the societys commitment to protect those, who are most vulnerable to discrimination. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why Animal Law courses are currently offered inmore than 50 law schools worldwide, compared to only one almost forty years ago. In 977, the Law School of Seton Hall University was the first college to start teaching this discipline as a part of its legal training programs. KIMEP is now in a family of top law schools that do care about animal law, including Harvard, Stanford, Michigan and many others.

    Animal Law course makes students think differently

    I want to emphasize that it was not obligatory. We didnt force anyone to fill the survey, because we wanted fair and objective results. Unfortunately, it didnt work. Now it is obligatory. And even in such way response rate is still low, says Mansiya Kainazarova, director of the Office of Quality Assurance.

    I dont understand students attitude to FTES. It is their opportunity to express opinion about teachers, evaluate their professionalism and give a feedback to make learning process better. It is in their interests. says Elmira Rayeva, project coordinator of the Office of Academic Affairs.

    Students acknowledge that fact that they ignore FTES. If some of them just dont care about it, others dont find it helpful.

    Senior student, Zhamilya Akhmetova, is one of those who doesnt think that FTES can help students.

    Even if I will spend 5minutes in order to fill the survey, Idont really believe that it can help to improve learning process, says Akhmetova.

    Iknow that even if I will answer these questions, the majority of students will not.

    However teachers themselves find FTES really helpful.

    Associate VicePresident of Academic Affairs, David Landis, who also teaches Academic Reading and

    Writing and Academic Speaking courses at KIMEP, says that he regularly checks the results of the FTES.

    It is interesting for me to read the feedback of my students. So, reading their feedback, Ican make my classes more interesting, he says.

    However Landis cannot hide the fact that FTES scores might be not objective. FTES results dont give us a clear picture. For instance, I taught Academic Speaking class. 20 students were registered, and 0 of them filled FTES. It is only 50% of the class. he says. Also, there might be connection between students grade and their feedback, he smiles.

    Nevertheless, there are students at KIMEP who find FTES important.

    Aizhan Baimukan, junior economics major student, says that she always fills FTES, and that it is her opportunity to thank her instructors.

    Iusually spent several minutes to FTES. Ithink it is important. This survey is a chance for me to express my opinion, Baimukan says.

    Even though the half of students do not aware about the importance of FTES, Quality Assurance office will continue such practice.

    We know that only half, sometimes less than a half of students fill FTES but even 50% matters for us, says Kainazarova. And surely we would be happy if more and more students will be interested in what we are doing.

    Students continue to neglect teaching evaluation survey Maria Baideldinova became one of the initiators of Animal Law

    course at KIMEP because she believes that animals have feelings, justlike human beings.

    Keep fit,government says

    Now students have to make their choice of a sport discipline from those offered by the KIMEP Sport Center. Options include workout exercises like yoga, cardio, fitness or pilates, and a number of sports gamesping-pong, mini football, volleyball and basketball.

    Opinions of students who are now taking Physical Education course vary extensively. Some of them, like Timur Azizov, asecond-year BCB student, believe it is just awaste of money. Eight credits is too much, he says. Others think it is worth spending time, efforts and money. I barely had any physical activity since high school, so I think it is a useful course, says Alexei Yan, another BCBsophomore.

    Kristina Nikulina (left and above)

    Following the Kazakh Education Ministrys requirement, physical training classes are to be obligatory forfreshmen and sophomore students of KIMEP University.

    Maria Baideldinova, Assistant Pro fessor atKIMEP Law School and lawyer for the NGO KAREZabota (KAREKazakhstan Animal Rescue andEducation)Photo: Nikita Svetlichny

    FTES (continued from page one)

    Safon Issak-zade

  • KimeP inside out 3

    I have never thought seriously about pregnancy before this experiment. I knew basic concepts those that are taught in biology classes and discussed among friends, but I have never faced this topic so closely. This time I had it all.

    Although I was not actually pregnant, I felt how physically hard it is to have such a big belly in front of you. My walk changed and it became difficult for me to move. I became slow and clumsy.

    During these days, I always feared that my towel baby would fall out, and everyone would see that I was only pretending. Thats why I felt just like a pregnant woman who had to visit the restroom every half an hour.

    Certainly, peoples reaction was the most interesting factor in this experiment. Everyone who noticed my belly in the subway, supermarket, KIMEP campus, Grill or Ground, first was surprised, but then started smiling and trying to help me whatever I was doing.

    An interesting case in point took place when Iwas having lunch. I, as usual, went to buy a cup of latte, and the salesman asked me if I in my condition I would be better drinking less coffee. I was confused, but then, to play it to the end, Ianswered that to drink a little coffee would not harm my baby.

    At the very beginning of the experiment Iwondered how people would look at a pregnant girl with my young face. It turned out that our society, especially within the walls of KIMEP, was more tolerant and kind than I expected.

    What is it like to be pregnant while studying at KIMEP University? Thanks to being areporter at the KIMEP Times, we were given a great chance to find itout. Meters of elastic bandage, a few towels and a few failed trials and, accept our congratulationsyou are owner of a fake belly, which is hardly differentiated from a real one with agrowing baby inside. Enjoy peoples reactions.

    A little bit pregnant

    Lauriza Abildayeva Zhansaya Akberdiyeva Aliya Tapalova

    When you are provided with an opportunity to be part of this unmarried and pregnant student experiment, there is no way you could refuse. Itis interesting to look at reactions of people whom you see almost everydaystudents, faculty, staff.

    Surprisingly, the average students attitude was neutrallike what can be more natural than being pregnant at the university? I liked that. I mean, when it comes to such personal things like pregnancy, it is everyones own choice, and you have to accept it as it is.

    The unpleasant part of this experiment was being subjected to some peoples negativity. Ihad some issues with one of the administrative departments of KIMEP. When I came to its office, full of women, and when they saw my big belly, Ifelt like I was dipped in a sea of prejudice. Itwas not what I expected. I thought that women solidarity would come into play, but it did not, and it was quite disappointing.

    My fake pregnant belly is easily removable, but it may not be the case with the ignorance of those who think they can judge me or any other girl who does not act in accordance with their moral principles.

    It was fun to see the shocked faces of some of my previous classmates. The more doubts they had, the more motherlike I tried to behave. No one asked a single question concerning my

    pregnancy.The most positive part of this experiment was

    the reaction of one of my teachers, Federico Dalpane. He started to greet me with smile. Extreme cuteness *.

    * Urban dictionary: act of being cute.

    It is quite easy to make a fake bellyjust take a small towel and fix it on your stomach with twopieces of the bandage. To make it look real Iput on hoodies and sweatersbecause, unfortunately, I couldnt make it look really elastic and round. However, all the students who saw me during those days definitely believed that I was pregnant. Unknown people looked atme a lot longer but quickly looked away when Inoticed it. It was an especially funny experience with guys. They felt really uncomfortable and confused being near pregnant girl. I was especially curious about how peop...