International School of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound ... PROGRAMME International school of ultrasound in rheumatology Berlin, Germany International School of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

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    International school ofultrasound in rheumatologyBerlin, Germany

    International School of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

    High-resolution Ultrasound of theExtremities - III. Shoulder and hip23-25 September 2014 - Genoa, ItalyOptional preceptorship session: 25-27 September 2014

  • Aim High-resolution ultrasound is an extremely useful and versatiletechnique for examining the musculoskeletal system. It has theadvantage of being readily available and inexpensive, at the same timeproviding highly detailed information regarding a variety of clinicallyrelevant structures of the musculoskeletal system including tendons,muscles, nerves, ligaments, joints and bone. As technology progresses,it is becoming increasingly clear where ultrasound would be the primaryconsideration and this technique is increasingly viewed as one thatcompetes with MR imaging rather than as a complementary tool. TheInternational School of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound will offer a greatopportunity to improve theoretical background together with practicalskills to perform an appropriate ultrasound examination of themusculoskeletal system. This live educational course will be focused onshoulder and neck, and hip and pelvis. The scientific programme will runfor one full day and two half-days. It will consist of lectures with livedemonstrations, case studies, interactive sessions and hands-onscanning in small groups with experienced tutors. There will also be anoptional Preceptorship session, working closely with the Professor,practicing scanning techniques and observing consultations withpatients.

    Learning objectivesAt the end of this live educational course learners will be able to:

    To describe normal anatomy, variants and biomechanics ofmusculoskeletal structures and recognize related pathology

    To explain how to apply the advanced US in the distal lower extremity

    To improve their practice in their own examination skills underexpert guidance, taking advantages from practical training sessions

    Target audienceMusculoskeletal radiologists, rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons,physiatrists, neurophysiologists and any other specialist interested inmusculoskeletal ultrasound


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    AccreditationAn application will be submitted to the EACCME for CME accreditation ofthe EXCEMED course International School of MusculoskeletalUltrasound to be held on 23-25 September 2014 in Genoa, Italy.

    An application will be submitted for the ESSR Diploma.

    EXCEMED adheres to the principles of the Good CME Practice Group(gCMEp).

  • Course organisersCarlo MartinoliAssociate Professor of RadiologyDISSAL - University of GenoaGenoa, Italy

    Alberto TagliaficoAssistant Professor of AnatomyDISSAL - University of GenoaGenoa, Italy

    Faculty membersSonia AiraldiUniversity of GenoaGenoa, Italy

    Bianca BignottiUniversity of GenoaGenoa, Italy

    Carlo MartinoliUniversity of GenoaGenoa, Italy

    Alberto TagliaficoUniversity of GenoaGenoa, Italy

    Federico ZaottiniUniversity of GenoaGenoa, Italy

    Scientific secretariatEXCEMED - Excellence in Medical EducationSalita di San Nicola da Tolentino, 1/b - 00187 Rome, Italy

    Programme Manager: Giovanna Rossi

    Tel.: +39 (0)6 420 413 252 - Fax: +39 (0)6 420 413 677E-mail:

    EXCEMED is a Swiss Foundation with headquarters in 14, Rue du Rhne, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

    Organising secretariatMeridiano Congress InternationalVia Sapri, 6 - 00185 Rome, ItalyCongress Coordinator: Denise RizzitelliTel.: +39 (0)6 88 595 210 - Fax: +39 (0)6 88595 234E-mail:


  • Scientificprogramme

  • Scientific programme

    Tuesday, 23 September 2014

    13.45 Opening and welcome

    Rotator cuff, interval, biceps tendon

    14.00 Normal anatomy, variants and biomechanics

    14.30 Scanning technique and live demo

    15.00 Hands-on workshop

    16.00 Coffee break

    16.20 Pathology-I (rotator cuff degeneration & tears)

    16.50 Pathology-II (rotator cuff interval & biceps tendon pathology)

    17.20 Case studies

    18.00 End of day I

    Shoulder (I) Session I


  • Wednesday, 24 September 2014

    Shoulder (II)

    Shoulder girdle beyond the rotator cuff

    08.30 Normal anatomy, variants and biomechanics

    08.50 Scanning technique and live demo

    09.10 Hands-on workshop

    10.00 Pathology-III (bone and joint pathology incl. GHJ and ACJ)

    10.20 Coffee break

    10.50 Pathology-IV (neuropathies around the shoulder)

    11.10 Pathology-V (deltoid, pectoralis and parascapular area)

    11.30 Pathology-VI (calcific tendinitis, history and treatment)

    11.50 Case studies

    13.00 Lunch break


    14.00 Normal anatomy and basics of clinical assessment

    15.40 Scanning technique and live demo

    16.00 Coffee break

    16.20 Hands-on workshop

    17.20 Pathology-I (traumatic injures)

    18.00 Pathology-II (thoracic outlet syndrome, masses)

    18.20 End of day II

    Shoulder (II) and neckSession II

    Brachial plexus and cervical nervesSession III


  • Thursday, 25 September 2014


    08.30 Normal anatomy and biomechanics

    08.50 Scanning technique and live demo

    09.10 Hands-on workshop

    10.00 Coffee break

    10.30 Pathology-I (tendons and muscles)

    10.50 Pathology-II (nerves, joints & bone)

    Posterolateral and sacroiliac joints

    11.10 Normal anatomy and biomechanics

    11.30 Scanning technique and live demo

    11.45 Hands-on workshop

    12.30 Pathology-I (tendons and muscles)

    12.50 Pathology-II (nerves, joints & bone)

    13.10 Case studies

    13.30 Closing remarks

    13.45 Lunch and end of the live educational course

    Hip and pelvisSession IV


  • Thursday, 25 September 2014Friday, 26 September 2014Saturday, 27 September 2014

    The live educational course will be followed by an optional "Real-lifePreceptorship" in which attendees have the opportunity to participate ina series of practical MSK US sessions (4 hours long each) at the GenoaUniversity Hospital.

    These sessions will be scheduled on Thursday afternoon, Fridaymorning and afternoon and Saturday morning, at the end of the course.

    Each Preceptorship session will involve a series of approximately 10patients (40 patients in total) submitted to US examination for clinicalassessments inside the specific limb areas that have been addressed inthe course program.

    The same teachers / instructors of the course will tutor the attendeesside-by-side working with them in an interactive environment.Preceptorship registration have limited places available and will besubjected to a "first come first served basis".

    Optional preceptorship sessions


  • General information

    VenueThis live educational course will take place at the:University of GenoaGenoa, Italy

    LanguageThe official language of this live educational course will be English.

    Registration fees The registration fee for the live educational course is . . A 600,00.This fee includes: Scientific sessions from Tuesday to Thursday Educational materials Luncheons and coffee breaks Certificate of attendance

    The registration fee including the optional preceptorshipon Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday is . . . . . . . . . A 800,00. This fee includes: Scientific sessions from Tuesday to Thursday Attendance to the preceptorship on Friday and Saturday Educational materials Luncheons and coffee breaks Certificate of attendance

    To provide optimal learning environment, attendance is limited to 1015 participants. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-servedbasis.

    For any registration and accommodation need please contact:Denise Rizzitelli c/o Meridiano Congress InternationalVia Sapri, 6 - 00185 Rome, ItalyT +39 (0)6 88 595 210 - F +39 (0)6 88595 234E-mail:


    All EXCEMED programmes are organized solely to promote the exchange anddissemination of scientific and medical information. No forms of promotional activities arepermitted. This programme is made possible thanks to an educational grant receivedfrom ESAOTE.

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