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5 SIMPLE POSITIONS FOR PORTRAIT LIGHTING http://digital-photography-school.com/5-classic-lighting-po sitions-for-portrait-photography

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5 simple positions for portrait lighting

5 simple positions for portrait lightinghttp://digital-photography-school.com/5-classic-lighting-positions-for-portrait-photographyConsiderations Model does not sit square to the cameraTurn model one direction or the other so that light sources will affect a given area of the face in terms of how light vs. shadow falls on the subjectDifferent subjects might demand different lighting conditions experiment with lighting before creating a portrait!!1. Rembrant LightLight positioned Slight Camera Right or Left

1. Rembrant LightShadow off of models nose closes a loop on the shadow from models cheekSmall triangle on side of face that remains in more shadowNo shadow fillSingle, simple light placement2. Split LightMove light far right (or left) so that it is splitting the models face in terms of strong light vs. shadow

2. Split LightLight splits models faceStrong highlight side and strong shadow sideSplit light runs down bridge of models noseDramatic, interesting light vs. shadowMakes a stronger statement3. Broad Light

3. Broad LightMove light back to Rembrant positionModel turns and faces AWAY FROM LIGHTRembrant traingle on far sideBroad (more intense area of light) on the dominant side of models faceLight can flow from Rembrant, to Broad, to Split easily if positioned correctly

4. Butterfly (or Paramount) LightLight positioned up high, light hitting model directly from front, angled down

4. Butterfly LightSoftbox/light positioned so that light is hitting model directly from frontPositioned up high, light coming down from above on steep angleButterfly shadow just underneath models noseNice shadow on right/left cheeksChin shadow underneath modelBeauty Lighting

4. Butterfly LightFill card underneath (white bristol board can substitute for this as well)Place on Models lapFills up chin area underneathFills up shadow area under the nose

Need to get highlight (small square of light) in the eye

5. Loop LightLight still coming from above, but at Slight Camera Right or Left. Not directly hitting model.

5. Loop LightNot the same steep angle right between camera and models face as ButterflyCreates Loop Shadow on models faceWill give preference to shadow on one side over the otherVariation of butterflyLight a little higher than Rembrant

LightingKey LightProvides main source of lighting, creates the main/dramatic light and shadow contrasts on modelFill LightFills in areas of light/shadow (i.e. can lessen dramatic shadows); not as strong/influential as key light thoughBackground LightHighlights or creates value changes in the background (i.e. light to dark transition behind model)