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  • KIMEP Times#4 (3), july 204independent student newspaper

    Shirinkhon Fayzieva

    K IMEP is renovating the entire dormitory over this summer and the following summer. The renovation promises to improve housing conditions for students living on campus and resolve problems dorm residents have faced in recent years.

    During the past winter, dorm residents complained that it was too cold in the rooms because of old windows. By the end of this summer each window in the dormitory will be replaced by a new plastic window.

    Due to many complaints received from students, KIMEP University has allocated 7,699,632tenge for dormitory renovation, said Rassim Karibov, deputy to the president for facilities, planning and development.

    The repair process is divided

    into two stages. The first stage is taking place this summer, and it focuses on the first, fourth and fifth floors of the dormitory.

    Major renovation of the second and third floors is planned for the next summer. However, those floors will get new windows and have furniture repaired this summer.

    By the fall 204 semester the rooms on the fourth and fifth floors will be completely renovated. Now all that can be found there is bare walls and floor. The renovation means all rooms will have new windows, doors and sanitary equipment, newly repaired and painted walls, and other repairs completed.

    Over the past ten years this is the first time the KIMEP dormitory is getting such major repairs, said Zulfiyat Almukhanova, director of the dormitory.

    This summer, the dorm elevator also will be renovated and repaired. The elevator has not

    worked for some years, and this improvement will significantly affect dorm residents.

    Soon a sick student will be able to go down to the medical center for help without any difficulty, said Almukhanova.

    Along with improved facilities there will be some more changes relating to dorm cost and living arrangements.

    In the fall 204 semester four floors of dormitory will be separated by gender. The third and fourth floors will be allocated to girls, and the second and fifth floors to boys.

    To offset the cost of repairs, the fee for dormitory accommodation will increase after the summer semester. One month of living on the renovated fourth and fifth floors will cost 30,000 tenge, and on the not yet fully renovated second and third floors, 22,500 tenge. The rooms currently cost 7,500 tenge on the third and fourth floors and 22,500 tenge on the second and fifth floors.

    Newly admitted students and scholarship holders will have priority in selecting to live in the dormitory next year.

    Dorm renovation improves living conditions, raises rent

    Due to major renovation, only bare walls and floor can be found on the fourth and fifth floors of the dormitory.

    Inside a tender processAs KSA (KIMEP Student Association) holds tenders among student organizations to give a party, so does KIMEP to purchase goods and services that make the life of KIMEPians better.

    Alevtina Dudnik

    K IMEP University declares itself an elite institution and accordingly must face many issues to maintain its status. However, along with educational issues such as the license for example, there are smaller, yet still important concerns. Independent research by KIMEP Times on this issue showed that 84 out of 00 of students polled are concerned about the paper problem, and we are not talking about recycling of wastepaper. The issue, which is bothering almost everyone, is the shortage of paper towels in the KIMEP University restrooms.

    It is 8: a.m.; the Valikhanov Building is empty. There is no hint of students and only hardworking women in blue uniform already do their work. However, the towel dispensers are still not full. The attempt to find out the reason was unsuccessful because the main coordinator of

    the Valikhanov Building, who is responsible for loading the soap, toilet paper and paper napkins in the Valikhanov Building, was on vacation.

    According to an informal survey done by the author at the territory of KIMEP University, 29%of 00 surveyed students assume that the reason of the

    KIMEP University is spending over 7million tenge this summer for acomplete restoration of the fourth and fifth floors of the student dormitory and for a minor repair of the second and third floors.

    Where have all paper towels gone?

    You know that I have nothing to give you, but you still believe in me

    Paper dispenser

    Tomiris Orozoeva

    Shirinkhon Fayzieva

    Tomiris Orozoeva

    Mikhail Kalinogorskiy, director of Computer & Information Systems Center (CISC) knows well the high demand for new computers at the KIMEP campus.

    Annually we make a request for the purchase of equipment. In 202 we purchased 50 computers and set them in laboratories at the New Building. Unfortunately, in 203 the financial crisis did not allow us to buy even onethird of that.

    Because KIMEP still has a tight budget, this years request from CISC was also frugal. Initially they planned to buy 50computers, but the February devaluation lowered the number to 30, and then inflation lowered it to 65. So after all, the financial department approved 9 million tenge for the purchase of 65 computers. That is the moment when the tender process starts.

    According to Rassim Karibov, deputy to the president for facilities, planning and development, any request for 2.5 million tenge

    or more must go to the tender committee for consideration.

    First of all, we draw up the technical requirements, in which we fully describe what we want to purchase, says Karibov. In dealing with computers that means the number of goods, name of manufacturer, year of production and model. After that KIMEP announces an open tender in newspapers, on the Internet and by email. Companies that wish to participate should submit a package of documents before a published deadline. Students who have not learned to submit everything on time should think about it, because now you lose points, but in awork situation you will lose profit.

    The next step is a meeting of the tender committee. They open the envelope of documents submitted by each tender competitor and stamp every page

    Continued on page 2

    Continued on page 2

    By fall 204 new plastic windows will be installed in every room.

    Students who miss their deadlines now are likely to lose profit in a work situation.

    KELTs philosophy ofacting

    Study at KIMEP without leaving home

    Timurlan Alagushov:

    Iwill never quit dancing

    The list of inspiration

    page 4page 3 page 5 page 0

    Jessica Lewis:KELT is definitely not

    about being astar, rather, it is about working together as ateam

    Ken Harvey:I hope that in August the Distance Learning Center

    will open for students

    Interview with abreakdancer who is not quitting even after

    getting an injury

    How an online wish list helps Alevtina Dudnik

    realize all of her previously postponed plans

  • 2 kimep inside out

    in order to prevent late submission. Stamped documents are given to the initiator of the tender, in our case to Mikhail Kalinogorskiy. The initiator makes acomparative table with all data and returns the documents to the tender committee. The committee discusses the participants of the tender on different questions: Does the company pay taxes? Is their business legal? Who are their customers? And many others. The committee can invite experts to their discussion or the companies to make a presentation. If a tender relates to catering services, the committee can taste the food or even go to a caf or a restaurant to see whether the participant complies with the sanitary requirements.

    Then the tender committee makes its recommendation of which company to choose. Their recommendation goes to the vice president of strategic planning, development and research, William Gissy, who convenes the presidents cabinet (Dr.Bang and all vice presidents) to make the final decision. When the cabinet approves arecommended company, KIMEP signs a contract with the winner and pays no more than 50% of the money in advance. The responsible department controls the work of the company. And at the final stage a special commission checks the quality of the performed work. If everything is okay, KIMEP pays the remaining money due.

    This year KIMEP will purchase 65computers instead of 50 requested.

    They will be distributed mainly among different offices and professors. The economical factors were cited as the reason to reduce the initial number of computers more than in half. In fact, devaluation and inflation together are not so harsh. When the budget committee considers the requests from all departments, it can cut the budget of some departments according to priorities. This year's priorities are the dormitory renovation and the distance learning project.

    shortage of paper napkins is the negligence of service workers. Other 25% assume that we should blame students who use it lavishly, and the biggest percentage of students, about 42%, assume that the reason is savings by the administration.

    To find out who is right and who is wrong we held an interview with Rassim Karibov, deputy to the president for facilities in KIMEP University. According to his words, there was a rise in prices at the market after the devaluation in Kazakhstan. However, they already work successfully on the issue of enlarging the budget. Estimated budget for the quarter to provide all of KIMEP with restroom facilities is 3million tenge. However, that is not that much, argues Karibov.

    KIMEP University provides students with 8 restrooms in the Valikhanov Building and eight in the New Academic Building. Not all of them are equipped with dispensers for paper towels. The total amount of restrooms equipped with towel dispensers in both buildings is5. According to documents provided by Sembike Izmagambetova, head of superintendents, there were 62packs of paper napkins used in the Valikhanov Building and 2 packs in the New Building in April 204. Each pack contains 200pcs, which means that there are 800pcs of paper napkins in 5 dispensers used during one day. Is it enough for our students?

    According to the registration office, there were about 740 students registered for the spring 204 semester in KIMEP University. That means that theoretically 800pcs of paper napkins is enough for 740 students. However,

    not all of us use only one piece of paper to dry our hands, don't we?

    The moral of this very serious topic is that we all live in this society, in the society of KIMEP University. Of course, standing with wet hands and not wanting to blow them with hot air of a hand dryer, we can be angry at someone who does not put towels in the dispenser in the morning or berate the administration that they try to save on us. We have such a right. However, when you happen to see those mystical napkins, which are quite costly, try to use one, because an experiment showed that it was possible to dry your hands with one cloth.

    On behalf of KIMEP students, we would like to thank Zalifa Idrissova, the superintendent of the New Academic Building and the New Library, for the faithful performance of her work. Our respondents called the restrooms of just those two buildings the cleanest and the best.

    Structure of the Institutional Tender Committee

    I. ChairII. Seven members:

    Bang College of Business representative

    College of Social Sciences representative

    Language Center representative Administration representative Three KSA representatives

    III. Contact personIV. Secretary

    Are you upset with services at KIMEP? The food at Grill is not tasty or the paper in toilets is always absent? Or maybe you have a great idea about computer labs improvement? Just follow these steps and leave your feedback to our administration. They are open to dialog with students. Go to Student Portal Campus Life Sup-port Services Division Book of suggestions and complaints.

    Tomiris Orozoeva

    If you are interested in the political life of our university, you may remember the hot battle for the position of vice president of administration between two candidates, Kerim Nurlanov and Alina Lyubimova. They both introduced attractive election programs, but there was only one winner, Kerim Nurlanov. In his program Kerim talked about different issues related to our academic and social life at KIMEP. He was successful in implementing some of his promises.

    We could install selfautomated printing device at KStore, the library was working roundtheclock during the final exams, and the new Grill functions wellthese are the things that I am proud of, said Nurlanov. We marked the fulfilled and broken promises in his program (translated from Russian and reduced by the author).

    Olga Zaitseva, the director of the library, explained why the library worked day and night only during the fall semester. If you wish to study hard during the night time in the library, you should tell that to KSA. KSA talks to the director of the library. The library should get a permission from the vice president for academic affairs and the Human Resource Office (because night time will change the schedule of the library employees and affect public service costs such as payment for electricity). Only after that the library opens for you at night.

    During the spring final exams the library did not work at night because there wasnt any request from students. Also, in the spring attendance is decreased as it can be seen in the library report, which records the number of visitors each hour.

    Talking about the library, Kerim Nurlanov intended to increase the number of textbooks. That promise can be considered from different angles. Annually the library purchases a number of textbooks, although two years ago the purchase policy was changed. Before, KIMEP purchased books depending on the enrollment for the course. For example, if it was planned to open registration for 20students for the Audit course and 50students for the Mass Media and Society course, the library

    purchased 0 and 25books respectively. The policy was 50%textbooks from enrollment. Now, because of the increase in prices, the number of textbooks does not exceed 30for any course.

    As for car parking, Nurlanov failed to lower the prices. According to him, the car parking for KIMEP students is provided by a private company, which did not agree to reduce the price and lose profit.

    Nurlanov promised that KSA would coordinate student organizations, arole that KSA had been already performing. The only change this year was

    the introduction of a budget quota for events, which means that not all money would be spent on parties. Concerning the last promise, KSA still does not inform students on what it is doing.

    The ruling party Birlik had its own election program. Unfortunately, president of the student government Akzhol Urazalin could not find it. KIMEP Times calls on students to monitor the activities of KSA. In our turn, we will follow the realization of their election programs. If you do not make KSA protect your interests, who will?

    The KSA information board usually stays empty, the only exception is the photos...