How To Recycle CRT Computer Monitors?

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<ol><li> 1. How To Recycle CRT Computer Monitors? Credit: Wikimedia Commons It seems that every day there are some people who come across new ideas to make life easier. That's how fast technology progresses. Bulky stuff and equipment are surprisingly made more convenient by inventing lighter weight products. As a result, consumers purchase these handy products and dispose the old ones. Some old equipment, however, contains harmful substances or chemicals that attest to the increasing environmental destruction. Old CRT (cathode ray tube) computer monitors, which are now replaced with LCD, have been regarded as one of the fastest-growing waste problems by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Aside from the CRT monitor's large size and weight, it has disadvantages to both health and environment. Phosphor, which performs a big role in CRT's display, contains cadmium while the CRT's rear is made up of leaded glass. When these toxic substances are improperly disposed, they definitely correspond to a serious environmental hazard. In response to this mounting concern, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency established laws and provided services for an environmentally friendly CRT computer monitor disposal. CRT monitor disposals have been monitored and dumping them through landfills or incineration has been banned. Instead, they should be brought to special recycling facilities. If your CRT computer is still in a good condition, why not try donating it instead of dumping? You may place an ad for a free monitor underwater ecosystem or sell it on eBay if you want to earn a little. You might get surprised with the response you'll get! However if the CRT monitor can't be of use anymore, recycling must be done. How? The equipment is broken down into its component parts, which will then be recycled through a range of methods for reuse. There are different options that you can pick in recycling your CRT monitor: Contact your computer manufacturer. Various computer manufacturers execute take-back programs and recycling events that require a small fee. </li><li> 2. On the other hand, there are companies that organize free recycling programs no matter what your computer brand is. Dell created options, such as the technology recycling of Dell Reconnect with Goodwill Industries, which help in recycling responsibly without having environmentally sensitive materials brought to the landfills. They accept any brand of used computer equipment in order to refurbish, reuse, or recycle. Dell Reconnect is about creating more green jobs which are, according to the United Nations Environment Program, work in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development (R and D), administrative and service activities that contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality. Another company, Best Buy, safely and properly recycles electronics for free. There are certain recycling guidelines, however, that the company follows. These include screening of the used CRT monitor to determine if its materials are still practical to refurbish and reuse. They also offer trading in a used CRT monitor for a Best Buy gift card. You can search for local government programs as some states have environmental conservation departments that can assist you in selecting the best available CRT monitor recycling method. Sites such as EcoSquid, Earth 911, My Green Electronics, and Electronic Industries Alliance's Consumer Education Initiative can help consumers find local programs. Earning some money on your own from junk CRT monitors is possible. Search for a company that offers computer salvage service and they can pay you in exchange. These companies often gain profit, too, from the small amount of gold that can be found on circuit boards. Just make sure that they are not dealing with an unsafe recycling process. We, humans, play a great role in the products and equipment that we consume. Therefore we must take responsibility. Keep in mind that improper disposal of these products greatly contributes to harming the environment. With the aforementioned alternatives, consumers can absolutely make good use of old CRT computer monitors rather than just throwing them away. </li></ol>