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June Biodiesel Magazine

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    BIODIESELJune 2011

    M A G A Z I N E


    BiomethanolHow Replacing Natural How Replacing Natural

    Gas Feedstock with Biomass Gas Feedstock with Biomass Will Improve Biodiesels Already Will Improve Biodiesels Already Strong Environmental FootingStrong Environmental Footing

    Page 30Page 30

    Plus Proving Out Proving Out Supercritical Supercritical

    ProcessingProcessingPage 24Page 24

    Homogeneous Homogeneous Catalyst and Effects Catalyst and Effects

    on Multifeedstock on Multifeedstock ProcessingProcessing

    Page 34Page 34

  • EN 14214 / ASTM D6751

    Soybean OilRape Seed / Canola Oil

    Sun ower OilPalm Oil

    Jatropha OilCamelina Oil

    Corn OilCotton Seed Oil

    Algae OilUsed Cooking Oil

    Yellow GreaseTrap / Brown Grease

    Beef TallowPoultry Fat

    Pork FatLeather FatFatty Acids

    PFADand others

    Biofuel Production ResiduesBrewery Spent Grains

    Food WasteOrganic Fraction of MSW

    Flotation SludgePasty Liquid

    Blood, Meat and Bone Meal



    We build BioDiesel plants worldwide, using our own technology.

    Guaranteeing highest yield feedstock exibility best ef ciency no limits in FFA content.

    The BDI Process leads to the lowest position on the cost curve while avoiding the food vs. fuel risk.


    The world market leader in BioDiesel Multi-Feedstock Technology is also offering ENBAFERM Multi-Feedstock BioGas Technology.


    and more to come soon.

    Austria, 19919.000 t / 2.7 Mio US Gal

    Austria, 19911.000 t / 300.000 US Gal

    Austria, 199220.000 t / 6 Mio US Gal

    Czech Republic, 199430.000 t / 9 Mio US Gal

    Scotland, 200550.000 t / 15 Mio US Gal

    Austria, 200695.000 t / 28.5 Mio US Gal

    Spain, 200750.000 t / 15 Mio US Gal

    Spain, 2008200.000 t / 60 Mio US Gal

    Lithuania, 2007100.000 t / 30 Mio US Gal

    Spain, 2008200.000 t / 60 Mio US Gal

    Austria, 200325.000 t / 7.5 Mio US Gal

    Australia, 200750.000 t / 15 Mio US Gal

    Denmark, 200750.000 t / 15 Mio US Gal

    Germany, 200250.000 t / 15 Mio US Gal

    Latvia, 2007100.000 t / 30 Mio US Gal

    Portugal, 200725.000 t / 7.5 Mio US Gal

    Spain, 20026.000 t / 1.8 Mio US Gal

    Germany, 200650.000 t / 15 Mio US Gal

    Austria, 200725.000 t / 7.5 Mio US Gal

    Norway, 2008100.000 t / 30 Mio US Gal

    Hong Kong, China, 2008100.000 t / 30 Mio US Gal

    Germany, 200112.000 t / 3.6 Mio US Gal

    Spain, 200625.000 t / 7.5 Mio US Gal

    Germany, 200750.000 t / 15 Mio US Gal

    Ireland, 200830.000 t / 9 Mio US Gal

    USA, 19985.000 t / 1.5 Mio US Gal

    Spain, 200625.000 t / 7.5 Mio US Gal

    Spain, 20076.000 t / 1.8 Mio US Gal

    Spain, 2008100.000 t / 30 Mio US Gal

    Status December 201031

    The most advanced solution in the eld of anaerobic digestion: the revolutionary ENBAFERM Multi-Feedstock BioGas Technology.Designed for various challenging industrial feedstock: Highly reliable and stable biotechnological process with maximum possible output of energy. Up to 3 times more throughput than conventional systems. Compact in size; therefore easy to integrate in existing industrial plants or offered as Green eld turn-key plants.

    Netherlands, 2009100.000 t / 30 Mio US Gal

    Belarus, 201050.000 t / 15 Mio US Gal



    JUNE 2011 VOLUME 8 ISSUE 6


    Feeding a NeedThe technology works, so where is it? BY LUKE GEIVER


    Making a Great Fuel Even Better How biomethanol can improve an already good thingBY ERIN VOEGELE


    Homogeneous Catalyst and Effects on Multifeedstock ProcessingConsiderations for growing your feedstock baseBY RAJ MOSALI AND SHARATH BOBBILI

    FUEL38 Cost of Operations: ULSD vs. B20

    Toledo transit authority compares biodiesel and conventional diesel fuel costsBY DAVID M. NELSON, MARK VONDEREMBSE, S. SUBBA RAO AND STEPHEN ATKINSON

    SEPARATION40 Centrifugal vs. Coalescing

    Separation TechnologiesA qualitative, quantitative analysisBY MARIA ANEZ-LINGERFELT


    6 Legal PerspectivesProcess Technology? Check. Now, Profi tBY TODD TAYLOR

    8 Talking PointBiodiesel Has a Bright, Multicolored FutureBY CLAYTON MCNEFF

    10 Biodiesel Events

    12 FrontEndBiodiesel News & Trends

    18 Inside NBB

    22 Business BriefsCompanies, Organizations & People in the News

    44 Marketplace/Advertiser Index

    Biodiesel Magazine: (USPS No. 023-975) June 2011, Vol. 8, Issue 6. Biodiesel Magazine is published monthly. Principal Offi ce: 308 Second Ave. N., Suite 304, Grand Forks, ND 58203. Periodicals Postage Paid at Grand Forks, North Dakota and additional mailing offi ces. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Biodiesel Magazine/Subscriptions, 308 Second Ave. N., Suite 304, Grand Forks, North Dakota 58203.


    24 30 34



    By all accounts, interest in biodiesel is on the rise again. And its about time too. Th e past two years have been extremely tough on the industry. Some have even expected it to fall. Were still here. Youre still here. Now its time to get to work and make this sector of renewable energy strong again.

    Engineering fi rms are telling me that calls pertaining to biodiesel have picked up in the past month or two. Consultants are expanding their groups of experts to handle an increase in biodiesel interest. Process technology companies are making deals with EPC providers to bring their technologies to market.

    On a broader level, the Obama administration is unwavering in its support for biofuel development. In April, Tom Vilsack, the U.S. secretary of agriculture, and Lisa Jackson, the administrator for U.S. EPA, toured an Iowa biodiesel plant owned by Renew-able Energy Group, after which they participated in a closed-door roundtable discussion with other big names in renewable fuels, such as ethanol mogul Jeff Broin. Also, the International Energy Agency put out a report in April that states biofuels will comprise 27 percent of the global fuel supplies in 2050. Twenty-seven percentthat is huge. It represents real progress. But we have to make it happen, and we have to ensure biodiesel can fulfi ll and surpass its expected role in the new energy economy of the future.

    Plant safety, fuel quality, predictable long-term policy, increased market penetration, lawful RIN and wet-gallon transactions, and feedstock availability must all remain in the forefront of operations as we propel this great industry ahead. Theres no room for shortcuts. Regarding RIN separation, EPA released a statement to the industry in April cautioning people to make sure separation occurs in one of the nine pathways prescribed by law. As RIN expert Jess Hewitt with Lee Enterprises tells me, EPA does not give extra points for creativity. In fact, it may give something else for ita hefty fi ne.

    Ron KotrbaEditorBiodiesel Magazinerkotrba@bbiinternational.com


    Luke Geiver gives us Proving Out Supercritical Process-ing on page 24, which investigates where this award-winning tech-nology is today.

    Bryan Sims took a temporary leave of absence this month to fi ght fl oodwaters in the Upper Midwest as a soldier in the National Guard.

    Erin Voegele writes Making a Great Fuel Even Better on page 30, an update on bio-methanol production and what it could mean for biodiesel.

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