Jean Piaget Constructivism: The Theory of Cognitive Development

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Text of Jean Piaget Constructivism: The Theory of Cognitive Development

  • Jean PiagetConstructivism: The Theory of Cognitive Development

  • How did Piaget's study of biology influence his theory of cognitive development?How does operative and Figurative knowledge figure in Piaget's theory of cognitive development.According to Piaget, what is necessary for cognitive development to occur?

  • What did Piaget mean when he said that infants have no mind?What is the major cognitive accomplishment of the Sensori-Motor period?Class Inclusion and Conservation are strong indicators that the individual is capable of functioning at which stage of cognitive development?

  • Piagets Beliefs1. Species specific biological reflexes Hereditary organic reactions2.Naturally active to spontaneously interact and initiate encounters with the environment.

  • Beliefs ContinuedAccording to Piaget, infants have no mind

    This is the Biological component of Piagets theory of cognitive development.

  • Problems for StudyPiaget wished to study the onset and development of mathematical knowledge This is not a learning theory. This is a theory of development.

  • Change MechanismsBiological Maturation

    Direct Experience

    Social Transmission


  • Internal PrinciplesAssimilationAccommodationEquilibration Organization Biological development MaturationAdaptation environmental adjustment Experience

  • Bridge PrinciplesSchemaOperationsCognitive Structures Stages Operative Knowledge Figurative Knowledge

  • Piagets Stages of Cognitive DevelopmentSensori-motor 0-18 months

    Infants begin to build schemas at birthSensory schema building, along with developing motor skills

  • Preoperational Stagepre-logicalbound by perception the way things look is the way things areegocentricunidirectional thinking they lack reversibility

  • Concrete Operational Logico- DeductiveLogical ThinkerCause/Effect ThinkingAble to deal with conservation and class inclusion

  • Formal Operational Hypothetical ReasoningHypothesis TestingAble to think of all possibilitiesFirst sign of formal reasoning is thinking about ones own thoughts

  • In Which Cognitive Stage are Your Students?It has tremendous implications for teachingDevelopmentally appropriate placement of studentsRetentionArtificial PacingPurpose of School and assessment.