KEYSTONE EXAMS & PROJECT BASED ASSESSMENT. WHAT HAVE YOU HEARD? At your tables, share what you At your tables, share what you Have heard about the Keystone

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Text of KEYSTONE EXAMS & PROJECT BASED ASSESSMENT. WHAT HAVE YOU HEARD? At your tables, share what you At...

Keystone Exams & Project Based Assessment

Keystone Exams &Project Based AssessmentWhat Have You Heard?At your tables, share what youHave heard about the Keystone Project Based AssessmentsThink you know about the Keystone Project Based AssessmentsWant to know about the Keystone Project Based Assessments Chapter 4 Keystone ExamsGraduation RequirementClass of 2016-17: current ninth gradersProficient or higher: Algebra 1, Biology, LiteratureUnlimited retakesSupplemental instruction after each unsuccessful attemptExam or PBAAccountabilityFederal NCLB waiverState part of School Performance ProfileChapter 4 Keystone PBAAlternative for Graduation Requirement ONLYAfter two (or more) unsuccessful attempts of ExamIEP StudentTeam determines when student moves to projectCould move to PBA after one unsuccessful attemptMay work on project and retake examOne PBA per Module

Keystone examsAlgebra 1 FormatTwo ModulesOperations and Linear Equations & InequalitiesLinear Functions and Data Organization Two types of questionsMultiple choiceConstructed responseKeystone examsBiology FormatTwo ModulesCells and Cell ProcessesContinuity and Unity of LifeTwo types of questionsMultiple choiceConstructed responseKeystone examsLiterature FormatTwo ModulesFiction LiteratureNon-fiction LiteratureTwo types of questionsMultiple choiceConstructed responseKeystone examsDepth of KnowledgeMajority at levels 2 and 3Coming (subject to funding)State graduation requirementComposition required beginning 2018-19 school yearCivics & Government required beginning 2019-20 school year

Keystone PBATest not a creative projectOne project per moduleComplete a project for each non-proficient moduleAssesses same Eligible Content at the same DOK levelsComputer administered in a secure settingLog on required; good for 1 hourMonitoredKeystone PBA Key ROLESTest AdministratorMonitors students as they workProvides log on information for studentsLog on is good for one hourDoes NOT remediate unless also designated as TutorTutorRecommended certifications on SASReviews project activities and completed projectInstructs/remediates on an as-needed basisTake to SAS Portal read document10The Project is a TestStudents can only work on the project at school. This includes any student in cyber school or a student who is homeschooled.Students must have a monitor (Test Administrator) to sign them into the website and remain present while they work on the project.The monitor can be an aide.Tutors are assigned to each student and should be certified in the content area.The Project is a Test (Continued)Tutors cannot actually help students with the content of the project.Tutors can point students toward practice problems in the eligible content and provide some remediation based on student need in a particular area.The tutor must review the project at set checkpoints and sign off on the project before it is sent to the state for scoring.PBA SamplesSAS PortalOne for each module in each content areaAccessing the project videoKeystone EXAMs & PBA - resourcesSAS Portal AssessmentCLIU Content Networking Wiki

Allow time to view resources14Now what do You know?What new knowledge do you have?What questions have been answered?