Introduction to Agribusiness IAFNR Agribusiness ModuleIAFNR Agribusiness Module

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Text of Introduction to Agribusiness IAFNR Agribusiness ModuleIAFNR Agribusiness Module

Introduction to Agribusiness

Introduction to AgribusinessIAFNR Agribusiness Module

What is Agribusiness?Definition:an industry engaged in the producing operations of a farm, the manufacture and distribution of farm equipment and supplies, and the processing, storage, and distribution of farm commodities

Something of value that is bought or soldDo you have any examples or ideas?What is a commodity?Ag Economics Vs. AgribusinessAgricultural Economics and Agribusiness do work hand in hand, but are very differentAgricultural Economics refers to monetary and physical factors that affect agribusiness and includes:Community and rural developmentInternational tradeNatural resource and environmental economicsRisk and uncertaintyAnalysis of markets and competition

The Big Picture of AgribusinessFeed, Seed, Research, Science, Education, Farm EquipmentMarketing, Processed Food, Beverages, Grocery StoresDairy, Livestock, Crops, Fruits and VegetablesHow Agribusiness Affects Us?Remember the Life Cycle of a Cheeseburger?

History of AgricultureBefore AgricultureEarly humans traveled all over in search of food. This included gathering plants and Hunting animals they came in contact with. They are given the name Hunter-Gatherers for this reason.Short life expectancy because of risk and poor healthAbility to fish and cook with fireHistory of AgricultureEarly Agricultural DevelopmentHumans eventually learned how to Plant and harvest cropsDomesticate animals

As time went on Humans improved and perfected farming and Agriculture How does production agriculture allow people to live in cities?ThinkPairShare

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Image retrieved from: of AgricultureThe Bronze Age (around 3,000 B.C.)The Iron Age (1000 B.C.)The Middle Ages (A.D. 400-1500)Bronze tools made farming easier and fasterIrrigation using riversTransportation with invention of wheelIncrease in population

Iron ToolsUse of Money and TradeUse of FallowUse of Crop RotationHarness for plowing with HorsesSelective breeding of livestockSoil conservation effortsKnow What Happens Next??Evolution of American AgricultureNear the end of the Middle Ages, the Americas were discovered and explored! Evolution of Farming and Agribusiness of AmericaEarly American AgricultureEconomic growth from exporting and trading of tobacco, rice, and indigoInvention of more farm implementsDevelopment of organic fertilizerUse of experimental farmsExperimenting with seeds Evolution of Farming and Agribusiness of AmericaPost American RevolutionIncrease population and spread across countrySurveying of land to define propertyInvention of the Cotton Gin by Eli WhitneyFirst one-piece, cast-iron plow invented by Jethro WoodThe Evolution of Farming and Agribusiness of AmericaLarge movement from farms to citiesShift from animal power to mechanical powerHenry Ford developed the carAdvances in Livestock breedingSeed and Plant genetics by Gregor MendelAnd much more!

Agriculture success led to Farm research and developmentU.S. government established the Bureau of ForestryPanama Canal openedSmith-Hughes ActCooperative Extension Service establishedSCS, FFA, and 4-H established Advances in areas of production, marketing, and ag mechanicsNew technology increased productivityFarmers began to use electric fencesChemical fertilizers and pesticidesBiotechnologyIndustrial Revolution (19th Century)First Half of 20th CenturyLast Half of 20th CenturyNear the end of 1800s the fuel of farm equipment progressed from Manpower to Horsepower

Image retrieved from Steam Era (1850-1900)More than 70,000 steam engines were produced for farm use

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After the steam engine, tractors came into production using gas fuel. World War I increased tractor sales in order to export more to Europe. While WWII and the depression decreased sales and left only a few companies in tractor sales.Modern Farm EquipmentImage retrieved from:

Tractors now operate with hydraulic lifts, power steering, and turbochargers! The Success of AgribusinessThe American Farmer can now supply enough food and fiber for more than 150 people. (Ricketts, 2009, p. 17)

US agribusiness supplies each citizen with close to 1,500 pounds of food annually while still producing exports. (Ricketts, 2009, p. 18)Agriculture has come a long wayReferencesMerriam-Websters Dictionary (2014). Agribusiness. Retrieved from Dictionary (2014). Commodity. Retrieved from Ricketts, C., & Ricketts, K. (2009). Agribusiness Fundamentals & Applications. New York: Delmar Cengage Learning.