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  • Institut Jacques Monod Amphi Buffon

    15 rue Hlne Brion 75013 Paris Programme et inscriptions :

    8h45-9h15 - Thierry Galli & Giuseppe Baldacci, Welcome & Introduction

    I - Membrane traffic

    9h15-9h45 : Claude Antony, EMBL Heidelberg, Mating without neurons: The budding yeast mating pathway revisited by using Electron Tomography.

    9h-45-10h15 : Jean-Luc Popot, Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, From the synapse to amphipols: Is there a life for membrane proteins outside the membrane?

    10h15-10h45 : Graa Raposo, Institut Curie, Endocytic traffic enlightened by the Electron Microscope.

    10h45-11h : Pause caf

    11h-11h30 : Catherine Rabouille, Universit de Mdecine dUtrecht, From ovomucin to unconventional secretion in Drosophila.

    11h30-12h : Aurlien Roux, Universit de Genve, How endocytic proteins bend and break membranes.

    12h-12h30 : Bruno Goud, Institut Curie, Mechanisms of intracellular transport: from physics to biology.

    II - Synaptogenesis and muscle activation

    12h30-13h : Laure Strochlic, Universit Paris Descartes, Wnt and neuromuscular junction formation.

    13h-14h : Djeuner

    14h-14h30 : Pierre-Jean Corringer, Institut Pasteur, Cys-loop receptors functioning at the atomic resolution: insights from bacterial homologs.

    14h30-15h : Ekaterini Kordeli, Inserm U665, INTS, Membrane microdomains and the spectrin-based skeleton in muscle cells.

    15h-15h30 : Laurent Schaeffer, ENS Lyon, Neural control of muscle gene expression.

    15h30-16h : Bernard Jean Jasmin, Universit dOttawa, Regulation of Synaptic Gene Expression: From Torpedo marmorata to Pre-Clinical Studies for Treating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

    16h-16h30 : Suzie Lefebvre, Institut Jacques Monod, Essential role of SMN: From Spinal Muscular Atrophy to Cellular RNA Biology.

    16h30-16h45 : Pause caf

    16h45-17h15 : Claire Legay, Universit Paris Descartes, Extracellular matrix and postsynaptic membrane, what do they tell each other?

    17h15-17h45 : Jean-Pierre Changeux, Institut Pasteur, Nicotinic receptor and synaptic stability.

    17h45-18h : Jean Cartaud, conclusion. L'Institut Jacques Monod et les organisateurs de ce colloque remercient de leurs soutiens la socit de biologie cellulaire de France (SBCF), l'association franaise contre les myopathies (AFM) et Leica Microsystmes.