Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council Annual Report 2011

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  • Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council

    Our mission is to create and promote opportunities for all community members to experience the arts.

    Annual Report 2011

    Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council, Inc.330 Main Street, Ketchikan, AK 99901

    phone: 907.225.2211 fax: 907.225.4330

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    A letter from the President of the Board 4A letter from the Executive Director 5Administration 6Board of Directors 6Staff 6KAAHC Committees 6-7Our Mission 7Our Vision 7Our History 8Torch Nights Performing Arts Series 9-11Festivals and Extravaganzas 12-13The Main Street Gallery 14-15Art Outreach Programs 16-17Cooperative Projects 17Art Walks 17Continuing programs and services 18KAAHC Advisory Committees 19KAAHC Member Organizations 20-21KAAHC Profit & Loss 22-23KAAHC Balance Sheet 24-25KAAHC Members & Supporters 26-31


  • A note from the President of the BoardDear Members and Friends,

    It has been an extraordinary year for KAAHC. Under the visionary guidance of our Executive Director, Kathleen Light, we were proud and thrilled to have Borough Mayor Dave Kiffer and our esteemed Assembly dedicate 2011 as the Year of the Artist. Endowed with a grant from the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Victoria Lord, a former KAAHC Director, crafted an online Artist Registry (in itself, a work of art) to catalogue and showcase the individual artists and representatives of community organizations that together create our vibrant local culture. That honor will extend into the future with a mantra designated to reflect our abiding sentiment about our own First and Favorite City of Ketchikan - ART LIVES HERE!

    Staying true to our mission to create and promote opportunities for all community members to experience the arts, we continued to provide performances, gallery exhibits, art walks and glorious extravaganzas, like our much loved and often imitated, Wearable Art Show. Never an organization to rest on its laurels but an organization intent on remaining relevant to our changing environment, we hosted a Community Caf to solicit observations and opinions about our local arts scene from interested individuals. Board members and council staff acted as facilitators at this event held at the Crows Nest in January, 2012. We were all amazed and grateful for the plethora of comments we received. We discussed, analyzed, and ultimately distilled this information into several pages of values. These provided a platform for the Strategic Planning Session that we conducted two months later on March 17, 2012. Going forward we will evaluate and ultimately revitalize our organization with the essential priorities and transformative impact you have come to expect.

    We are delighted to welcome two new members to our Board in 2012, Nancy Tietje and Anna Shaffer. These outstanding professionals will bring their expertise and enthusiasm to KAAHC. We are looking forward to incorporating their ideas for growth and participation as ambassadors of the organization.

    We know that the sustainability of this organization depends on your generosity. We are so very appreciative of your active participation, financial support, and volunteer efforts. We thank you for partnering with us to insure that our community remains dynamic and our spirits continue to flourish.

    Sincerely,Amanda Painter, PresidentKAAHC Board of Directors


  • A note from the Executive Director2011 the Year of the Artist. A statement and a vision enabled by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly. Recognition of the power of the arts in and for Ketchikan by our municipal leadership is not just impressive, it is humbling. In a time when culturally iconic cities such as Milan, Italy are slashing support to cultural centers like La Scala Opera House by millions, Ketchikan decides it is the time to draw attention to its many artists through a year long celebration! What a statement to the artists and the many organizations that the arts are crucial to this community. In addition to the Year of the Artist, proclamation made by the Borough, the City of Ketchikan, through the manager, recognized that our new public library must include the character and ethos of Ketchikan, and the best way to accomplish that public art. In the winter of 2011 the City asked the Arts Council to administer the public art process for the library through our committee Ketchikan Public Art Works (KPAW).

    KAAHC was also asked to administer a replacement piece of public art for the Salmon on the Creek. The Salmon on the Creek, a 10-foot long salmon commissioned in 1963 by the Tourism Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, was carved from red cedar and painted by Haida carver Jones Yeltatzie. Before it was mounted however, it spent a year or more on the road, displayed in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, several mid-western cities, and even the 1964 New York Worlds Fair. On its return to Ketchikan, the sculpture was mounted near the Park Avenue Bridge, at the foot of the fish ladder. Over the years, the painted wood fish deteriorated. Twice, vandals threw it into the Creek. On the second occasion, about twenty-five years ago, it was taken to the Public Works warehouse. After drying out for a year or so, repairs were made by Ken Decker and the Streets crew. Large pockets of rot were removed and replaced by filler, reinforcing rods were inserted, and Mr. Decker carved a new tail. (The original had broken off.) Finally, the entire fish was coated with fiberglass, repainted, and mounted on a concrete pedestal below the lower falls of the Creek, where it remained until its removal at the end of September 2011. The two public art projects are affirmation that the municipal leadership is aware of the power of art in our community.

    What does all this mean for the Arts Council? It means that the work we do must continue to be relevant and meaningful for the community. KAAHC cannot remain static. With that in mind, the Board of Directors put into motion a series of events designed to learn from the community how KAAHC is functioning or perceived to function within Ketchikan, and how we can further the positive influence of the arts in Ketchikan.

    2012 has already been an extraordinarily busy year!!! But we are excited to move forward and to grow and learn! We hope you continue to take the ride with us!

    Sincerely,Kathleen LightExecutive Director 5

  • AdministrationKetchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council (KAAHC) Board of Directors meets monthly to plan and make policy. A full-time Executive Director imple-ments the decisions of the board and executes the day-to-day business of the Council, with a full-time Program Director and Operations Manager. As an umbrella agency, KAAHC assists funding searches for programs and projects requested by member arts and humanities organizations, and has a fiscal spon-sorship program under which several volunteer arts organizations operate. Member arts organizations of the KAAHC are invited to send a representative to the monthly meetings, thus advising the direction of the Council and the arts and humanities in the Ketchikan area. KAAHC programs and services are sup-ported by funding from Ketchikan Public Utilities and the City of Ketchikan, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Na-tional Endowment for the Arts, funding from the Rasmuson Foundation and the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, our event sponsors, Wells Fargo, Conoco Phil-lips, Royal Celebrity Cruises, First Bank, Guardian Flight, GCI, Alaska Airlines, Friends of the Library and Community Connections; membership of KAAHC; individual contributions; ticket sales, fundraising campaigns and events and other earned income activities.

    2011 Board of DirectorsPresident: Laurie Thomas (January - May), Amanda Painter (June-December)Vice President: Chris RoseTreasurer: VacantSecretary: Jean BartosMembers-at-Large: Gretchen Klein, Mitch Seaver, and Jeanette Sweetman, student representative

    2011 StaffExecutive Director: Kathleen Light Program Director: Ann FroeschleOperations Manager: Anita Maxwell

    KAAHC CommitteesKAAHC Committees are open to community participation. KAAHC board members serve on various committees along with those who express interest in volunteering. Committee chairs are appointed by the President of the KAAHC Board.

    Festivals, Torch Nights Performing Arts SeriesThe KAAHC Board of Directors, KAAHC Staff

    Executive CommitteeAmanda Painter, Chris Rose, Laurie Thomas, Jean Bartos, Kathleen Light (staff)Board Development CommitteeAmanda Painter, Laurie Thomas, Gretchen Klein, Mitch Seaver, Kathleen Light (staff)


  • Gallery CommitteeEvon Zerbetz, Chris Hanson, Chris Rose, Ann Froeschle (staff)

    Ketchikan Public Art Works CommitteeErin Reeve (chair), Ray Troll, Terry Pyles, Mary Ida Henrikson, Dave Rubin, Bobbie McCreary, Chris Hanson, Jeannie Blackmore, Chris Rose, Evon Zerbetz, Kathleen Light (staff), and Ann Froeschle (staff).

    Wearable Art CommitteeKaren Brand (chair), Lorelei Haukness, Andi Adams, Hunter Davis, Leila Kheiry, Kathleen Light (staff), Ann Froeschle (staff) and Anita Maxwell (staff)

    Our Mission and Vision

    MISSION:To create and promote opportunities for all community members to experience the arts.

    VISION:The arts improve the quality of life in our community.

    The Arts Council strongly believes, and vigorously advocates that the arts im-prove the quality of life in our community, not only through the obvious beauty and thought provoking nature of art, but also as an economic engine which our community can rely on. Our