Jill Joy Catalog of Available Paintings & Prints June 2016

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Los Angeles based artist, Jill Joy, paints to evolve her consciousness and in so doing hopes to elevate global spiritual awareness. This 128 page full color catalog features abstract paintings by Ms. Joy that are available for purchase. For more info visit www.jilljoy.com Jill Joy's work ranges from abstract expressionism to minimalism and sometimes references the landscape from a mystical perspective.

Text of Jill Joy Catalog of Available Paintings & Prints June 2016


  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy2

    Cover: Detail of Not Black and White, acrylic on canvas, 36x36

    Right: Jil l Joy in her studio

    Photo Credits: Scott Carmella, Baha Danesh and David Oleary

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    evolution towards enlightenment Art bridges the gap between the spiritual and material, draws connections between

    what we see and what we sense, attempts to plumb the mysteries of life and death.

    Over the course of 25 years I have explored painting as a spiritual discipline, a path

    of purification of mind and body and of the development of my soul - as a path

    toward enlightenment.

    I have watched my work evolve into three distinct and now concurrent bodies of work

    representing the three aspects of the self: Emotion (the body), Consciousness (the

    mind), and my latest series, Illumination (the spirit or soul); A spiritual and artistic

    trifecta that expresses the interrelatedness of these aspects of human existence that

    must evolve simultaneously to achieve the ultimate spiritual goal of enlightenment.

    Along the way to this discovery, I engaged in much experimentation. This work is

    contained in a series called The Journey.

    It is my hope that the work will become as meaningful to you as it is to me.


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    table of contents

    Emotion p. 8

    Consciousness p. 36

    Illumination p. 72

    The Journey p. 92

    Biography, CV p. 124

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  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 11Facing: Jill Joy with I Can Live Without You, oil on canvas, 72x48x2.5

    artists statement

    Emotion addresses the temporal, personal, human struggle that includes loss,

    pain, joy, change, frustration, grief and aspiration. The paintings are intense,

    active and filled with a sense of energy in motion; powerful expressions of the

    unharnessed creative force that initiates change and growth, as are emotions when

    felt and constructively expressed.

    My technique in this work is heavy, dense and multi-layered. Oil paint thickly applied,

    often with a spackle knife or trowel that sometimes takes years to dry, similar to old

    wounds and deep feelings. This technique evolved as I worked to give physicality

    and weight to emotions and the sense of movement as I ride my emotional waves to

    resolution and transformation.

    Emotions must be felt, allowed to flow and move through us in order to give us their

    message and transform us.

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy12 Grief, oil on canvas, 48x72x1.5, 2009

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  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy14

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 15

    Do You Love Me, oil on canvas, 60x48x2.5

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy16

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 17Emotion Series, Gallery Installation View

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy18

    Death Comes and Recedes, oil on canvas, 48x72x1.5, 2012

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 19

    Summoning The Heart of Love, oil on canvas, 60x72x2.5, 2012

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy20 Dissolution, oil on canvas, 60x72x1.5

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 21Self Sacrifice, oil on canvas, 36x48x1.5

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy22

    Dissolution, oil on canvas, 60x72x1.5, 2012

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 23

    Self Sacrifice, oil on canvas, 36x48x1.5, 2011

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy24

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 25

    His Confused Heart, oil on canvas, 60x48x2.5, 2012

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy26

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 27

    Shes Come Undone, oil on canvas, 60x72x2.5, 2013

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy28 The Journey, oil on canvas, 48x72x1.5

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 29

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy30

    Divertere, oil on canvas, 36x36x1.5, 2012

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 31

    Not Black and White, acrylic on canvas, 36x36x1.5, 2012

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy32 Blame, acrylic on canvas, 60x72x1.5

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 33Two Worlds Collide, oil on canvas, 72x48x1.5, 2011

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy34

    Red Sea, oil on canvas, 24x20x1.5

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 35

    Blue Black Sea, oil on canvas, 24x20x1.5

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  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy38

    light of emotion

    by Shana Nys Dambrot

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 39

    Painter Jill Joy is not satisfied with mere representation of the external world, however beau-

    tiful; and in her longing to instead more fully express her inner life has recourse to abstract

    gesture and the soulful power of color.

    Her lush, saturated, refined, and richly detailed paintings evoke rather than describe the

    contours and atmospheric jouissance of the natural world. Executed in a kind of meditative

    semi-trance, they are more like artifacts, residues of the energy that produced them, both art

    historically/materially and spiritually galvanized process paintings of the highest order; and

    further, physical conduits of that same luminous energy, radiating into the world.

    Her reds sweep the prismatic gauntlet from ruby to crimson, cherry enamel to fiery Autumn,

    sunset clouds to shadows in a glass of port. Pops of gold, blood orange, greens of forest and

    emerald intermingle with violet, ultraviolet, indigo, cold slate grey like flagstone walkways.

    Sweeps of inky, absorptive black; and from snow to diamonds more varieties of white than

    we would ever otherwise notice. Blue, of course, from dawn to dusk, to choppy water and

    glacial ices, prayer flags to sapphire, and blues that live only in the imagination.

    Passages proliferate with kaleidoscopic density of detail, alternating with areas of replete

    emptiness which is not negative space, but rather full with a tangible emptiness.

    Shana Nys Dambrot is a Los Angeles based art critic and curator. She regularly contributes

    to The Huffington Post, ArtLTD Magazine, Whitehot Magazine, and other publications.

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  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 41Consciousness Series, Gallery Installation View

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy42


    I look up and I see the sky.

    It becomes part of me.

    My feelings like clouds

    against the clear blue vastness,

    scudding across the backdrop of

    infinite consciousness.

    I look out and I see the ocean.

    It becomes part of me.

    My memories like islands

    in a sea of universal mind.

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 43

    Gathering Storm, oil on canvas, 48x72x2.5, 2014

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy44

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 45

    Samskara, oil on canvas, 54x84x2.5, 2015

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy46


    A wave.

    has crashed through my life

    Separated me

    from what has tormented me

    and sustained me

    I sit here in the silence

    in the receding tide


    what will become of me

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 47

    Wave, oil on canvas, 57x69x2.5, 2015

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy48

    Jill Joys beautiful paintings are reflections of the soul. Her inspired contribution adds to the betterment

    of our homes and community. Beauty manifested through art allows our collective consciousnesses to

    advance by positive influence. These pro-social byproducts elicit Joy, Jills namesake; and Love, the

    universal energy/intention elucidated upon by all religious and spiritual traditions.

    Dr. Charles Freeman, Ph. D. Psychologist

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 49

    Hope, oil on canvas, 36x36x1.5, 2013

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy50

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 51Thought Forms (compassion), oil on canvas, 20x60x2.5, Installation View

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy52

    Thought Forms (compassion), oil on canvas, 20x60x2.5

    Study for Magenta Sky, oil on canvas, 6x18x1.5

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 53

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy54

    Rain, oil on canvas, 48x60x2.5, 2014

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 55

    This work is striking; the off-center void allows my eye to rest on something; my mind to contemplate.

    It is like a window, and the seemingly perfect white of the void provides a sense of the infinite.

    Eric Domeier, AIA, Domeier Architects Inc.

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy56 Gone But Not Forgotten, oil on canvas, 36x72x2.5, 2015

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 57

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy58

  • www.jilljoy.com 2016 Jill Joy 59

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