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<ul><li> 1. Image editing</li></ul> <p> 2. DJ TubbThis image is of DJ Tubb, and he is going to be used onmy contents page. The pose he is in relates to a DubstepDJ. The blur on his hand is a good effect as it looks as ifhe is putting in a lot of emphasis in his actions. I still needto edit the image however, but I think Ill keep the bluebackground. I am going to crop the image as I dont thinkthe image needs any other type of editing.This looks to be around the size of the image I am going to use for thecontents page. The blue background doesnt need cropping, and it willfit nicely along with my contents pages blue background boxes. 3. Image of Jess ColcloughThe Image of Jess is supposed to look like a girl dancing in a club,dancing to dance music. Obviously, this image will need a lot ofediting for it to actually look like that but, the pose Jess is makingrelates to the type of dancing youll see in a club. I am going to cropthe image, and probably add some effects to make it seem morebelievable that she is in a club. This is the final image that I am going to use on my contents page. Now that green and purple lights are surrounding Jess it looks as if shes dancing in a club.Now that the image has beencropped I am going to addsome saturation to make itseem like club lights</p>