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HTC The 420 VS - HTC Floor Systems

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Concrete Floor Grinder
The HTC 420 VS is great for removing even the toughest coatings without sacrificing performance.
• NEW VS (variable speed) model allows the user to
control the RPM speed
• Can break down into small part for easy transport
HTC 420 is so versatile that this machine can do different types of flooring jobs from coatings removal to cleaning to polishing. In addition, this machine easily breaks down into two parts allowing it to be transported by car.
Telephone: 1-877-482-8700 | Fax: 865-689-3991
Item Number 110753 (220 volt) 111300 (110 volt)
Approximate Weight (lbs) 176 lbs
Required Circuit Single phase / 220 volt / 20 amps Single phase / 110 volt / 20 amps
Motor Ouput HP 3 HP
Grinding Width (Inches) 16.5”
RPM Variable Speed (460 ) 300 - 1200
Water Tank Capacity 2.11 gallons
Grinding Disc Diameter (Inches) 6 1/4” (Qty. 3)
Ultra-fast change of diamond tools! Fit the wing of the tool into the slot on the holder. There is only one position
where it will fit. Gently tap the tool firmly into place with a rubber hammer. You are now ready to start!
1 2 3
HTC Superfloor™ Polished Concrete (7 step process) 50-75 Terrazzo New Construction (1st step only) 50
Concrete Grind (1 step process) 275-300
Glue Removal (1 step process) 250
Paint Removal (1 step process) 275