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  • 7/25/2019 Human Resources of Management



    Aishath Safa (CYX24427) Page 1


    Introduction of labour turnover:

    Employee maintenance is the capacity of a firm to persuade its representatives to stay with thebusiness. It is regularly measured by the work turnover of a business.

    Labor turnover is characterized as the extent of a company's workforce that leaves over the

    duration of a year. (Riley, 2010)

    Reason for labour turnover:

    1. Rude behavior: Thinks about have demonstrated that regular indignities adverse effect

    efficiency and result in great workers stopping. Thoughtlessness, doling out fault, defaming,

    playing top picks and counters are among reasons that irritate representative turnover. Feeling

    angry and abused is not a temptation for a decent workplace.

    2. Organizational instability: Administration's consistent redesign, altering course and

    rearranging individuals around detaches workers from the association's motivation. Workers

    don't have the foggiest idea about what's going on, what the needs are or what they ought to be

    doing. This causes dissatisfaction prompting perplexity and inefficiencies.

    3. Feeling undervalued.Everybody needs to be perceived and remunerated for a vocation well

    done. It's a piece of our inclination. Acknowledgment does not need to be financial. The best

    acknowledgment is earnest appreciation. Perceiving workers is not just a pleasant thing to do but

    rather a powerful approach to convey gratefulness for positive exertion, while additionally

    fortifying those activities and practices.

    4. Coaching and feedback are lacking.Powerful directors know how to offer representativessome assistance with improving their execution and reliably give honing and input to all

    workers. Ineffectual directors put off offering input to workers despite the fact that they naturally

    realize that giving and getting fair criticism is crucial for development and building fruitful

    groups and associations.

  • 7/25/2019 Human Resources of Management



    Aishath Safa (CYX24427) Page 2

    5. People skills are inadequate. Several directors were advanced in light of the fact that they

    did their employments extremely well and got results. In any case, that doesn't mean they know

    how to lead. Developers aren't conceivedthey are made. Relationship building abilities can be

    learned and grew, yet it truly helps if a chief has a characteristic capacity to live with individuals

    and force them.

    6. Work-life imbalance.Expanding with monetary weights, associations keep on requesting that

    one individual take every necessary step of two or more individuals. This is particularly genuine

    when an association cuts back or rebuilds, bringing about longer hours and weekend work.

    Representatives are compelled to pick between an individual life and a work life. This does not

    sit well with the present, more youthful workforce, and this is impaired when both mates or huge

    others work. (Lodha, 2010)

    Solution of labour turnover:

    1. Be human and be sensitive to work life balance by being flexible: Be interested in an

    innovative work-around to suit the issues that affect your representative's lives. Consider

    offering working from home, day care, or a flex plan.

    2. Encourage social connection: Representatives need social connection and a

    remunerating workplace. By the Gallup association, urge representatives to have great,

    even best, companions, at work.

    3. Build trust:Administration sets the tone for association. A trusting domain is a gainful

    situation. Make your workers your partners and not your adversaries by opening up to

    them. Individuals will take after those they trust will lead them to a spot that is a win/win

    for all.

    4. Recognize good performance:Stimulating individuals for doing great work tells they

    are welcomed. Ensure representatives get genuine increase by administration on a

    proceeding with premise. Staff fulfillment.

    5. Staff satisfaction:Inside and out unknown online overview without a doubt, significant

    input, Reduce staff turnover and amazement agreement and master examination and

    proposals to purposely enhance fulfillment.

  • 7/25/2019 Human Resources of Management



    Aishath Safa (CYX24427) Page 3

    6. Leadership and management:

    Singular instructing or gathering instructional meetings.

    Gain from experienced pioneers and director.

    Functional workshops-concentrating on learnable conduct that your pioneers can


    7. Workplace culture:

    Enhance staff turnover, benefit and execution.

    Decrease the requirement for a high pay to pull in and keep capable representatives.

    Suited to your business, we nature society with straightforward ease systems.

    8. Career pathways:

    Different options for advancement give profession course to staff.

    Show staff they have an energizing future with your business.

    Create future pioneers in your business-progression arranging.

    (Joseph, 2008)

  • 7/25/2019 Human Resources of Management



    Aishath Safa (CYX24427) Page 4


    Explanation of training methods:


    Red Wave Company is a very concerned about their job applicants. Therefore they intend to

    provide various methods to improve their performance. Some of the modern and latest methods

    used by the Red wave company are.

    Training & development methods for managerial personnel can be divided into two groups as


    ON THE JOB METHOD- the-job training is delivered to employees while they perform theirregular jobs. In this way, they do not lose time while they are learning. After a plan is developed

    for what should be taught, employees should be informed of the details. A timetable should be

    established with periodic evaluations to inform employees about their progress. On-the-job

    techniques include understudy, job rotation and coaching.

    Job Rotation:

    Job rotation involves moving an employee through a series of jobs so he or she can get a good

    feel for the tasks that are associated with different jobs. It is usually used in training for

    supervisory positions. The employee learns a little about everything. This is a good strategy for

    small businesses because of the many jobs an employee may be asked to do.

    Coaching & Counseling:

    Coaching: In coaching, the superior plays an active role in training the subordinate. The

    superior may assign challenging task to the subordinate for the purpose of training. The superior

    may assist and advice the subordinate to complete the assigned task. In this case, the superior

    acts as a coach in training the subordinate.

  • 7/25/2019 Human Resources of Management



    Aishath Safa (CYX24427) Page 5

    Counseling: In this case, the superior plays a passive role in training the subordinate. The

    superior may assign challenging task to the subordinate for the purpose of training. The superior

    may provide advice to the subordinate in the completion of task, if so required. In this case, the

    superior acts as a guide rather than a coach n training the subordinate.

    Understudy Position: The trainee is given an understudy position. The trainee handles some

    important aspects of his superiors job. The trainee, at a future date, is likely to assume the duties

    and responsibilities of the position currently held by his immediate superior.

    The understudy technique ensures a company that a fully qualified person will be available to

    take over a present managers position whenever he leaves the position through promotion,

    transfer, retirement or resignation.

    OFF THE JOB METHODS: include lectures, conferences or role playing,. Most of these

    techniques can be used by small businesses although, some may be too costly.

    Role playing and simulation:

    They are training techniques that attempt to bring realistic decision making situations to the

    trainee. Likely problems and alternative solutions are presented for discussion. The adage there

    is no better trainer than experience is exemplified with this type of training. Experienced

    employees can describe real world experiences, and can help in and learn from developing the

    solutions to these simulations. This method is cost effective and is used in marketing and

    management training.

    Committees and Conferences:

    Committee:A committee can be a method of training. The junior members of the committee

    can learn from the discussions and interaction with the senior members of the committee. The

    senior members also can learn from the opinions and views expressed by the junior members.

    Conferences: In the case of conferences, group discussion and meetings are held to discuss

    various issues and to provide solutions to various problems. The chairperson leads the discussion

    and then the participants attempt to provide solutions. The conference acts as a group interaction

    and exchange of views and ideas. It reshapes thinking of attitudes of the participants.

  • 7/25/2019 Human Resources of Management



    Aishath Safa (CYX24427) Page 6


    Present training material verbally and are used when the goal is to present a great deal of

    material to many people. It is more cost effective to lecture to a group than to train people

    individually. Lecturing is one-way communication and as such may not be the most effective

    way to train. Also, it is hard to ensure that the entire audience understands a topic on the same

    level; by targeting the average attendee you may undertrain some and lose others. Despite these

    drawbacks, lecturing is the most cost-effective way of reaching large audiences.

    Company training information:

    After the applicants are above 80 percentages they are put to performance. Red wave company

    uses below methods to train their staffs.

    Red wave company obscene a sales girl. They advise them to improve their performance.

    Moreover advise them of the persuasive methods that can be used while doing a sales girls job.

    After the observation they records how well the person has performed during his training and

    explain the mistakes they done. By covering the mistakes, the intend to make a perfect sales girls

    for their company.

    Those who applied to do cashier jobs, those applicants are also trained under a services ofmethods. Applicants are put to the job to demonstrate. Their calculations are well checked and

    observed. They observe how efficiently the applicant does his job. His focus and concentration

    toward the job is also recorded while observing.

    After the observation the red wave company corrects the hindrance of the applicant and

    places him for the real job. Red Wave Company provides their applicants with Demonstration

    classes as well; the classes will show how the staffs have to works and how to focus on his/her


  • 7/25/2019 Human Resources of Management



    Aishath Safa (CYX24427) Page 7


    Process of job analysis

    Identification of Job Analysis Purpose:Well any procedure is vain until its motivation

    is not distinguished and characterized. In this manner, the initial phase in the process is to

    decide its need and required yield. Spending human endeavors, vitality and in addition

    cash is futile until HR administrators don't know why information is to be gathered and

    what can anyone do it.

    Who Will Conduct Job Analysis:The second most critical stride during the time spent

    employment examination is to choose who will lead it. A few organizations lean toward

    completing it by their own particular HR division while some contract work examination

    experts. Work examination experts might end up being to a great degree supportive as

    they offer fair encouragement, rules and techniques. They don't have any individual likes

    and detestation with regards to break down work.

    How to Conduct the Process:Choosing the route in which work examination prepare

    should be directed is categorically the following step. An arranged methodology about

    how to convey the entire procedure is required so as to examine a particular employment.

    Strategic Decision Making:This is the ideal opportunity to settle on vital choice. It's

    about choosing the degree of worker association all the while, the level of points of

    interest to be gathered and recorded, sources from where information is to be gathered,

    information increase strategies, the preparing of data and separation of gathered


    Training of Job Analyst:Next is to prepare the employment investigator about how to

    direct the procedure and utilize the chose strategies for gathering and recoding of

    occupation information.

  • 7/25/2019 Human Resources of Management



    Aishath Safa (CYX24427) Page 8

    Preparation of Job Analysis Process:Imparting it inside of the association is the

    following step. HR chiefs need to convey the entire thing legitimately with the goal that

    representatives offer their full backing to the employment investigator. The stage likewise

    includes planning of records, polls, meetings and input frames.

    Data Collection:Next is to gather work related information including instructive

    capabilities of representatives, aptitudes and capacities required to perform the

    occupation, working conditions, work exercises, reporting chain of importance, required

    human attributes, work exercises, obligations and obligations included and worker


    Documentation, Verification and Review:Appropriate documentation is done to check

    the validness of gathered information and after that survey it. This is the last data that is

    utilized to depict a particular occupation.

    Developing Job Description and Job Specification:Right now is an ideal opportunity

    to isolate the gathered information into valuable data. Set of working responsibilities

    portrays the parts, exercises, obligations and obligations of the employment while work

    particular is an announcement of instructive capability, experience, individual attributesand abilities required to perform the occupation. (Chand, 2015)

  • 7/25/2019 Human Resources of Management



    Aishath Safa (CYX24427) Page 9

    Job analysis report:

    1. Sales assistant:

    Employer: Euro marketing pvt ltd

    Job category: sales assistant

    Salary:RF 50001 to RF 10000

    Position type:full time

    Location:male city

    Apply:send CV

    Description: we are seeking dynamic result oriented and self-motivated applicants for post

    sales assistant.

    Other benefits:performance related bonuses

    14% pension payment


    1. At least GEC O level standard

    2. Experience in a similar role is an added advantage.

    3. Pleasant and excellent customer service skills.


    Computer literate.

    Take the next step in your career and forward your application with a cover letter curriculum

    vitae, national identify card copy, police certificate and copy of educational experience

    certificate addressed to:

    Human resources manager

    Ma. Favorites/chandhanee magu/male, Maldives

    Tel: 9603316611

    Application will be accepted on or before 12 march 2016



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