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  • Produced by : Mick & Kim Workman, Mike Parker, Chris & Mel Wilson, Marilyn Butt, with watercolour above by Julian Crawford

    June & July 2013

    A SeSaME Production. No 10

    Photo by Mike Parker

    M A G N I F I

    C E N T

    M A G N O

    L I A

  • Editorial


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    14th July 15th Sept 17th Nov

    27. Current footpath news

    8. Have your own groups web page on www.sedgeberrow.com.

    10. Sandfield Farm Open Day

    Editors Mike Parker 01386 881863

    Mel Wilson energy@sesame.me.uk

    Advertising see page 16

    Copy Deadlines 2013

    This publication is printed on recycled paper

    19. Evesham Survey

    All paper used in the Sedgeberrow Post has been sponsored by Kim & Mike

    Workman, courtesy of Dunn & Dusted.

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    You will see that a good mix of people have responded to our offer of advertising

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    Thanks to them all. So please do your bit.

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    12. Traffic Mayhem

    6. Big Butterfly Count

    Not to be Missed

    16. Advertise in the Post

    4. Sedge Warbler

    5. Remember Oil Buying Dates

    3. Do you lack Rhythm?

    29. School Play at Pershore No 8

    28. Sedgeberrow School News

    16. Village Hall News

    11. Run Stuff

    20. Main St Planning News

    35. Sesame Seeds Allotments

    14. Can you Sew?

    30. My Brother Doofuss

    18. Village Store

    29. A Childhood Scene

    30. Word Pics

    31. More on new Main St Houses

    33. Flood Group Report

    34. Parish Council Report

    3. Village Fete Date

    49. Which? On Energy companies

    38. Report on 10th April meeting

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    Sedgeberrow Post is available online. Go to www.sesame.me.uk & click on the Kingfisher. If you want a reminder on every publication date see below:

    Just contact the editor via energy@sesame.me.uk.We wont deliver but send you a link to its place on our SeSaME website. A reader wrote:

    What an excellent, beautifully produced, easy to navigate, online magazine.

    If so, thats maybe why you might miss getting an article into the Sedgeberrow Post on time.

    We have to admit that the increased gap, caused by being bi-monthly, makes timing a little complicated for article and minute writers. It does though significantly reduce the pressure on the time commitment of the busy twenty two villagers who generously arrange the rhythm of their lives around dropping the Post onto your doormat.

    You can get rhythm though! Please look at these 2013 copy deadlines:

    14th July. 15th Sept. 17th Nov Take the floor, swirl into action, plot and plan your meetings so

    that you are left with time to catch the Sedgeberrow Post. Pen your articles with an eye on those magic dates.

    Do you lack Rhythm?

    Note from SeSaME: We process personal data in accordance with the rights of data subjects under the Data Protection Act. Please inform us if there is any data

    that you do not wish us to store on our computers.

    Note Change of Date

    Put the new date in your diary. Dont miss out. Act now.

    Think about how you can get involved, have fun and

    support your village.

    Ring 01386 881764

    Sunday 8th September

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    From: The Sedge Warbler

    Sedge Warbler pic. copyright of P&H Harris. www.kenyabirds.org.uk.

    All sorts of Sauce That challenged Lea & Perrins

    with Evesham Relish

    In the Feb/March Post I asked what readers knew about Evesham Relish and how it stood up against the clearly much more successful Lea & Perrins sauce. We knew nutting. Luckily David Nash of Cultural Services in Worcester has un-earthed details of even more rivals who challenged Lea & Perrins decades ago. We have "Worcester City museum collection" to thank for these.

    Holbrooks Worcestershire Sauce Label The Proprieters of Holbrooks Worcestershire Sauce beg your acceptance of the sample bottle sent herewith, and for which they ask the favour of a trial against Messrs Lea & Perrins brand. In quality and flavour Holbrooks is equal, if not superior to any other make of Worcestershire sauce, and has the distinction of having the largest sale of any Sauce in the world. Duplicates of the sample bottle are sold by grocers at 6d (2.5p). They are nearly twice as large as a small bottle of Lea & Perrins, which are sold at from 10d to a 1/- (5p). We think the comparison worthy of consideration, as by buying Holbrooks you will get equal, if not better quality for half the price, and at the same time, nearly double the quantity.

    No fancy labelling here but an immediate cut to the chase with free samples and a price war. Some things never change, though it was clearly to no avail. Sedge Warbler

    Flying the flags of the UK, France, Russia and a possible Belgium, for their claim to be unbeatable. The Sauce Works, Angel St, Worcester

    Relying on the exotic attractions of the orient to boost its spicy creden-tials, whilst the bottle shown looks identical to a Lea & Perrins one. Waldron and Co, Worcester.

    A blatant take on the Lea & Perrins label, and outsiders too. Strettons & Co, Worcester and Birmingham. Claiming their originality as well.

  • Talk to Mike, who will help you sort out how much space you will need. (01386 881863)


    Please note change to a Thursday delivery date For a monthly email reminder - contact Mike Parker

    Dont miss out! Next Delivery Dates are: Thurs 13th June, Thurs 11th July

    Make sure that you buy regularly as a member of Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group, as come the crunch at any time, because of supply and weather

    conditions, loyal members will be prioritised.

    Reminder: Minimum delivery is 500 litres, so check that your tank will easily take that amount. Its important because our Oil Buying Group pays 1000 litre rates for 500 litre orders, which are normally at least a 1p a litre more. 1. Check the dates - see below. 2. Phone on 01905 775920 or by email to droitwich@evesons.co.uk.

    3. Remember: If you order after midday of the day before delivery, you will NOT be eligible for the reduced price. Check your tank levels regularly. 4. You must say you are part of the Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group. 5. Give full delivery name and address. 6. Payment can be made either at time of ordering but certainly within TEN days of delivery, either by cheque or by phoning in with debit card details. 7. Sign up with SeSaME for an email - order date reminder if you lead a busy life. 8.The price is not fixed until two days before delivery, as market prices change every day.

    2013 Delivery Dates - Thurs 8th Aug. Thurs 12th Sept. Thurs 10th Oct. Thurs 14th Nov. Thurs 12th Dec.

    Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy SeSaME. Website: www.sesame.co.uk Email: energy@sesame.me.uk

    Contact: Mike Parker (Chairman) Tel: 01386 881863

    Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group. SeSaME Oil Buying Group, in association with Evesons of Worcestershire.

    Your Village Needs You Have you any experiences you wish to share, a skill that could please our villagers? Do please us all by submitting articles, recording your events and most importantly, hitting our bi-monthly deadlines. If you are a local villager you will have a choice of a double A5 page spread, a single A5 page, a half page and a quarter page. We can help you estimate how many words you will need for each size.

    Submitting Material For Publication

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    Sedgeberrow Wordsearch Find all the words on the right in this locally themed Wordsearch

    The idea for this Wordsearch comes to you courtesy of Lindsey, a Villager and Post Advertiser (see page 17). If you have any ideas to share about what would be good

    to see in the Post, please let us know. (Editor)

    Where was this picture taken then?

    (Pictures & idea courtesy of Peter Loomes)

    How well do you know your Village?

    See page 30 for the answer.

    Bridewell Drive Churchill Road Main Street Barn Lane Pear Tree Drive Blacksmiths Close Cheltenham Road Winchcombe Road Millfield Bridgemeadow Close Sandfield Lane

    The Big Butterfly Count 20th July-11th August

    Help plan for the protection of our native butterflies.

    Download an identification chart from the special Big Butterfly Count

    website (www.bigbutterflycount.org) where you will find full details of how to record what you see. Find out more about the work of your local butterfly

    conservationists by visiting www.westmidlands-butterflies.org.uk

    The Streets of Sedgeberrow

    Plus one other, three word, street name

    that we challenge you

    to find.

    See page 30, if stumped

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    Please feel free to contact me for a quote

    Catherine Newman, 01386 882248




    Loyalty scheme available.

    Opening Hours Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm

    Saturday - 9am to 5pm

    Tel: 01242 609330 9 North St,

    Winchcombe Gloucestershire

    GL54 5LH


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    The Sedgeberrow Village Website: www.sedgeberrow.com

    If you are a Village Group who would like to keep people up to date with activities on a page that you control on this website, contact Mike Parker at energy@sesame.me.uk or on 01386 881863. Courtesy of our own Chris Wilson, we are offering villagers access to their own page, via their own unique password, enabling them to update their own written material. With a nominal charge of 5 a year to cover administration costs. We hope that people will come forward to cover many facets of village life.

    Watercolour by Pam Cuthbert. 2003

    We specialise in bathroom renovations, minor heating installations and general

    service and repair.

    SC Heating And Plumbing

    Feel free to call to arrange for a free quotation on

    07850151199 or 01386 882167





    SALON Crazy Hair

    Professional Hair Design

    Ample Free Parking

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    Sedgeberrow Parish Church News

    Drawing by John Livingstone

    Benefice of Hampton, Sedgeberrow & Hinton on the Green.

    Priest in Charge: Revd. Mark Binney as at Hampton Vicarage on 01386 424235.

    Churchwardens: Ann Banks 881623 and Doreen Hayes 881965



    July 7th 9am Holy Communion July 14th 11am All age Worship July 21st 9am Holy Communion

    July 28th 11am All age Worship

    June June 2nd 9am Holy Communion June 9th 9.45 am Confirmation Service at Bengeworth June 16th 9am Holy Communion June 23rd 11am All age Worship June 30th 9.45am Joint Benefice

    Service at Bengeworth

    Church News Our winter Bingo season is over for another year. Our last one on April 13th was well supported. Our thanks to those who play and those who donate prizes. Monthly Coffee Mornings have resumed following the Christmas break our next one being on June 27th and July 25th 10am-12noon

    Come along and have a coffee and a natter.

    We are entering The Best Kept Churchyard competition again this year. This is a bi-annual competition. We were awarded 2nd place in our section in 2011. The pews by the Font have been rearranged to give better access for Baptisms.

    Church Coffee Mornings June 27th 10am to 12noon, July 25th 10am to 12noon

  • 10

    Plans are well under way for Open Farm Sunday at Sandfield Farm, Sand-field Lane, on Sunday June 9th 11 3pm. There are activities available for all age groups. Entrance and activities are all FREE. Activities include a trailer ride, farm walk (illustrated by pupils of Sedgeberrow School), pond dipping with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, woodland play, meet the ani-mals, ask a Vet, ask the Farmer, butter making, make a nature craft, ma-chinery display and much more...Refreshments will be available including a BBQ by Lower Clopton Farm Shop, as well as the opportunity to buy free range eggs. In the event of wet weather, activities will be available under

    cover. A free day out for all the family, right on your door step!

    Sandfield Farm Open Day, Sunday June 9th 2013

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    Entries with incorrect postage will not be accepted

    Dunn and Dusted

    Contract Cleaners

    Professional carpet cleaning using hot water extraction. Your carpets can look as good as new with our latest state of the art equipment. We carry out a sur-vey of your carpet to determine fibre content and construction to ensure the correct chemicals are used to achieve optimum results. Fully insured.

    Landline: 01386 882902 Kim mobile: 07974 191 648 Mike mobile: 07854 872 343

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    Could you get a bus through that lot? If its your light blue car, please give

    us a thought next time. Picture taken at approx 2pm on 4th April 2013. Editor

    More Traffic Mayhem

    Report from County Councillor, Liz Eyre. Due to an obstructive vehicle in Main Street on the 24th April, Astons 540 bus got stuck. (See page 38) This was the most recent in a long list of incidents. The reali-ty is that the bus is experiencing regular problems in accessing the village and the delays are causing a significant adverse effect on passengers, and on Aston's repu-tation. They are not willing to risk further damage to their vehicles from having to mount the verges, obstructions and hedges. If the bus service is withdrawn from the village and the Old Cheltenham Road is used instead this would be a real blow for the elderly and young people. One proposed solution, a single yellow line down one side of the Street, is not welcomed due to access to the shop, which is reopening, and potential devaluing of residential properties that have no parking, added problems for some residents and the spoiling of the village's rurality. I met with a Parish Councillor and a few local residents on the evening of May 3rd . The current immediate proposed solution, whilst we consider other options, is the removal of overhanging hedging and trees near the Queens Head Public house by 16th May, a number of small but visible informative signs on private land adjacent to the key pinch points, which could educate those who contribute to the obstructive parking that is causing the problem. It would be a real help if Main Street residents and their guests who have no off street parking would park their cars close to the kerbs, avoid the pinch points and corners, maximise off street parking, guide anyone they see who is not a direct villager to park well away from areas that might affect th...