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<ul><li><p>P.O. Box 830 10040 Victoria Way </p><p>Jamestown, CA 95327 209-984-5489</p><p>Fax 209-984-1259 E-mail: </p><p>Web site:</p><p>Humane Society of Tuolumne CountyNumber 16 E-Newsletter April - June 2016</p><p>HSOTC </p><p>BOard Of direCTOrS 2016/2017</p><p>exeCuTive BOardDoryene Rapini</p><p>President </p><p>Marge Czadzeck Vice-President</p><p>Patty ChristSecretary</p><p>DyAnn SmithTreasurer</p><p>LeaderSHip BOardJean McClymondsExecutive Director</p><p>Doryene RapiniShelter Operations Director</p><p>BOard Of direCTOrSClaudia Heath</p><p>Dr. Barbara MillerAnnette Tessaro</p><p>Advisory CommitteeMichele MorrisMike Strange</p><p>We need YOUR help in finding new board members. </p><p>See article on back page.</p><p>Please remember us in your will and trusts.</p><p>these eight simPle words can make a big difference </p><p>for our shelter.</p><p>Update on Clinton, oUr longest resident</p><p>Clinton, our longest resident (two years), has been adopted by a wonderful lady who adopted Sammy Jo from us a year ago. Clinton, a Yellow Lab/Staffordshire mix, did not show well in the kennels and, as an abused dog, he did have trust issues. Since we are a no-kill shelter, we have the ability to give these dogs all the time they need to find that perfect match. We loved this beautiful boy and never gave up on the dream of placing him in a perfect and forever home. He and Sammy Jo play all day in a seven-acre fenced yard and thoroughly enjoy each other. Their Mom is a patient and understanding lady with a lot of love to give. </p><p>We miss our boy but are so happy he is in his forever home.</p><p>Tasting Event Location:Humane Society of Tuolumne County Conference Room</p><p>10040 Victoria Way Jamestown, CA 95370 209-984-5489</p><p>We know that great food and wine go hand in hand. That is why were working with Inner Sanctum Cellars and Chef Dave Cooks to provide the ultimate in a </p><p>food and wine pairing event. </p><p>We invite you to join us for this exceptional event in our shelter conference room on Saturday, July 16, 2016. Attendees will be greeted with both wines and a </p><p>brief primer on food and wine pairing by Inner Sanctum Cellars. Space is limited and tickets are selling fast! </p><p>Cheers and we hope to see you there. Tickets may be purchased at the following locations: </p><p>Humane Society of Tuolumne County 10040 Victoria Way Jamestown CA 95327 209-984-5489Mountain Bookshop 13769 Mono Way Sonora, CA 95370 209-532-6117</p><p>Tickets:$30.00 Members $55.00 HSOTC Member + Guest</p><p>$35.00 General Public</p><p>Y a p p y H o u r P a w t y &amp; R a f f l e</p><p>SaTurdayJuLy 16, 2016</p><p>3:30pm - 5:30pm</p><p>I t s Yappy Hour i n Tuo lumne Coun ty</p><p>On Tuesday, April 12th, Brownie Troop #237 took a tour of the shelter. Besides showering the dogs and cats with love, the girls brought bags of food, toys, and treats for our animals AND gave us a check for $100, money they made from selling Girl Scout Cookies.</p><p>We thank these wonderful Brownies, their Leader, Amanda Minick and their families for supporting our shelter and caring so deeply for animals.</p><p>Brownie Troop #237, Amanda Minick, Troop Leader and Karen Kling, shelter Volunteer Coordinator</p><p>Congratulations to Foothill Leadership Academys 1st and 2nd graders who completed their Community Service Project for the animals at the HSOTC. The Foothill Leadership Academy requires their students to do 15 hours of community service and and we were contacted by six mothers who wanted their children to fulfill at least some of their hours at the shelter. </p><p>Making a differenCe in oUr CoMMUnity...foothill leadership aCadeMy</p><p>loCal Brownies generate wags &amp; pUrrs froM oUr shelter aniMals!</p></li><li><p>staying in toUCh eleCtroniCallyUtilizing a Paws-a-While e-newsletter can be an effective, low-cost method for staying in touch with you our valued members. Because there are no mailing and printing costs involved, its gentle to bottom line, an almost instantaneous delivery, and helps with greening! We produce quarterly e-newsletters and will have a few printed versions available at our shelter.</p><p>If you have an e-mail address, please send it to so we can add you to our e-mail list to receive your copy electronically.</p><p>wish listCarpet ShampooerTarpsTuff ShedBleachPine SolPaper Towels Cat ToysDog Collars and Leashes</p><p>shop oUr weBsite online store!Did you know we have some HSOTC items for sale on our website? Simply go to and click on the Shop Online tab at the top to get started!</p><p>S.H.A.R.E.S.Save Mart has generously entered us into their Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education and Sports program. Save Mart no longer accepts the S.H.A.R.E.S. card but you can sign up online by going to: You will follow the prompts to register and when you shop at Save Mart all you need to do is enter your phone number. Save Mart will donate 3% of qualified purchases to the Humane Society.</p><p>Bernadette Dunaway, President of the Spay &amp; Neuter Committee, resigned her position as of January 2016. She is continues to be actively involved with the committee and dedicated to raising money for spay and neuter. Thank you Bernadette for your years of service to this much-needed cause.Mike Strange will take over the presidential duties of the committee and will be the S&amp;N committees representative on the HSOTC Board of Directors.</p><p>purrrfeCT BargainS THrifT BOuTiqueHSOTC Spay/neuTer COmmiTTee</p><p>SOuTH pawSifiC BrunCHanimaLS fOr adOpTiOn</p><p>As of May 31,2016, our Purrrfect Bargains Thrift Boutique will be closing its doors. We had hoped that re-purposing the store would bring it to the level to be sustainable, yet our economy, combined with the competitive environment, and other shops within the strip mall we occupy, put us in a position to make a prudent business decision to close. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers for their support and appreciate everything you did to support the store and aid the animals in our care.</p><p>Hi Im Buddy and as you can see from my photo...Im black and people always tell me how beautiful I am! Im affectionate, friendly, have a great personality, and would love to be your buddy in my new family home. I prefer to be in a household that I can be your one and only yet Im OK if it is occupied by others of my species. </p><p>Look, its a bird, its a its me, Bullet! Im a three-year-old Boston Terrier mix with an energetic and smart personality. I people although Im extremely shy when it comes to really big dogs...and would prefer to be in a household by myself or with other smaller dogs. Think youd like to see me in action? Just stop on by and Ill be sure to wow you with my magnetic personality!</p><p>As my name Claribel depicts...I can be a little temptress, Im extremely bright, and of course look at my face...dont you think Im beautiful, too? Im told that my pedigree is a little American Bulldog, with a smattering of Straffordshire Terrier and a dash of a water breed as I have the cutest little webbed feet! </p><p>My caregivers tell me I have an angelic personality even if Im a little shy and they believe Im about three and a half months old. If youre looking for your own very own Claribel and even if you have other cats or dogs in your family...Im here for YOU! Hi, Bridgette is my name and fabulous, amazing, and sassy is my game. Im a two-year old brown tabby that first came to the shelter along with my two little kittens. My kittens have found their new forever homes and now its my time to shine! If youre looking for a new family member whos sure to fit in just about anywhere...then Im that one in a million. Stop by and Ill show you my outgoing yet very sweet and loving personality.</p><p>My name is Charm and Ive been at the shelter my whole life...born in mid-March along with my three bros. My mommy is a Chihuahua and Papillon mix and Im hoping that I grow up looking just like her! I may be small yet I have a really big heart and Im ready to love on that family that knows how special I am. Come and meet mommy </p><p>and me as she is also looking for her new forever home, too!</p><p>This years brunch was the most successful ever and how could it miss? There was wonderful food, great raffle items, and good fun - all to benefit the animals of the Humane Society of Tuolumne County Shelter.</p><p>The Coconut Surprise Raffle was a bit hit!</p><p>Brunch guests check out all the wonderful items at the Silent Auction tables</p><p>Big Joe and Bridgette kept the Live Auctions bids coming fast and furious!</p><p>Thanks to everyone that supported the Humane Society of Tuolumne County at this years South Pawsific Brunch as we plan for next years 1920s theme!.</p><p>if yOu LOve HeLping animaLS, COnSider a BOard pOSiTiOnJune is right around the corner and time for the Humane Society of Tuolumne County (HSOTC) to elect several new members to our Board of Directors. </p><p>We are looking for board members who believe in our mission and are willing to be active in their governance roles. We believe that our work has never been more important than it is today. If you consider yourself a person whose experience and involvement in the community would be an asset to our organization we hope that you will consider becoming a nominee.</p><p>The HSOTC is entering a challenging and exciting time, as economic pressures on our services continues to rise. As the only no-kill, limited intake facility in Tuolumne County, we have a proven track record for helping abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals while raising awareness of our services to the community at large. And, we invite you to become part of our team.</p><p>While we do ask that our board members play an active role, we pride ourselves on supporting each other as a team and believe we offer an opportunity for our members to learn and grow with the organization. </p><p>If you want to find out more about the requirements of a Board position or would like to fill out an application, simply go to and click on the Whats the Board Buzz under the News &amp; Events tab. Or, if you have questions, please contact Jean McClymonds, Executive Director at, or Doryene Rapini, Operations Director at</p><p>For 2016/2017, two members of the board are up for re-election...Marge Czadzeck and Claudia Heath. </p><p>Applications for Board positions must be submitted by June 22, 2016. </p><p> 9990 Victoria Way Jamestown CA 95327209-984-3073</p><p> StorQuest - Jamestown/VictoriaMini-SToRAgE Open 7 Days </p><p>a Week</p><p>Low Rates Discount for Pre-Payment Several SizesElectronic Secuirty &amp; Guard Surveillance Protects Your Property</p><p>A Whale of a Good Time Had by All!</p></li></ul>


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