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JAZZ MUSIC 1 - Birth of Jazz 2 - Jazz Instruments 3 - Structure of Jazz 4 - Jazz Features 5 - Jazz Styles 6 - Famous Jazz Singers

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    1 - Birth of Jazz2 - Jazz Instruments3 - Structure of Jazz4 - Jazz Features5 - Jazz Styles6 - Famous Jazz Singers

  • Birth Of Jazz Jazz was born in the USA

    as a new form of blues, around 1910.

    Its a mixture of European music (From France & Spain) and music of the Black People. Its origins are the same as the ones of the Blues.

    Mixture of Blues, Jazz and Rock & Roll

    Mixture of Blues, Jazz and Rock & Roll

  • From the end of the American Civil War to the end of the 19th Century, in New Orleans, people started playing an early form of Jazz, named Hot. This term includes Jazz from New Orleans, Dixieland, New York & Chicago. Buddy Bolden is usually considered the first player of Jazz as we know nowadays.New Orleans was the pool of many famous jazz bands like Johnny Schenks, John Robechauxs & the Tuxedo Brass Band.

  • Jazz Instruments There are two types of instruments, for the Melody and for the


    Melody:Also, in Europe:

  • Rhythm:These are both for Melody & Rhythm

  • Structure of Jazz It usually has 2 Structures:

    12 Bar Blues: Each Piece = 4 (Kansas City)

    Standard: Each Piece = 8 (Sing Sing Sing, It Dont Mean a Thing)

  • Jazz Features Improvisation: The jazz player is the real recreator of the song, every time he

    transforms the song using improvisation.

    Growl: Vocal & Instrumental effects. Harsh sound of wind instruments. Inspired by blues & gospel.

    Wah-Wah: Effect achieved in trumpets & trombones. Repeatedly plugging & Opening the bell with a special damper.

    Scat: Its an improvised way of singing imitating the sound of the instruments. Nonsense lyrics.

  • Jazz Styles Ragtime: Original musical genre which became

    popular between 1897 and 1918. Its main characteristic is itssyncopated, or "ragged," rhythm. Its the first truly American music and influenced jazz. The main composer is Scott Joplin, who became famous with the Maple Leaf Rag.

    New Orleans & Dixieland Style: Usually referred to as Hot, it developed in New Orleans at the beginning of 20th Century. Its the first real type of Jazz.

    Chicago Style: Characterized by the great ability of players. Developed in the year 1902. Chicago Style Jazz significantly furthered the improvised music of its day.

  • Swing: Period and style of Jazz, from the 30s to the 40s. It still survives. It uses a strongrhythm section of double bass and drumsas the anchor for a lead section ofbrassinstruments such as trumpets and trombones,woodwinds includingsaxophonesandclarinets.

    Be-Bop: Started in 1940s and its characterized by fasttempo,instrumental virtuosityandimprovisationbased on the combination ofharmonic structureandmelody.

    Cool: Its a style of modern jazz, developed after the Second World War, characterized by relaxed tempos and lighter tone.

  • Miles Davis: American jazz musician, trumpeter, bandleader & composer. One of the most influential composers of the 20th century.

    Louis Armstrong: Become famous in the 1920s as a very inventive cornet & trumpet player. One of the first truly popular African-American entertainers whose skin-color was secondary to his amazing talent.

    Jazz Singers

  • Ella Fitzgerald: Known as the First Lady of Song. Noted by her purity of tone, impeccable diction and intonation.

    Duke Ellington: Considered with Armstrong & Parker one of the most influential jazz musicians. He composed at least 2.000 songs.

  • Charlie Parker: Considered one of the most influentialjazzmusicians. Acquired the nickname "Yardbird" early in his career.

    Peter Brtzmann: German musician, the most important European Jazz singer. Very characteristic voice.

  • Songs It Dont Mean a Thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxfMRhyzu3g

    Sing Sing Sing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IlT2yeOJ0g&feature=related

    Parkers Mood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxW8Xcp0r6s

    Blues for Alice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2yQAfOqTf4


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