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  • Stonefields CLIP is The image processing division of UK-based Stonefield Systems, including the CLIP (cellular logic image processor) system, has been taken over by another UK firm, United Scientific Holdings (USH). CLIP will be developed further and marketed by a group within USH headed by George Wloch; this group also intends to offer a consultancy on imaging systems and to undertake design and development of dedicated electronic systems for image acquisi- tion, storage, computing, manipu- lation and display.

    Designed at London University, UK, and licensed to Stonefield Systems in 1983 by the British Technology Group, CLIP is a two- dimensional matrix of simple pro-

    old to USH cessors each of which has a direct link to each of its eight neighbours. The matrix can be positioned over a portion of an image so that each processor has one data element; the desired algorithm can then be executed simultaneously by all processors, analysing the data in parallel.

    USH is planning further invest- ments in the fields of object and shape classification and recognition, image enhancement and automatic inspection.

    United Scientific Holdings plc,

    Imaging package wins ADA prize An image processing software package has won an award from the Ada UK organization for the best ADA package written by a student member or group at a member insti- tution during 1987. The winning package, designed by J E Hunt at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK, allows manipu- lation of images generated by a scanner or a TV camera. An ADA private type to contain such images is defined, and procedures are defined to carry out operations such as translation, clipping, thresholding and smoothing. The package was demonstrated by a series of operations on 20 X 20 pixel images having four colour levels.

    Books received The following books have been received recently by the Editorial Office. Anyone wishing to review one or more of them should contact: The Executive Editor, Image and Vision Computing, PO Box 63, Guildford, Surrey GU2 5BH, UK. Tel: (0463) 300966.

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