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    Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Script Ideas

    Hypnosis Script Ideas Version Two

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    Alcohol Addiction The British Academy of Hypnosis. Notes to the Hypnotist

    The alcohol content of drinks is measured in units. One UK unit contains eight grams of pure alcohol. The UK Government advises that men should not regularly drink more than three to four units a day and women not more than two to three.

    As a basic Units Guide

    A Pint of beer is about 2.3 Units

    A pint of Fosters larger 2.3 Units

    A pint of Carlsberg Special Brew 5.2 Units

    A can of Strong bow is about 2.3 units

    A large glass of white wine is about 3 units

    A bottle of white wine is about 9 units

    Half a bottle of vodka is about 20 units

    This is only a very approximate guide as all types and makes of drinks are different. Consistently drinking four or more units for men, and three or more for women, isn't advisable because of the progressive health risks it carries. After an episode of heavy drinking it is advisable to refrain from drinking for 48 hours.

    This is a great little script and can be used alongside other alcohol related scripts. I would also recommend that you cut your subjects drinking down steadily and not all in one session. This could take 4 10 sessions as a guide. Every client is different. As part of the process you could ask your subject to make a daily diary of how they feel each day and how many units of alcohol they are drinking. This may help them recognise just how much alcohol they are consuming. This script is also available as a Hypnotic CD from the British Academy of Hypnosis and I highly recommend the CDs use as part of the program.

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    The Hypnotic Script for Alcohol Addiction. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes your whole body relaxes. Imagine the muscles around your scalp relaxing now. Feel every muscle relaxing and unwinding. This feeling of total relaxation spreads down your face. Around your eyes and your eyebrows all your muscles relax. Around your jaw your muscles relax. Relaxing, unwinding and going down deeper and deeper. Every breathe just seems to relax you more and more. Down your neck your muscles relax. Across your shoulders your muscles relax and unwind. Every breathe still relaxing you more and more as you drift down deeper and deeper. Down your back you feel all your muscles relaxing as you unwind. Your whole body just feels heavier and heavier as you relax more and more. You are relaxed now and because you are so relaxed you begin to feel free from all tension, anxiety and fear. You now realise that you are more confident and sure of yourself because you have taken this enormous step toward helping yourself. Around your waist your muscles relax. Down your arms you feel the tension drift away as your muscles relax and you unwind. Around your elbows and down to your wrists your muscles relax and unwind. You feel your whole body just sinking down deeper and deeper into this beautiful feeling of deep relaxation. As you relax more and more you begin to feel this strength from within, motivating you to overcome any and every obstacle that may stand in the way of your happiness and your freedom from your addiction. Relaxing and drifting down deeper and deeper. Down your legs all your muscles relax. Right down to the tips of your toes all your muscles loose, limp lazy and heavy. Relaxing and letting go of all tension now.

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    Because you are now so calm and relaxed, you find yourself able to deal with difficult situations much more easily, much more effectively, much more positively, and this makes you feel so much better. You now have full control over all your actions and reactions, especially when it comes to alcohol. You find that from this moment on you are developing more self-control. You will now face every situation in a calm, relaxed state of mind. Your thinking is very clear and sharp at all times. As you relax more and more you know that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. You are always free to make choices and decisions for your own well being and you choose now to be free of alcohol. You know that it was unhealthy and brings a lot of unhappiness into your life. At one time you felt that it was a good idea to drink. It served a purpose in your life at that time. It no longer serves that purpose. All around you as you relax there is a darkness. A warm comfortable and inviting darkness. A darkness where you feel safe and secure. You are becoming much more positive now and so much more able to cope successfully with any problematic situations that arise. As I count down from 10 to 1 you relax more and more and in your imagination you take a journey with me down some stairs. In your imagination now you picture a staircase leading down. The steps are nice and easy and you begin your journey down the steps. You notice that there is a hand rail for your safety and you hold the hand rail if you need it. Down the steps you go. 10 - Counting down as you relax. 9 One step at a time. 8 Drifting deeper and deeper into a feeling of relaxation. 7 Opening your mind to the powers of Hypnosis. 6 Allowing you to achieve more and more with greater ease. 5 Down the steps, just one step at a time. 4 Relaxing as you go. 3 Your subconscious mind allowing you to achieve all that you desire. 2 Almost at the bottom of the steps now. 1 Relaxing more and more with every breath.

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    At the bottom of the steps you find a large door which leads to the control room of your mind. The door is locked but you have a key and so you can unlock the door and let yourself inside. Inside is amazing. This is the control room of your mind. Here you see switches, dials and levers that control everything in your mind and body. You see large computers and computer screens and technology that it just amazing. From this room you can change everything that you desire. As you continue looking around the room you feel so empowered knowing that you can change anything that you desire. In the room you notice that there is a large board and as you move closer you can see that on the board you see the words You are in control. As you move closer still, you find pens so that you can write on the board. You take hold of one of the pens and as you hold the pen words just seem to flow into your mind. The words that flow into your mind are words of reasons why it is time for you to stop and take control of your addiction to alcohol. You begin to write the words on the board and as you write the words onto the board you feel that the board has amazing powers as you begin to take control of your life. More and more words just seem to flow into your mind and you write them on the board. As you continue writing the words you feel more and more in control. You write the names of the people you love. You write down how it feels to be in control again. You write down how your confidence builds. You write down how much more energy you have now. You write down how your self-respect is coming back to you now. You write down how you begin to take more care of yourself. You find yourself enjoying the taste of fresh, clean, clear water and this makes you feel healthier and better than ever before.

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    You also enjoy the taste of other healthy and non-alcoholic drinks, but most of all, you enjoy the feeling of being in control. That wonderful feel that you have, deep inside you, you're in complete control of your mind, your body and your health. You decide from now on to eat and drink healthier. You write all these things on the board. You continue writing all the reason why you look after yourself now. You begin to like and to love yourself more and more as you begin to take control of your life. You like yourself and you respect yourself and these feelings are very special to you. You find that from this moment on you are developing more self-control. You will now face every situation in a calm, relaxed state of mind. Your thinking is very clear and sharp at all times. You continue writing positive statements on the board and all these statements are registering deep inside your mind where changes are taking place. There's a wonderful feeling of self-respect and self esteem building inside you now.

    You relax more and more and drift down into a feeling of calm. You begin to feel that your self-respect and confidence are expanding more and every day in every way. You now realise that in the past, alcohol was an escape. Now with a positive attitude toward life. You are succeeding in conquering your addiction and you have all the abilities necessary for you look forwards to a bright new future. You now choose to be free from alcohol. This is your decision. You can do it and you can do it easily. With each passing day and with each passing moment you realise that your desire and your self-determination to be free of alcohol grows stronger than the hold that the alcohol ever had on you. You know that you can be free of alcohol for short periods of time and you are now moving away from drinking for longer and longer periods of time and you are drinking less and less each time. You have great confidence in yourself that you can in fact be free of alcohol and that you can do it. You relax and drift on down deeper. As you drift your confidence builds.

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    You continue adding new words to the board and each time you revisit here more words and feeling just seem to come to your mind. Growing and building the board. As the board continues to grow and build your confidence and your ability to be in control just grows stronger and stronger.


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