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A lesson plan written and produced to help you build your listening skills.


  • The Royal KensingtonAudio Lesson Plan

    AudioAn audio based class that really challenges your ability to retain information and challenge your listening skills.

    ObjectivesThis class has been designed to test your listening skills and train you to listen to keywords. Develop your confidence and pronunciation with a lesson plan that has been created and produced by our Company.

    SkypeLearn at your own pace and in your own time with qualified TEFL native speaking teachers from Central London.

    By Sanj SaigalTechnologyConversation specialists who use technology to cater to your learning needs. Classes are recorded to enable you to practice away from the classroom environment


  • Audio One

    Hi, good morning this is the Royal Kensington Hotel, James speaking how may I help you?

    You would like to make a reservation for a single room between the 15th to the 19th of August, let me just check on the availability for you.

    I am just going to put you on hold for a minute while I check. Thank you.

    Hello Sir, yes we can provide those dates for you. may I ask if you require Full or Half board? Half board, no problem, could I have your full name. Could you spell that for me please.

    That's Mr Joe Walters spelt W a l t e r s, thank you. We require a credit card as a deposit, may I ask which Credit Card you will be using?

    Visa, thank you. Could I ask you for the 20 digit code featured on the front of your card.

    I am just going to repeat that back to you..... Thank you.

    Could I ask for the expiry date featured on the front of your card.... Thank you.

    Finally, the authorisation 4 digit number featured on the reverse of your card.

    Thank you

    All processed for you Sir, your booking reference number is 1024. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to call.

    Your welcome. Thank you for calling The Royal Kensington and I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

    Your welcome goodbye.

    The Reservation


  • Questions

    1. What part of the day is it in this story?

    2. What is the name of the person who is on reception duty?

    3. What dates did the client want to book?

    4. Were the dates available?

    5. Did the customer require full or half board?

    6. What is the clients name?

    7. Did the client use a Master card or a Visa card?

    8. What was the booking reference number?

    9. What is the name of this story?


  • Conversation1. Have you ever reserved a Hotel room in English?2. What were your requirements?3. What type of Hotel was it?4. What type of facilities did it oer?5. How important are Hotel facilities to you?6. Is the type of room important to you?


  • Hi, is that reception?

    Yes. look I am sorry but there are few things wrong with my room.

    Well it appears that my room hasn't been cleaned for two days, the shower is not working and the air conditioning unit isn't working either.

    I did complain to Reception yesterday afternoon but nothing seems to have been done about it.

    Is there a way that you can change our room today?

    Yes I'll hold

    Hello? yes.. oh that's great news.. what time can we change? about 3pm .. that's absolutely fine. Thank you so much for your help, all of these problems were spoiling our holiday so it's nice to hear that there is a solution.

    Thank you again. bye

    Audio 2The Complaint


  • Questions

    1. Who did the guest at the Hotel complain to?2. What was the complaint?3. Did the Guest complain before or was this the first time?4. What time did reception agree to change the room?


  • Link

    Press here for a link to a video which lasts about 9 minutes long


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