Katha Magazine - Issue 01 Sept/Oct 2013

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Our maiden issue is chock-full of articles about new beginnings, new projects, and new ways to keep your creative soul happy and fulfilled, which is one of the reasons we started this magazine.

Text of Katha Magazine - Issue 01 Sept/Oct 2013

  • ISSUE 01 Sept/Oct 2013


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  • EVERY STORY HAS A BEGINNINGOurs started one random night, not too long ago, with five

    girls who shared the same love and passion for creating. They

    decided that they wanted to start something --something theyve never done before, something that theyve been

    wanting to see in the local scene but could never seem to find,

    something that could feed the souls of other creative minds

    such as theirs.

    Katha /kath/. In local vernacular, it means to create something, be it with your hands, your computer, or even just

    your imagination. The word is beautiful and evokes a mystical

    sort of wonder, and we think there is no better word in any

    other language that could perfectly capture our vision for this


    In our very first issue, we decided to celebrate the creation

    of something new and wonderful. Whether its starting a new passion project, bringing new life to your old things, or

    starting to plan your own parties, we want everyone who

    reads this to share in the joy of seeing great ideas transform

    from vague concepts to tangible realities.

    This is the just the beginning, but were hoping that its the

    beginning of something big. Now, on to writing the next part of the story!

    Cheers,The Katha Team

    photo by Allie Principe


    10 10A ALABAMA

    12 BAZAAR TIPS 101



    20 HEY YOU

    22 KATHA Q&A





    32 ART FOR ALL

    36 FACEOFF

    38 OH HELLO DY

    44 VERSUS


    50 PHENOM



    62 CONNECT









  • 6 | WHIMSIES




    UNSEEN MOONby El iza Victoria

    BAHIA ACCESSORIESfacebook.com/bahia .accessories

    1. This is the beginning by BOY2. New Years by Ohbijou3. Shine Like A New Pin by Camera Obscura4. New Soul by Yael Naim5. In the New by Reverie Sound Revue

    6. The Night Starts Here by Stars7. Brand New by Techy Romantics8. Begin Again by California Snow Story9. New Slang by The Shins10. Another Daybreak by Outerhope

    A ground-breaking, lovely childrens book about acceptance and courage in various forms.We think the world would be kinder and more colorful if we had more books like this.

    Palanca award-winner Eliza Victoria brings us a chilling collection of stories set in places that are all-too-familiar, filled with strange encounters and terrifying characters. Best read in old ancestral homes, or under the sheets with a flashlight.

    Award-winning lifestyle bloggers Elsie and Emma share their passion for the beautiful life with a photo app thats filled with just the right amount of function and whimsy. Personalizing photos is so easy; youll never post dull, boring photos again. Download A Beautiful Mess for iOS for $0.99 from the App Store. Check out abeautifulmess.com for updates on other operating systems.

    We love how the brand still makes use of local materials even if there are tons of mass-produced supplies readily available in the market. Each handmade product tells a story of how we should promote sustainability and preserve Filipino culture.

    Listen to this playlist on Kathas 8tracks! 8tracks.com/kathamagazine/beginnings

    Songs that may or may not be about starting anew, optimism, makeovers, and Fred Astaire

  • WHIMSIES | 7

    ALEYN COMPRENDIOblog.aleyncomprendio.comThe analog photos taken by Aleyn are dreamlike, ethereal, and a bit nostalgic. Her snapshots seem to possess a hint of magic, and will fill you with wonder. SHMALLOW MARSHMALLOW SPREAD

    shmallowsph.comGooey goodness you can spread on just about anything. It comes in three flavors original, strawberry and cookies n shmallows! Prices range from P 165 to P 180.

    GnD SPREADSfacebook.com/GNDByGoNutsGo Nuts Donuts outdid itself by creating not just one, but two variants each of cookie butter and chocolate cookie butter, and(!) a chocolate hazelnut spread. No more waiting for the next stock of US imports to arrive. Prices range from P 99 to P 219.

    Located on the 5th floor of the new wing in Shangri-La Plaza, you will definitely not miss this hip but cozy cafe while walking around the mall. This new restaurant offers European dishes specifically German or Austrian Cuisine. The word Sptzle means traditional German dumplings or egg noodles. Try their Roast Chicken Sausage on Mushroom Sptzle, and their Mint Lemonade served in a mason jar.

    THE YELLOW ADVENTURESblog.hannah.phIn a single snapshot, Hannah is able to tell a touching story about the true essence of a place or a person. She invites you to her adventures all over the globe, as seen through her ever-optimistic eyes.

    BRAVE THE WAVESbravethewaves.netStill hungover from your last beach trip? Take a quick virtual vacay through Mias blog. Her photos will make you feel glad that we live in a tropical country, filled with beautiful beaches and people with beautiful hearts.

    TRAVELOGUES LE BUNNY BLEUfacebook.com/LeBunnyBleuPH

    FOOD WE WANT TO TRYLocal takes on food trends


    Is there anyone on the face of the earth who can resist bunnies? Especially if you can wear them on your feet? Were oohing and aahing over Le Bunny Bleu and all of the cuteness -- both of their shoes and their store interiors.

  • 8 | WHIMSIES


    DESIGN THINKING ACTION LABnovoed.com/designthinking


    Always bored, sometimes crafty and often odd, is how Meream describes herself. A Cebu-based crafter, she shares with us her

    love for cats, skirts, sewing and crafts.

    Develop thinking out of the box with this online course offered by the Stanford d.school. Learn about the design thinking process and engage in different exercises that will lead to an actual final project. Schedules flexible and its for free, theres no reason why you shouldnt give it a try.

    Baguio dweller, Aileen, shares snippets of her life through her DIYs and illustrations. A self-

    taught illustrator, watch out as this artrepreneur transforms life

    through her creations.

    Kath is an architect and an artist who runs the paper and stationery shop 23060. We love the minimalist tone of Kaths photos -- a mix of architecture, interior details,

    handmade work and small glimpses of a design-driven life. The muted colors paired with lovely composition will soothe anyones tired eyes.

    Michelle is a graphic designer and a mom to a three-year-old who

    blogs about her creative ideas on interior decor and fun DIY projects.

    BORED AND CRAFTYboredandcrafty.com

    THE HOUSE OF ISLAthehouseofislablog.blogspot.com

    WHAT ELSE MICHELLEwhatelsemichelle.com

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  • 10 | STORIES

    In one of the busy streets in Quezon City, youll find a hidden gem that houses quintessential found objects in a furniture gallery. It is also considered a home to many crafters who thrive to support their needs and sustain their love for the arts.

    A carefully hand-drawn gate of a blue Adarna bird will welcome you to 10A Alabama, the home of Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery. The old house transformed into an art and furniture gallery is a rehabilitation center for rescued furniture and given a second life. An important rule to when you visit this place is to keep your eyes and mind open to absorb all the awesomeness youre about to discover.

    As you enter the gallery, fabric buntings will welcome you as they dance along with the wind. Arlene Barbaza, Leah Sanchez and Binggoy de Ocampo, the brains behind

    Resurrection Gallery, turn old-fashioned furniture into conversation pieces. Old wooden chairs are turned into Lamesilyas, a chair and table top in one. Your lolas cabinets with floral engravings are delightfully colored orange or blue to add quirkiness to its personality and resurrected wooden trays are painted with chevron prints. Youll also discover found vintage posters, decoupage art and ceramic wares.

    In an effort to support the local handmade movement, Arlene, Leah and Binggoy hold an Arts and Crafts fair once every three months to support their fellow handmakers. 10A Alabama becomes even more alive when crafterpreneurs or Alabamers get together to offer essential and functional art pieces that ar