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<ul><li><p>I.C.S. College of Arts, Commerce &amp; Science, </p><p>Khed, Dist. Ratnagiri. </p><p>Annual Report : 2016-17 The college progress salient features are as following </p><p> Admission : </p><p>Regular students admitted in year 2016-17 are 1393, for open University </p><p>and Idol 200 students and for I.T. Department there were 400 student. </p><p> University Exam Result : </p><p>All departments Results average 70 % and above. In last year 243 </p><p>students become graduate and six students in distinction. Result of </p><p>M.Sc. (IT) Sem. I first batch is 87 %. </p><p> Institute Staff / College Staff : </p><p>The teaching staff 41 and non teaching staff 25 and total staff is 66. In </p><p>teaching staff 14 Ph.D., 3 M.Phil. and 06 NET/SET . </p><p> Permission for New Courses : </p><p>1. For this year F.Y.B.Com. Extra Batch and M.Sc. (IT) courses was </p><p>permitted by University. </p><p>In F.Y.B.Com. 82 students and in M.Sc. (IT) 10 students are admitted </p><p>. </p><p>2. Total six courses such as B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.Sc. (IT), B.Sc. CS ad </p><p>B.M.S are successfully running. </p><p> Overall development of students Plans : </p><p>1. Investment Literacy and Public awareness of students the institute </p><p>arrange programs. In which consumer law, justice, investment, share </p><p>market, Mutual fund and process of opicd were under taken for </p><p>discussion. </p><p>2. Geography department aorganised program of slide show and short </p><p>film on Tourism Environment and Astronomy. </p></li><li><p> Library : </p><p>The College Library N-List facility is available, 06 thousand e-journals </p><p>and One lack 35 thousand e-books are available for students. </p><p>From this year MPSC / UPSC study centre initiated in which 50 students </p><p>are admitted. </p><p> University Exam Centre : </p><p>This Institute working as exam centre of University, 29 exam and 350 </p><p>papers are completed. Besides this centre of IDOL and Open University, </p><p>and Konkan Region M.Sc. (IT) practical Exam Centre. </p><p> OSM Cap Centre : </p><p>OSM Cap Centre for T.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Sc. &amp; T.Y. I.T. </p><p> N.C.C. : </p><p>academic year new batch of N.C.C. (33% students) for girls is permitted. </p><p> N.S.S. : </p><p>- From this year University permitted 50 students batch and total </p><p>No.of students in N.S.S. is 250. Which is highest No.of students in </p><p>Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg District. </p><p>- N.S.S. Department organised 07 days college level camp from </p><p>17.12.2016 to 23.12.2016 and 07 days University Level Camp from </p><p>09.01.2017 to 15.01.2017. </p><p>- Where in 75 Colleges take part and 225 students and 09 P.O. were </p><p>accomprished. </p><p>- N.S.S. student Ku. Shweta Tambe awarded National Award is first </p><p>N.S.S. student in Konkan Region and in Mumbai University 3rd </p><p>College. </p><p> Sports Department : </p><p>- Participation in University level sport competition. </p><p>- Cricket Team reach upto Semi Final. </p><p>- Tripple jump, Ku. Bhagesh Shirishkar is third at University level. </p><p>- Avishkar competition Ku. Surekha Gavit one and selected for </p><p>University competition. </p></li><li><p>- At University Level Taykwando compitition 03 boyrs and 03 girls were </p><p>participates and Ku. Akshay Pol is second and Ku. Akshata Chalke is </p><p>third rank. </p><p> Youth Festival : </p><p>In this academic year 27 student participated and one student awarded </p><p>first price in mime. </p><p> Special Mention : </p><p>- The institute is permanent affiliated to M.U. and NAAC reaccreditation </p><p>B Grade in second cycle. </p><p>- Total 13 professors are member of Board of Studies, Curriculam </p><p>Committee, Investigator, Paper Setter and Moderators. </p><p>- Provided free Wi-Fi facility in the campous. </p><p> Convocation : </p><p>According to University Notice at 27.02.2017 Convocation Program was </p><p>organised and 243 students awarded the degrees. </p><p> Women Development Cell : </p><p>The Women Development Cell organised Wall Painting Competition, </p><p>Essay competition and Girls health check up etc. </p><p>Workshop / Conference / Seminar : </p><p>- On 30 July 2016, One Day National Seminar of Hindi organised by </p><p>Maharashtra Hindi Sahitya Academy and Department of Hindi. </p><p>Where in teachers in from Maharashtra, Gujrat and Goa participate. </p><p>- B.Sc. I.T. Sem. I syllabus workshop organised 45 professor in 20 </p><p>colleges participates. Dr. Hiren Dand, Chairman of Exam Department </p><p>of Mumbai University chaired the workshop. </p><p>- SET Exam workshop arranged and 14 professors participate. </p><p>- Last year institute celebrate Silver Jubilee on 21st Jan. 2016. </p><p>***** </p></li></ul>


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