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HR Directorate March 2014. Presentation Contents Introduction of HR directorate and its activities Training Need Assessment of MoMP /HQ Introduction of CBR Project MoMP organizational chart A look to the Stakeholders Engagement Guide Major challenges - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HR Directorate March 2014

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Introduction of HR directorate and its activities Training Need Assessment of MoMP/HQ Introduction of CBR Project MoMP organizational chart A look to the Stakeholders Engagement Guide Major challenges Why coordinate with the HR directorate?

The Major Responsibilities of HR Directorate are:

Recruitment Capacity BuildingPerformance Appraisal Records KeepingEmployee RelationsOrganizational Development

Major Achievements of the HR Directorate in 2013:Implementation of pay and grading systemTraining of (333) staffPerformance Evaluation of (1300) employeesImplementation of New filing systemInstallation of complaint boxes and fire extinguishers in Kabul and provincesEstablishment of 34 provincial officesAlmost finalizing of CBR proposal

Introducing of 50 young and interested to learn employees to private universities, but still looking for fund to pay their fee. 7

What are the present education levels of the MoMP staff (Kabul based plus provincial offices)?

How many employees were introduced for trainings in 1392 SY? 224Male 109Female 224Internal Training107External Training 8Masters degree 99Fellowship Capacity Building 333 Total Employees Trained in 1392 SY

Australia (4)Turkey (9) Japan (14)India (72)South Africa (22)UAE (2)

USA (4)Pakistan (2)Poland (2)China (2)Finland (7) How Many MoMP Employees experienced capacity building opportunities abroad?

140 MoMP staff were introduced to capacity building opportunities abroad

Accomplishments of the Organizational Development DepartmentPreparing of 1390, 1391, 1392 and currently 1393 SY Ministry structureEstablishment of few directorates based on MoMP goals in HQ Establishment of Provincial officeStructure preparation for MoMP Govt Enterprises

What are the accomplishments of the Recruitment Department?Total positions in structure: 2760Position which are recruited under pay and grading system (85%) Positions under process of pay and grading system (304) (11%) Position to be advertised (4%) Database and filing system developed for candidates files

How many employees have been entered into the pay and grade system?

..85% have been successful entered

Sub database development to record central office employees identification to report on need basis Database development for fired employeesDatabase (HRMIS) development with cooperation of Administration Reform CommissionData Entry of current employees inforamation into (HRMIS) Implementation of New Filling System

What are the accomplishments of the Records Keeping and Performance Evaluation Department?

(1646) Probationary and annual performance of Central and provincial employees were carried out. Retirement section:Retirement of (1122) Employees were processedMain achievements of Performance Appraisal Office

What is the new MoMP attendance system? Installation of electronic attendance in MoMP HQ and AGS in order to avoid wastage of time and illegal absence of employees

Challenge: Classes have since been occupiedGoal: To reestablish capacity building classrooms in 1393 (2014) 20

Challenge: Classes have since been occupiedGoal: To reestablish capacity building classrooms in 1393 (2014)

CBR program, which is for five years, is managed by the MoF and IARCSC, implemented by sector ministries in capital and provinces to cause the following:

Clarification in Job description and MoMP responsibilities Improvement in service provision Improvement in development of budget expensesSimplification of various operation processes Implementation of important reform plansPreparation, modification and management of ministries organizational structures by considering their responsibilitiesInternal capacity enhancement of ministries to improve performance and reduce relying on foreign technical supports (like PMU, Advisors etc).

What is the CBR program?

The CBR program can provide ministries with following resources:

Recruitment of joint positionsRecruitment of required SMG positions in capital and provinces as specific and selectiveProductive Advisors (Local and Expat)Training for SMG and joint functions positions When program proposal is approved by leadership committee, SMG and joint functions take place and recruitment process is conducted according to recruitment planMore result more recruitment

What can the CBR program provide for you?

Total Central Directorates (30)Total provincial directorates (28) and departments (6)Govern-mental Enterprises (4)Total Positions(2760) Present Employees(2343)87/13 Gender Percentage

MoMP StructureNorth Coal, Enterprise (490)Enterprise of power and fertilizer factories (1858)Jabul Saraj Cement Enterprise (242)Afghan Gas Enterprise (950)

Total staff(3540)MoMP Governmental Enterprises

Existing of Parallel offices that conduct major tasks of HR like recruitment and capacity buildingShortage of fund for short term and long term training of staff (Bachelors programs to private institutions)Lack of proper training and education for HR staffLack of complete capacity building policy and plan for MoMPLack of database in HR to be responsive for all MoMP requirements (recruiting, hiring, donor collaboration tracking, trainings, study tours)Lack of information of contracted staff, no integration policyLack of Training Archive to keep capacity building material for institutional memoryLack of modern archive for Records Keeping of Employees.The overall Major Challenges of the HR Department and MoMP presently are:

Some challenges can be resolved through stronger coordination between the MoMP Human Resources Department and the international donor programs

DFID (ASI): Technical Assistance to the MoMP (TAMOMP)US TFBSO:Mineral Tender Development and Geological ServicesWB:Second Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project (SDNRP)& GAF Aynak Compliance MonitoringWB: Afghanistan Resource Corridors Project (ARCP)USAID: Sheberghan Gas Development Project (SGDP)WB: Capacity Building for the AGS (CBAGS)US DOC: Afghanistan Marble Center of Excellence (COE)USAID: Mining Investment and Development Project (MIDAS)

Other Partners: Finland, India Japan, Ausaid, ADB The MoMP Donor Partners:

The Main Reason is :

Our Goals & Objectives are the SameWhy should donor programs coordinate with the MoMP HR?

Donor program employees are not MoMP formal employees, but we believe they are important asset of this Ministry & want to welcome and have them as formal staff, we are committed to help you in any possible way, but it is not possible, if we do not have well coordination, do not make the integration policy together.If we do not have the required baseline data and your full informationIf you do not help and coordinate in system and policy development.If the Recruitment and Capacity Building activities are not coordinated, recorded and conducted based on the ministry goals and objectives.For this reason we have developed the Stakeholder Engagement Guide (SEG). Why should donor programs coordinate with the MoMP HR?

Why should donor programs coordinate with the MoMP HR?

You are to help the ministry in developing the required system and equip it with the right tools to achieve its goals and objectives. One of your main responsibility is Capacity Building.HR is committed to have a system in place to help everyone in the ministry to perform his/her responsibilities as required, be a symbol of Real HR and is seeking your help in system, policy and procedures and capacity development.

/ / 2112 199259 115407445 20 210 21134205 311415 221041260 235 5417 24 61 2514787 2617818226 2753509422 2813421436 109 29610 1182994 305 121092493 3110113225 1313495 327211 14117001890 331927 156 34812162 359 17440463 369 18No. of Trainings conducted or # of employees trained in each Ministry

The MoMP has done a survey of past trainings. (Please see training needs assessment handout) Results show that better coordination with the HR Dept on participant selection is needed:Why should donor programs coordinate with the MoMP HR?

The Stakeholder Engagement guide addresses such problems as formally tracking donor capacity building programs through forms and communication procedures with the HR.

The SEG can also benefit your program and the MoMP by:Effective co-ordination of trainings and coaching seminars, workshops , meetings or otherOutreach and access to a broader MoMP and stakeholder beneficiary baseImproved communications and stakeholder engagementIdentification and access to the right stakeholders Information of MoMP operations and key contacts Improvement of MoMP services Reduce risk and unnecessary grievances or conflictsImproves monitoring and evaluation Provides a centralized resource space for all donor reports, assessments, videos, training materials etc.

What does the Stakeholder Engagement Guide Do?

SEG Tool Example 1:

Name: HR- CBAR 001 Capacity Building Activity Request Form (CBAR-Form) In Country

Purpose: For capacity building approval in country

Please see Page 48 of your SEG.

What other forms are included in the SEG?

There are presently eleven forms in total being considered for implementation.

Please give feedback to:Mr. Wali FaiziDirector of Human Resources

Email: Office Address:Third Floor, Deputy Ministry for Finance and Adminisratin Building Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

We need your feedback so that we can properly implement these protocols and procedures moving forwardIndexFormsPurpose