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    IdentiBrands ~ Powered by Proforma is part of a $500 Million marketing communications network that is consistently named a top industry distributor by Promo Marketing Magazine. In 2013 and 2014 Promo Marketing Magazine named Proforma number one. In the following article, we are sharing the most prevalent themes that have led to client success on a continuous basis. Use these ideas to achieve similar results for your business.

  • In today’s business environment, strategic marketing that fuels business development is a necessity to ensure continued growth. When customers have a need for your product or service, are you the first person they call? Having a clear identity and brand will differentiate your business from the competition.

    Are you top of mind when it comes to servicing your customers and growing your business through your current customer referrals? Connecting with customers on an ongoing basis along with using multiple promotional marketing campaigns provides an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. A recent study published by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that nearly 84% of those receiving promotional items identify with the company. Currently no other advertising medium provides anywhere near the name recognition that promotional items have for the recipient.

    The six highlighted points below will provide you with best practices to consider when implementing your promotional marketing efforts, to ensure maximum efficiency, flawless execution and the greatest opportunity for a strong return on investment. | 602.888.0708

  • SWEAT THE DETAILS – Success with promotional marketing often hinges on how well all of the elements are created, managed and implemented. From choosing high quality products, appropriate fabrics for seasonal activities, proper quantities, accurate sizes, proofing personalization options, not to mention shipping and logistics, the list can be daunting but it is well worth the attention to detail.

    Create a seamless process to address the details. Having an early conversation about the goals and the campaign, will allow the time to be sure that all the necessary details are addressed and that all deadlines are met.

    Whether you are planning a grand opening, hosting a health fair, preparing for a tradeshow exhibit, or marketing a new product, a promotional marketing firm will address the details and develop the necessary timeline. Knowing the details will provide the needed time to develop themes, create concepts and orchestrate the event or campaign.

    Details are crucial to leaving a great impression and key to meeting deadline driven marketing goals. Working with professionals who think strategically and understand promotional marketing will ensure that all the details are addressed and that the campaign will succeed.


  • MODEL PROVEN RESULTS – In order to attain results it is crucial that business strategies provide integrated solutions to deliver the company message, and drive sales. Benchmarking against other similar successful campaigns will fuel further success. Look at marketing campaigns that are working, even outside of your industry and incorporate these into your approach.

    2 A recent review of a case study for a company that specializes in integrated network and communications solutions highlighted that using the right marketing techniques proved to be a win-win. This company created the appropriate promotional materials to invite conference attendees to a tradeshow hospitality suite. To engage the visitors, they developed a customized game that the attendees participated in to learn more about how crucial IT security is to an organization. From the initial theme “Don’t gamble with your Network IT security,” to the invitations, signage and giveaways, the investment proved to be worthwhile. The number of participants doubled the expectations, and the event left a lasting impression on the attendees prompting them to connect with the company in the near future. This proved that selecting the right promotional products provides a high-impact, cost-effective ad medium allowing even small companies to achieve as high a return on investments as major corporations. A recent study by ASI detailed a comprehensive cost analysis that shows businesses that using logoed pens, caps, T-shirts and other branded ad specialty items can increase sales and further provide brand exposure. Study results show promo products are consistently popular and persistent, with most people owning about ten items they generally keep for six months, a far longer time- period than any other form of advertising.

    Promotional products are appreciated by consumers and build customer loyalty and trust, two significant factors in branding your company and establishing long-term relationships with your clients. | 602.888.0708

  • LEVERAGE YOUR BUSINESS – In order to leverage your business and build on it to grow, your brand messaging should be consistent and congruent in all your marketing touch points and collateral materials.

    Do you have a mission statement and is it obvious to those you deal with on a daily basis? What qualities do you bring to the business that stands out from competitors? Are you sharing case studies with your colleagues to help them solve problems and develop appropriate business solutions? Leveraging your business achievements will give you the credibility to obtain new business. By using promotional marketing, you can make sure that your giveaways are something that others use and that they leave a great impression.

    Adding promotional products to the marketing campaign generated favorable attitudes toward a print ad in all cases. The use of a promotional product as the advertising medium alone achieved maximum impact, up to 69% increasing brand interest and 84% in creating a good impression of the brand.


  • STAY ON TREND – Be sure that you stay ahead of the game. Are you utilizing traditional marketing tactics along with new media? Do you have an updated website, are you blogging, do you have a current LinkedIn profile and are you creating opportunities for promoting your business via mobile phone and tablet devices.

    4 According to a study by Forrester, consumers are increasing their time spent on mobile devices, and advertisers are shifting budgets to attract, retain, and engage this customer base. Mobile advertising spending is projected to see a four-fold increase from 2013 to 2019 to reach over $40 billion.

    Mobile advertising -- social, display, and search will all have increases in their spending levels, however social media spending will have the largest growth. This suggests social networking is only going to continue to grow becoming an increasingly vital way for businesses to communicate in the near- and long- term future.

    Using current mediums to reach numerous audiences along with the right promotional items will keep a business at the forefront. In addition, staying up to date on new trends will allow you to position yourself as a knowledgeable resource and help market your business further. | 602.888.0708

  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT – In today’s competitive marketplace, marketing campaigns must deliver results. Leveraging services to numerous lines of business will create new opportunities and increase your customer base. 5 A review of a recent case study showed that a well-known healthcare provider with 92 locations in 15 states relied on a promotional marketing company for their promotional needs; however, the ordering was falling into the hands of only one person. As part of the strategic plan, the company implemented an e-commerce solution to add ease to product ordering. Building a company store simplified the ordering process and allowed each location to manage its own product orders. The store had more than 50 items that customers could choose from to purchase. The client was extremely happy with the consolidation of the ordering process and appreciated the ability to add new products to keep the store stocked with new and current items. Streamlining the process has saved the company numerous hours, and has created brand consistency along with an easy and a simplified outlet for everyone to use the store. By consolidating the efforts to an e-commerce solution, they are now able to maintain their brand while reaping an enormous cost savings.

    What have you created for other clients that you can share to showcase your business? Do you have multiple services that customers are not aware of where you can make a difference in their bottom line?

    According to a survey by the Advertising Specialty Institute, consumers are more likely to keep a promotional product that is useful. About eight in 10 (77%) of product recipients indicated that an item’s usefulness is the primary reason to keep it. In addition, 29% of recipients said they kept an item because it’s attractive, and 29% say they keep a promotional product simply because it’s “enjoyable to have.”

  • WORKING WITH PROFORMA IS EASY. From researching your business’s background to evaluating a campaign, Proforma is your one source with infinite reso