Killer Crunch Less

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  • Bring arms under shoulders and tuck toes underas you lift legs. Pull abs in as you draw front leg into chest. Alternate legs slow and controlled for one minute.

    Turn legs out and step out widely making sureknees and feet are in the same line. Keeping spineneutral, bring hands to prayer postition. Inhale and lower upper body over to the left; exhale as you come to center. Move to the right on inhale and echale back to the center. Repeat for one minuteminute. (Your legs will be on re!)

    Bring hands up to outside of head and step front leg back a little. Inhale. On exhale, bring front legup to back elbow and return to start. Repeat 30 seconds and switch sides.

    Create a V shape with your hands a little wider than shoulders and sit hips back. Take front leg up. Inhale and shift whole body forward slowly into a lifted thigh Up Dog with back extended. Exhale, liftpelvic oor and abs and press strongly back to Down Dog with leg up. Repeat this for 30 secondsand change sidesand change sides.