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    OVO Energy is one of a new breed of provider, with a real commitment to renewable sources. Theyre also expanding rapidly, so when a new headquarters in the centre of Bristol was designed to house their growing number of employees, Forward Vision Solutions were tasked with ensuring the buildings Audio Visual (AV) systems were capable of sustaining modern working practices.

    The five storey building was completely refurbished in 2014 and includes a variety of themed meeting rooms (pages 4-7) information screens on every floor (right) an in-house training suite (page 10) as well as a gym and dance studio (page 11).

    But the biggest challenge of the project was equipping the vast Atrium for the regular Town Hall-style staff meetings and all hands presentations.

  • The Atrium is a five-storey-spanning space, with 4 tiered balconies overlooking a ground floor terrace caf, and is subject to very high ambient light levels. Staff can gather for meetings on the balconies, and everyone needs to see and hear the presentations.

    Visually, we supplied and fitted a 3 x 3 Samsung video wall (above right) constructed from nine 46 screens, giving an image width of just over 3 metres.

    Audio is managed by the Tannoy QFlex steerable array speakers mounted to the video wall edges (see back page).

    The Atrium also features a tree house, complete with slide. Used primarily as a hangout, it's also able to host presentations, thanks to the wireless Clickshare system.

  • MEETING ROOMS OVO wanted each of its meeting rooms, which are spread throughout the building, to be instantly usable: a system that would allow anyone to connect a laptop, macbook or tablet to the AV hardware in the room, instantly. In addition, several of the rooms would need video and/or audio-conferencing facilities.

    We supplied and fitted a seamlessly integrated easy-to-use system, featuring highest quality components. And thanks to our offsite workshops, we were able to keep onsite installation time to a minimum.

  • Each of the large meeting rooms feature:

    Canon WUX450 WUXGA 16:10 resolution (full HD) projector

    Euroscreen tab tensioned projection screen

    Lifesize Icon 600 2nd generation phone (for video and audio


    Extron Energy Star amplifier and ceiling speakers.

    The Barco ClickShare system is used to enable wireless presentations from laptops, macs and tablets, while HDMI and VGA Connections are available via the custom built credenza, if needed.

  • Control in each room is via a simple Extron MLC62 push button control pad set into the custom made credenza (previous page, bottom left).

    This means users can switch the system on or off, adjust the volume and choose either presentation or video-conferencing modes without needing to call the IT Helpdesk.

  • The suspended table installed in the Brunel Room (above and left) was designed and built by The hb group. Suspended from chains attached to reinforced beams in the ceiling and anchored to the floor with steel cables, it was inspired by Bristols greatest Brunel landmark, the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

    Once video-conferencing mode is selected, all conference functions are handled via the Lifesize 2nd generation phone unit. Each room features Extron switching and signal distribution equipment: this helps

    by scaling the projected imagery, ensuring it displays at the projectors native resolution. The same system also allows simultaneous content sharing during conference calls.


    All the meeting rooms at OVO HQ feature one of our custom made AV furniture cabinets. We design and build each credenza at our offsite workshop, where skilled craftsmen work with the project designers to create the bespoke cabinets. Each credenza is ventilated and features a rack sleeve, containing the AV hardware (below) with a back panel for site connections to power, monitors and/or projectors, speakers and networks.

  • Our rack sleeve design means we can keep onsite installation time (and disruption) to a minimum. It also means we can run a full equipment test prior to installation, and by securing interconnecting cables to the rack, can avoid loose connections and improve the reliability of the system.


    While credenzas make up the majority of our furniture commissions, our craftsmen can produce anything required. This lectern (left) was built from reclaimed timber and features a Crestron touch screen control display (above).

  • The OVO University facility includes training rooms, each of which is equipped with a Canon projector and Barco ClickShare system, controlled via an Extron MLC62 wall mounted controller (left).

    The University also features a large auditorium (top) equipped with a 6000 ansi lumen Canon projector (below left), Barco ClickShare and Sennheiser radio microphones.

    All the AV equipment is housed out of sight, in a wall-mounted rack, located unobtrusively in the Auditorium furniture store (below).



  • MADE TO MOVE What better way to blast away desk fatigue than with a Zumba session?

    The dance studio sound system is designed to emphasise volume and bass over sedate contemplation and lets you play it back loud enough to get everyone on their feet.


    The Gym features four ceiling-mounted 47 TV screens, which users can control via the remote. Alternatively, they can choose their own soundtrack, thanks to the iPod dock integrated into the mobile and lockable credenzas (left) supplied and fitted by Forward Vision Solutions.

  • Atrium Visual Samsung nine screen video wall

    Barco ClickShare CSM wireless presentation system with two buttons

    Extron IN1604 presentation switcher

    Humax Freeview

    Audio Biamp Forte audio DSP

    Tannoy QFlex steerable array speakers

    4 x Sennheiser radio microphones

    Extron EnergyStar power amplifier

    Control Crestron CP3 processor

    Crestron TSW750 7-inch table top touch panel

    Digital Signage / Wall Based System LG 47-inch commercial Pro TV ceiling mounted

    Kramer VGA matrix switchers

    Mauve VGA CAT5 transmitters and receivers

    Crestron CP3 and iPad for control

    Amphitheatre Visual Canon 6000 WUXGA projector

    Draper tab tensioned 3m wide electric screen

    Barco ClickShare CSM

    Extron IN1604 presentation switcher

    Extron DTP HDMI transmitters and receivers

    Audio Biamp Forte audio DSP

    Sennheiser radio microphones

    Beyerdynamic strip microphone on lectern

    Ecler speakers

    Control Crestron CP3 processor

    Crestron TSW550 touch panel

    Furniture Custom made lectern made from reclaimed timber includes Extron cable cubby with HDMI and VGA cables plus power

    Meeting Rooms Visual Canon WUX450 projectors

    Barco ClickShare CSM

    Extron IN1604 presentation switcher

    Lifesize Icon 6000 videoconferencing system 10x camera

    Euroscreen tab tensioned 2m electric screens

    Audio Kramer Galil 6 ceiling speaker

    Extron EnergyStar amplifiers

    Control Extron MLC62 control pads

    Lifesize 2nd generation phone

    Furniture Custom made credenzas

    12U equipment rack sleeves

    CabCool thermostatically controlled fans

    Extron cable cubbies with HDMI, VGA cables and power

    Forward Vision Solutions Unit 23, Grove Business Park, White Waltham, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3LW. Telephone: 01628 829100