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  • Fall 15 Oct 3 - 4, Oct 10 - 11, and Nov 14 - 15

    Spring 16 April 23 - 24, May 14 - 15, and June 11 - 12

    www.Bastyr.edu/Continuing-Education(425) 602-3152, or at our campus office Room 541

    HypnotherapyProfessional Training Intensive 2015-16

    100 hours (100 CEUs)

    50 hours: classroom experience 4 hours: online HIV Awareness course 4 hours: online Ethics course 16 hours: unsupervised practice sessions 26 hours: home study

    Choose either the fall or spring offering. Each course is held over three weekends.


    ypnotherapy is becoming ever more popular. More and more people are turning to hypnotherapy because they know the importance of the body-mind-spirit connection in all areas of healing and self-improvement.

    Hypnotherapy and its accompanying healing protocols are rapid and effective approaches to understanding and modifying perceptions, beliefs, communication and behavior, as well as accelerating self-awareness and change. The protocols can be applied for healing the physical body, as well as all other areas of life.

    Mary Lee LaBays unique approach to hypnotherapy addresses the body, mind and spirit, and is client-centered, respectful and organic. A connection is established between the clients conscious and subconscious minds so they can explore their own higher wisdom, discover the origins of their issues and choose the best resolution.

    If youd like to help others live better, more fulfilling lives while achieving the same for yourself, then studying hypnotherapy with Mary Lee will be the right course for you. Over the past 15 years, she has taught hundreds of students her secrets of a successful hypnotherapy practice so they can provide the same rapid and effective healing for their clients.

    Upon completion of the course requirements and passing the open book exam with 80% or better, you will receive a Certificate of Competency for 100 hours of hypnotherapy training. OPEN HOUSE Free

    Learn more about this and our other non-credit weekend programs at one of our free Open House events: Tuesday evenings, 6 - 9 p.m. on Sept 22, Jan 12 or April 12. Meet the instructors. Attend two free mini-workshops. Pre-registration required: www.Bastyr.edu/Continuing-Education


    CANCELLATION, TRANSFER & REFUND POLICYPlease submit your request in writing (email, mail or fax). Unless otherwise specified in the individual course descriptions, cancellations or transfers made up to 14 calendar days before the first day of the course will result in a full refund, less a processing fee ($35 or 20 percent of fee, whichever is less). No refunds will be granted for cancellations made with less than the 14-day notice, nor for home study courses once the registration and payment have been processed. Returned checks will be assessed a $28 fee. Participants registered for full courses will not be refunded for any missed sessions and may not receive certificates of completion for partial completion of a seminar. Bastyr University reserves the right to cancel courses with insufficient enrollment, in which case a full refund will be granted to those registered.

    Add Hynotherapist To Your Credentials

    Course Details (see course description on reverse side)


    Register by the early discount deadline and save. The deadline is typically two weeks prior to class start (for dates go to the Course Calendar at www.Bastyr.edu/Continuing-Education)

    Professionals & Public $1,995 $2,295 Retake $ 795

    Early Discount Regular

    The only additional expense is the registration fee for an online HIV Awareness and Ethics courses (approximately $20 each) and purchase a textbook ($25).

    To earn a Certificate of Competency you must complete the course, take the online HIV Awareness and the Ethics courses, and score 80% or higher on the open-book exam.

    Your fee includes classroom instruction as well as these bonus materials:

    Extensive workbook: Your workbook will be emailed to you in advance to begin your studies. It covers definitions, concepts, scripts, techniques, and more. Receive a binder with cover the first day of class. ($100 value)

    Access to the Awareness Engineering membership site for three months after initial enrollment to access guided meditations and recorded training sessions. ($30 value)

    Scripts: Your guide to the most popular hypnotherapy scripts. ($30 value)

    Samples of all business forms (including client intake, client disclosure, and clients rights) created by Mary Lee and approved by her attorneys for use in Washington state. ($450 value)

    Flow chart to show suggested pathways to resolving client issues. ($50 value)

    Guided visualization CDs to use for your personal growth and to demonstrate a structure for your future products. ($90 value)

    Business Building Manual for creating and sustaining your business, marketing, pathway to certification and registration in Washington state. ($99 value)

    Special invitation to Mary Lees private Facebook page, My Hypnotherapy Community, where you can share ideas, concerns and questions with a supportive group of former students throughout your career.

  • Susan Lee Fields became certified as a hypnotherapist through Mary Lee LaBays training in 2013. She then became Mary Lees classroom aide, and presents various aspects of the training during the course. She also manages the homework and maintains the student records. She brings her background and studies in hypnotherapy, as well as her behind-the-scenes organization to provide the best support both in and out of the classroom.

    Prior to entering the hypnotherapy profession, she spent five years in the medical field. She went on to serve as director of operations for a nationwide firm. She mentored business-to-business groups, training boards of directors to successfully build and maintain their businesses and networking organizations. She currently maintains her private hypnotherapy practice in Kirkland.

    Susan Lee Fields, CHtMary Lee LaBay began her training and practice of past life regression in 1989, and became certified as a clinical hypnotherapist in 1997. She became a certified instructor of hypnotherapy in 2000, and since then has taught professional hypnotherapy, past life regression and other techniques of spiritual exploration.

    Beginning in the late 1960s with studies in tarot and astrology, she continued her pursuit of the spiritual dimension with intense training from the Celtic/Druidic perspective. She ultimately moved into hypnotherapy as a means to bring this work to the greater population. She continued her education by obtaining a doctorate in Behavioral Psychology, and certifications in Neurolinguistic Programming, Reiki, Gestalt, Emotional Freedom Technique, remote viewing, and Applied Kinesiology.

    Mary Lee is the author of five books, including Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach and Exploring Past Lives: Your Souls Quest for Consciousness. She was named among the Top 100 Thought Leaders of 2007 by Personal Excellence magazine, and maintains a private practice in Bellevue, Washington. To learn more about this presenter go to www.maryleelabay.com

    Mary Lee LaBay, PhD

    Topics Covered in this Training Intensive: Setting a conducive environment, building rapport, adjusting voice tonality and speed, conducting the intake session, and facilitating the

    hypnosis session through graceful transitions. Various methods of induction and deepening to get even the most resistant or analytical client into the proper state to successfully and

    safely experience hypnosis. Organic and client-centered concepts and methods that allow you to work without scripts, maintain deep rapport with your client, and

    be intuitively attuned to the clients experience as it unfolds. Formation and use of non-leading questions to avoid false memory syndrome. Methods to bring your client safely out of trance so they can safely drive and otherwise function normally. Applications and uses of over a dozen techniques and strategies, organically and without scripts, for individual client goals and needs.

    These include inner conflicts, indecision, dysfunctional history, relationships, addictions, compulsions, self-sabotage, pain management, and counterproductive perspectives and attitudes.

    Case studies, in written and audio form, that provide a deeper understanding of their applications.

    Instructor Bios

    Classroom Experience:Enjoy lectures and class discussions. Witness live demonstrations of the techniques. Share in student practice sessions to hone your skills and start putting them into action. The 50 classroom hours include lectures and demos in: Inductions: Several variations to achieve the hypnotic state. Deepening: Techniques to deepen the trance state to provide a greater focus and relaxation to increase the connection with the

    subconscious mind. Emerging: Completing the hypnosis session and bringing the client back to normal awareness, along with closing conversations with the client. Safe space: Guiding the client to imagine a place where they are relaxed, protected and connected Empowerment Symbol: A unique anchoring technique that allows the client to access courage and confidence during the session, as well

    as into their everyday life. Regression therapy: Somatic and affect bridge. Regression to cause to discover and heal the initial sensitizing event. Secondary Gains: Discovery of the motivation for indecision, self-sabotage and inner conflict. Parts Therapy: Resolving indecision, self-sabotage and inner conflict. Inner Child: Addressing the needs of the inner child, from infancy to the present, to resolve emotional and psychological hurt, pain, trauma,

    misconceptions and confusion, and also restore str