Iditerod ( Alaskan Sled Dog Race)

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Iditerod ( Alaskan Sled Dog Race). By: Jared Drummond Pliar karlin Nicole Klusener Mackenzie Beliera Andrew Hairgrove Kyle Richardson. Trail and Course. The Iditerod is the only trail mushers use in the race. The trail is very rugged and mountainous. Pictures of the Iditerod. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Iditerod ( Alaskan Sled Dog Race)</p> <p>Iditerod( Alaskan Sled Dog Race)By: Jared DrummondPliar karlinNicole KlusenerMackenzie BelieraAndrew HairgroveKyle RichardsonTrail and Course The Iditerod is the only trail mushers use in the race. The trail is very rugged and mountainous.</p> <p>Pictures of the Iditerod</p> <p>Northern LightsBy: Jared Drummond Pilar KarlinNicole KlusenerMackenzie BelieraAndrew HairgroveKyle Richardson</p> <p>Characteristics There are a ton of different colors of the Northern lights, but the most commonly seen are, teal, blue, violet, light green, ruby, pink, and white. The longest you can see is ruby, it can reach up to one hundred and fifty miles long. The shortest is three colors, blue, violet, and red. These are breathtaking sights if you can see them.</p> <p>How they are formedThe Earths role in making the lights is to collide with the gas the sun makes. This collision excites the particles in the gas, and when the particles are excited they have a higher energy source.</p> <p>The Sun is a very key part to having these lights it provides the energy, plasma, gas, and electrically charged partials that it takes to make the lights.</p> <p>Other planets It happens on other than Earth.JupiterSaturnNeptuneUranus All of these planets have northern lights, that shine on the planets. Works Cited For Northern Lights</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Work Cited For Iditerod</p> <p></p> <p></p>