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As a landlord client of letting solutions - it's all about you..



  • Hello.

    And thank you so much for looking at us as possible agents for your property.

    Letting agents are very good at talking about themselves - the superior services they offer, the great website they have, the Awards etc, etc.

    We do a lot of this ourselves, but actually we do know that property management is all about YOU!

    YOU will above all want to comfortable that your property is in safe hands.

    YOU will want to stay legal by keeping to all the regulatory and safety requirements.

    YOU will, on a practical level, want to find a tenants quickly but also have tenants who will always pay the rent and look after your property.

    YOU will, when the tenant is in the property, want to have arrangements for dealing with events during the tenancy such as repairs and emergencies.

    YOU will at the end of the tenancy want to bring the tenancy to a peaceful and profitable conclusion, taking account of the rules on deposits.

    If youre new to property letting, you may have umpteen questions in your head such as where is the best location for a property or what do you need to provide in the property at the start of the tenancy.

    With our 20 plus years of experience in this business, both as property managers and landlords, we believe that we are in an ideal position to help you with all this and provide the best possible services. Our Eleven Point Service Pledge is there to reassure you of this.

    Whatever your decision on an agent we wish you all the very best with your property letting.

    Susan Callaghan Brian Callaghan

    Founders and Joint Managing Directors



  • 98%Occupancy rates in Hot Spot areas

    99%Of rents paid to landlords on time94%

    Of our tenant clients move in on property availability date

    Of our inspections done on time and within contracted timescale

    100%Of new tenant enquiries responded to within 90 minutes


    60 Millionportfolio of managed properties

    Our services are designed to allow you to purchase as little or as much as you want. YOU decide.

    Key options for YOU:

    Just Find a Tenant Just Find a Tenant PLUS The Complete Package Rent on Time Pick and Mix

    We would be delighted to advise you on which service EXACTLY matches your situation, needs and wishes tailor made.

    Ask about our service which guarantees the rent every month, regardless of whether the tenant has paid or not! This service can be taken with or without our other services.

    Full details of all services and charges are in our separate brochures.

    More detailed information on the services provided is contained in our separate brochure: Services: What well charge you. Additional services may be recommended to ease the set up process, and ensure compliance with regulatory and safety requirements. All prices are subject to VAT. Our documents, Key Options and Charges, and Terms and Conditions of Business, contain detailed information on all our charges and the conditions attached to them as well as other business terms. These documents will be provided to you before you make a decision on whether you wish to be a client.

  • As a property inspector, providing

    excellent customer service and

    having good attention for detail

    is paramount. My key role is to

    liaise closely with the Property

    Managers, landlords and tenants,

    highlighting any issues the

    property may have and resolving

    them effectively.

    Tom Card, Property Inspector Bsc (Hons) Civil Engineering

    During the letting process, potential tenants

    for your property would contact us directly

    either by telephone or through one of the

    many Internet portals we use. They are

    looking for the ideal home. That is where

    our expertise comes in. We make sure that

    we listen to what the client is looking for

    to enable us to match them to the right

    property, and the right landlord. Our main

    focus within the Letting Team is to ensure

    that our service is the best that any client

    could ask for.

    Lynn Martin, General Manager

    Meet our team I have always found the staff at Letting Solutions to be very helpful,

    efficient and knowledgeable in every situation that I have to contact

    them with. They always look to find the best solution for everyone

    involved, tenant and landlord. Overall they provided an efficient,

    professional and friendly experience for me as a landlord.

    Scott Furness, Landlord, Armadale

  • My aim is to provide premium support

    to landlords who are looking to rent out

    their property. I will always ensure the

    process runs smoothly for landlords

    and inform them of all requirements

    for becoming a landlord. I deal

    with the full process of bringing the

    property to the market, ensuring

    the property meets legislation and

    sourcing a tenant to move into

    the property.

    Chloe Thomson, Letting and New Business Coordinator

    As a first time landlord I have been impressed how Letting Solutions

    have helped me with getting my property prepared for the rental market

    and managed to secure a tenant within a week of being advertised. I

    have been pleased with their no pressure attitude and they have never

    tried to push me but have provided lots of options to consider.

    Roy McCombe, Landlord, Livingston As Finance Manager my aim is to be always approachable and provide a personal service to our landlords and tenants. I am always available to provide advice and information for tenants and landlords when required.

    Rhona Douglas, Finance Manager

    With the backing of over twenty years experience in the industry, my colleagues and I work hard to provide first class customer service, with all of our clients having a personal Property Manager. Our aim is to use our communication and interpersonal skills to provide the best possible experience for our valued landlords and tenants.

    Michelle Leitch, Senior Property Manager

    My role as General Manager is to guarantee, as far as possible, excellent customer service at competitive rates and with 100% quality. My personal goal is always to ensure that our Team are qualified to the highest level in their specific job roles and trades, as well as able to multi task efficiently and effectively.

    Lynn Martin, General Manager

    Landlords are naturally concerned that their property will be looked after expertly. In that way the landlord not only earns valuable income from ongoing rentals, but protects and enhances the propertys value. My job is to ensure that this happens in every case by supervising the vital processes, pulling in experts where needed, and ensuring that all the elements are brought together efficiently.

    Jo Shaw, Deputy General Manager


    Your Service1. We will at all times act with skill, care, diligence and without discrimination in accordance with the

    terms and requirements of The Property Ombudsman, Landlord Accreditation Scotland, the Coun-cil of Letting Agents, The Association of Professional Letting Agents in Scotland and CMP Client Money Protect, to which we belong.

    2. We will aim to deal with any complaints about our services immediately, and with the minimum of delay, but if this cannot be done your complaint will be considered under our formal complaints procedure, which allows for referral and final decision by the independent Property Ombudsman.

    3. We will handle all client monies in accordance with the procedures of CMP Client Money Protect, which protects the money of landlords and tenants against theft or misappropriation by the owners of a letting agent whilst it is in their custody or control.

    4. We will ensure that our staff are appropriately trained and knowledgeable.

    5. We will be honest, fair, open and transparent and provide a timely and professional service in our communications with you, making available access to the information needed.

    Your Property6. We will comply to the fullest extent with all legal requirements relating to the letting and manage-

    ment of property, and advise our landlords to the maximum extent possible on compliance with relevant regulatory and safety requirements relating to the letting of residential property.

    7. We will advise you on the steps required to prepare your property for the rental market with full regard to the marketing essentials, physical provision and legal and regulatory requirements.

    8. Your property will be let out in the shortest possible time consistent with ensuring that the chosen tenant will be of the highest possible quality.

    9. During the tenancy we will supervise the management of your property expertly, and ensure that, with your cooperation, all repairs including emergencies are attended to promptly in accordance with our service standards.

    10. Throughout the tenancy we will make arrangements for the collection of rent regularly from your tenant or tenants and advise on steps to deal with any rent difficulties.

    11. We will endeavour to bring tenancies to an amicable conclusion, liaising with LPS Scotland, to ensure that the outcome of deposit return is acceptable to landlord and tenant.


    Susan Callaghan Brian Callaghan Lynn Martin

    Joint Managing Directors General Manager

  • I have been a landlord for a number of years but wanted a hassle free approach to managing my property. The answer was to use Letting Solutions. I find their approach to be not only professional but friendly as well. They are always there to answer my questions and to resolve any questions I might have. They make sure my property is fully up to date with respect to any legal and safety requirements, but always let me know what needs to be done so I can approve it first. David Martin, Landlord, Bathgate

    6 Bloom Farm, Main Street, Livingston Village, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7AF Tel: 01506 496006 Fax: 01506 494946

    Landlords Helpline: Jennie or Sarah on 0844 573 2546 or 01506 425380