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<ul><li> 1. Italian dinner Set MenuThursday 13 August 2009 Venue : Ritz restaurant <br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Amuse BoucheOlives &amp; tomato Crostini<br />DSC05297<br /> 3. First course Carpaccio of beef fillet with labnah ball accompanied with rucola salad leaves, parmesan shaves and marinated pepper sauce<br />DSC05316<br /> 4. Second courseMarinated bell pepper stuffed with tuna tartar, crab meat with avocado mousse and mozzarella caprese tower on a bed of grilled zucchini laced with basil oil drops<br />DSC05313<br /> 5. Third courseBlack lentil soup with ginger infuse served with chicken cube saut garnished with herbed focaccia bread<br />DSC05263<br /> 6. Fourth courseSaffron seafood broth served with steamed sun dried rice<br />DSC05221<br /> 7. Fifth course Lamb saddle with gorgonzola crust drizzled with nonalcoholic red wine sauce, roasted pumpkin and spinach saut served with deep fried potato stuffed with morel<br />DSC05252<br /> 8. Sixth courseChilled tiramisu served with marinated sour fruit, mocha ice cream served with ice coffee<br /></p>