How to Upload Charges for a Miscellaneous Invoice Systems(MS2) and Space Systems(SSC) 2 ... creating

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Text of How to Upload Charges for a Miscellaneous Invoice Systems(MS2) and Space Systems(SSC) 2 ... creating

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    Name – Delia Russell Date – October 2016

    How to Upload Charges for a

    Miscellaneous Invoice

    This process is only for Leidos Holdings SWIFT (ITS) &

    MARS(ISS), MFC Tech Services(STS), Rotary & Missions

    Systems(MS2) and Space Systems(SSC)

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    • Display of a VIP Miscellaneous Claims screen with an Upload

    Charges section - an “Alternate way to enter Charges for Large

    Claims” (Slide 3)

    • Upload Mass Claims – Instructions (Slide 4)

    • How to download a File Template (Slide 5)

    • How to fill out the File (Slide 6)

    • How to upload the File with the Data and complete the Process

    (Slides 7 – 10)

    • How to overwrite charges after an existing upload (Slide 11)

    • Extra Notes (Slide 12)

    • File Template examples for Business Units utilizing this process

    (Slides 13 - 15)

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    Notice the section below in the VIP Miscellaneous Claims screen

    that displays an Instructions and Download Template link. This is

    the starting point of how to upload numerous lines of charges for a

    claim. This section is called an “Alternate way to enter Charges for Large Claims”.

  • 4

    View the instructions link on how the process works in

    creating the file and uploading it. It is very important to follow

    the directions accurately.

    Note: It is ok to save the file first in the .xls or .xlsx

    format. However when it is

    ready to be uploaded, you

    must save it in the .csv

    format as mentioned in the


  • 5

    To get a File Template, click the Download Template

    link. Remember it must be saved as a .csv before it

    is uploaded. Below is an example of the blank template file with the titles only for the Leidos Holdings MARS PO’s. See slides 13 - 15

    for the other applicable business unit file templates.

  • 6

    The example below is a file with charge

    information. Same rules apply as the online

    edits do for these fields. Review

    “Instructions” page for clarification for all


    Notice the Supplier ID (NA ID or

    P2P ID which begins with EX_

    needs to be entered versus the

    last name, first name. Cannot

    use an Exostar ID format.

    WO field

    does not




    Will need

    to be





    If file is saved not as a .csv, then

    format the WO field as text, enter

    your data. Once totally complete

    with entire file, save the file as .csv

    and close it immediately & do not

    reopen. So once the .csv file is

    uploaded it will retain the leading


  • 7

    Noted by the red arrow below, the file has been selected after clicking

    the Browse icon.

    Click the Upload icon to upload the file.

    This pop up

    window will

    display after

    clicking the

    “upload’ icon to

    upload the file.

  • 8

    Notice the file has been uploaded with the charge information highlighted in

    yellow below. Read the message at the top of screen noted by a green arrow.

    However before clicking “Save”, the required fields at the top of the screen

    highlighted in the Red rectangular area need to be entered if data has not already

    been keyed in these fields before the upload. Also correct any other data bottom

    half of the screen that may need to be changed.

  • 9

    Notice all data is entered where applicable and now ready to click “Save”. The

    system will now validate the normal online edits.

    If any additional changes are required, the system will provide the message.

    NOTE: Attachments have not been uploaded in this example however can be

    updated later before it is Processed.

  • 10

    All edits were successful and the claim is now inserted. Proceed with

    the final step of clicking the “Submit for Approval” icon to send the

    invoice to the Approver for approval. This completes the process of How to Upload Charges

    for a Miscellaneous Invoice.

  • 11

    This slide is displaying that an upload can be redone. It will

    over-write the existing data as noted by the pop up window. Once the new file is uploaded, proceed again to click the ‘Save’ icon.

    Once successful and completed, click “Submit For Approval”.

  • 12

    Extra Notes:

    Keep in mind if the line item or charge number is fixed in the

    invoice screen and if the file that is uploaded has a different

    line item or charge number than what is in the screen, the

    system will only upload the other data in other fields.

    If a Miscellaneous Claimer or DE role user has billing

    accounts for more than one business unit, they must notice

    there will be different types of file templates and to upload

    the correct one for that billing account, otherwise they will

    get an error that can look like this below.

  • 13

    File Templates below for Leidos Holdings Swift(ITS) (top

    example) and Leidos Holdings MARS(ISS) (bottom example)

  • 14

    File Templates below for MFC Tech Services(STS)

    (top example) and Rotary & Missions Systems(MS2)

    (bottom example)

  • 15

    File Template below for Space

    Systems Corporation (SSC)