Inspirations. When Love speaks, it is Master.Inspirations

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  • Inspirations

  • When Love speaks, it is Master. Inspirations

  • Your true friend is the one who never lets you do mistakes, but forgives everything.Inspirations

  • Never let anyone come to you and leave without being happier.Inspirations

  • The soul of a great man can be recognized in the sparkling eyes of his lady.Inspirations

  • We must love ourselves enough to know how to forget about ourselves.Inspirations

  • If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it, but rather, blame yourself and know that you have not been poetic enough to capture it's richness.Inspirations

  • Music gives soul to our hearts, and wings to our thoughts.Inspirations

  • There are no uncrossable obstacles, there are only more or less energetic wills.Inspirations

  • You will be young for as long as you stay receptive. Receptive to all that is beautiful, good and great. Receptive to the messages of nature, men and God.Inspirations

  • Old age which is a decadence for ordinary beings, is for geniuses, saints and Initiates; an apothesis.Inspirations

  • In young woman, beauty contributes to spirit. In older women, spirit contributes to beauty.Inspirations

  • In young woman, beauty contributes to spirit. In older women, spirit contributes to beauty.Inspirations

  • A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.Inspirations

  • God and men are like two lovers who have made a mistake on the location of their meeting place. Men waits for God in time, and God waits for men in eternity.Inspirations

  • God is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhereand the circumference, no where.Inspirations

  • To give a glass of water for a glass of water is nothing. True greatness consists of giving back good for wrongdoing.Inspirations

  • When you are sorry, look at the other person in the eyes.Inspirations

  • Those who have a great "why", can endure any "how".Inspirations

  • Choose a work which you love and you won't have to work a single day of your life.Inspirations

  • Everytime you wish to know the true nature of something, give it to time. Inspirations

  • Rest from having done your best, and let others speak as they want.Inspirations

  • Man builds himself only in the pursuit of what is greater then him.Inspirations

  • We must never think of the distance, whatever it may be, that separates us from virtue.Inspirations

  • To listen well, is almost to answer. Inspirations

  • It is in efforts that we find full satisfaction and not necessarily in success, a full effort is a full victory.Inspirations

  • There are no great realizations which were not utopias first.Inspirations

  • To the happy heart a joyful smile.Failure is nature's plan to prepare you for great responsibilities. ~Napoleon Hill~Inspirations

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