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BRAND OBSERVATIONS OF THE DAY From my random collection of info sources, here are some highlights related to the brands of our times...

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    "Knowledge is knowing a tomatois a fruit; wisdom is not putting it

    in a fruit salad."



    BRAND OBSERVATIONS OF THE DAYFrom my random collection of info sources, here are some highlights related to the brands of our times...

    According to eMarketer, grocery store chains like Piggly Wiggly, Safeway and Food Lion will be changing their advertising means dramatically over the next five years. The firm estimates that print ads will drop in usage from 75% to just 17% by 2016, while their usage of social media will increase from 12% today to 65% over the same time period. With no more coupons to clip, I wonder what thats going to do to scissors sales?

    Want to create a Facebook post that goes viral? Well, I wont give away all the secrets, but heres a hint: According to a recent BusinessInsider infographic, videos are shared 10 TIMES more than links, and photos are 5 TIMES more popular than links. Now...go buy a good video camera and start shooting!

    7-Eleven is taking the polls to the people...through their coffee cups. If you havent seen it, the chain is offering citizens the opportunity to vote via the cup they usea red cup for Romney, and a blue cup for Obama. I realize its just a straw vote, but apparently theyve done this in the past and the results have been spot on.

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    Brought to you by popular demand of a client, my mom, and some folks I met at a church potluck

    From the remaining gray matter of Jim Huebner

    Information that will make you smile, groan or think...

    The conversation went something like this...

    Did you watchthe eclipse last night?

    No, but we listened to it on the radio...

  • 2012 Hmmm by Jim Huebner

    I was told once that when you are shaken up, whats really inside spills out. Im certain its true with people. And as I look back at my journal entry from 9.11.01, I wonder if its true for companies, too.

    11 years ago today, I was en route to an RV trade show and was headed for my connecting flight to Harrisburg, PA, at the Minneapolis airport. As I came around the corner, a large crowd was standing outside the Lands End store watching the news. I asked the guy next to me what had happened, and he explained that two planes had flown into the World Trade Center towers.

    As we stood there in shock, new footage flashed on the screen and announced that a third plane had flown into the Pentagon. Was this a dream? I thought. Suddenly, in the midst of one of the most dramatic events in our nations history, a worker from the Lands End store stepped out in front of the TV and said, If you folks arent going to buy something, youll need to move on.

    While some people were visibly angered by the worker and his apparent lack of concern, my thoughts turned to the companys culture. I wondered what would make this guy feel that selling their wares was more important at this moment than anything else going on in the world. He was obviously out of touch, and it was a direct reflection on the brand.

    Eventually realizing I wouldnt be flying anywhere for a while, I decided to rent a car and make the 500 mile trip home. After all, in light of the events of the morning, I was ready to give my wife and kids a hug as soon as possible. After waiting in line for what seemed like hours, I finally reached the Hertz counter to get my car. The agent said my staff member had reserved the vehicle to be driven back to Omaha and not Lincoln (where MY car was and near where our firm was located at the time.) He told me the rate to Lincolnjust fifty miles furtherwas $210 more than Omaha. Picking up on my mild exasperation, the clerk quickly added, You know what? Ive lived in 31 states and the nicest people I know live in Nebraska. This is such a weird dayjust take the car to Lincoln and well only charge you the $90.

    Similar circumstances handled in two completely different ways. One leaving me frustrated and one leaving me feeling cared for and appreciated. So what will come out of YOUR company when its shaken up? I suggest you dont wait to find out. Jim Huebner is President of HuebnerPetersen Marketing Communications.The firm was established in 1989 and specializes in helping make manufacturers heroes to their dealer and distribution networks through strategic brand positioning, integrated marketing, and front lines marketing services. You can reach Jim at jimh@HuebnerPetersen.com or on LinkedIn.


    Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or

    think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory...

    Ephesians 3:20,21a

    Branding lessons from 11 years ago today...

    ...and on its way to the HuebnerPetersen blog...! PAGE2

    What will come out of your company

    when its shaken up?

    I suggest you dont wait to

    find out.