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<ul><li><p>JOSEPH ARTHUR MIDDLE SCHOOL </p><p>160 St. Ellen Mine Rd. OFallon, IL 618.632.6336 fFallon, </p><p> Imagine. Inspire. Achieve. </p><p>October 2015 </p><p> JOSEPH ARTHUR MID SCHOOL </p><p>Online Grades </p><p>Thursday, October 8th, will mark the last day of student attendance before the end of the first quarter. Quarter grades for report cards will be calculate </p><p>that weekend and printed report cards will be issued at parent/teacher conferences </p><p>towards the end of the month. Reminder that anytime families would like to see </p><p>student grades, to log onto Skyward Family Access. Progress reports are viewable </p><p>online only. Call the office for more information. </p><p>Upcoming Events </p><p>OCTOBER </p><p> Monday, 6</p><p>th</p><p>- McTeacher Night 4-8pm </p><p>Thursday, 8th</p><p>- End of First Quarter </p><p>Friday, 9th</p><p>- No School, County Institute Day </p><p>Monday, 12th</p><p>- No School, Columbus Day </p><p>Tuesday 13th</p><p>- School Board Meeting 7pm </p><p>Wednesday 21st</p><p>- PTO Meeting </p><p>Monday 26th</p><p>- PTO Dairy Queen Night 5-9pm </p><p>Wednesday, 28th</p><p>- Retakes, Early Dismissal at 12:30pm, </p><p> P/T Conferences until 7:20 </p><p>Thursday, 29th</p><p>- No School, P/T Conferences until 6:20pm </p><p>Friday 30th</p><p>- No School </p><p>Saturday 31st</p><p>- Halloween Safe Stop </p><p>*Daylight Savings Time- Fall Back One Hour </p><p>Chromebooks: Reminder that all district provided </p><p>Chromebooks are to come to school fully charged every day. </p><p>Devices are to be kept in their cases at all times and should </p><p>never be left unattended. Students may store their </p><p>Chromebooks in their lockers during lunch periods or class </p><p>periods when they are not in use. Please see Mr. Guay for </p><p>any details regarding Central 104s technology agreement. </p><p>Response to Intervention (RtI): Mrs. Denise Grulen and </p><p>Ms. Mallory Sears will soon be implementing our Response </p><p>to Intervention program to assist students in both ELA and </p><p>Math. Remember, RtI is mandated by the state for all school </p><p>districts in Illinois. </p><p>Student I.D.s: All of our students at JAMS have been given </p><p>IDs this school year. Your child should wear his/her ID </p><p>badge EVERYDAY to school! If the ID becomes lost or </p><p>destroyed, another will be issued for a cost of $5. </p><p>After-school Detentions: Detentions will be served on </p><p>Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:20-4:20pm until further </p><p>notice. Please be on time when picking up your child. Thank </p><p>you! </p></li><li><p>= </p><p>JOSEPH ARTHUR MIDDLE SCHOOL </p><p>Incident Reports </p><p> As part of our PBIS (Positive Behavioral </p><p>Interventions and Support) program, students may be </p><p>written incident reports for a variety of minor </p><p>misbehaviors. Examples include: no ID card, forgotten </p><p>Chromebook, unprepared, disrespectful words, etc. </p><p> The intent of incident reports is to track these less </p><p>serious behaviors to provide students the opportunity to </p><p>correct their behavior. Homeroom teachers are to contact </p><p>a students family when they receive two incident reports </p><p>in a quarter. If a student receives three incident reports for </p><p>the same type of behavior they will be issued an office </p><p>referral and detention. </p><p> It is our goal at JAMS to allow our students the </p><p>opportunity to make good choices and to follow </p><p>expectations. By utilizing incident reports, we are able to </p><p>address behavioral concerns and allow students the </p><p>opportunity to succeed. </p><p>Extra-curricular Activities After some grueling tryouts and open gym dates, </p><p>JAMS is proud to have selected our Winter Athletic teams. </p><p>A big thank you to all who tried out! </p><p>This years cheerleaders will be led by CES </p><p>employee, Ms. Fournie. A Team basketball will be </p><p>coached by Mr. Porter. B Team basketball will be coached </p><p>by Mr. Bute, and 5/6 grade teams will be coached by Mr. </p><p>Brunner. This years volleyball team will be led by Mrs. </p><p>Ringler and Ms. Sears. </p><p> All regular season games will typically be held on </p><p>Tuesdays and Thursdays at Central Elementary School. </p><p>The cost to attend is two dollars for adults and one dollar </p><p>for students. Students and athletes need to be academically </p><p>eligible to participate or attend extra-curricular activities. </p><p> Most basketball players will ride the activity bus </p><p>after school to CES for practice. Cheerleading practice will </p><p>be held in the JAMS cafeteria and volleyball in the </p><p>multipurpose room. All athletes are expected to have a ride </p><p>home by the end of scheduled practice times. </p></li><li><p>JOSEPH ARTHUR MIDDLE SCHOOL </p></li><li><p>JOSEPH ARTHUR MIDDLE SCHOOL </p></li><li><p>JOSEPH ARTHUR MIDDLE SCHOOL </p></li></ul>