How it effects life and why it causes people to move

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WaterHow it effects life and why it causes people to move

Water is Scarce in the Middle East

Scarcity of water effects how you liveWhere you liveMust live near water sourceHow you liveIf you do not live by water then you must migrate constantly to find a water sourceWhat food you can grow:Plants and animals need waterWithout enough water, herders must move to find new grassland for their animals and water for their plants

Bedouins: how they adapt to little waterIn many parts of the region, it is too dry to grow crops or even to keep herds of animals on a farm. If farmers kept their animals in one place, the animals would eat all of the grass and plants quickly, only to then starve. Some herders, including the Berbers in North Africa, are seasonal nomads. This means that they migrate seasonally with their flocks to areas that provide the best grazing land for their livestock. In Southwest Asia, the Bedouin are animal herders who move into the desert during the rainy winter season. They then move back to farming areas during the dry summer months. Other nomadic groups migrate throughout the year. Adopting a nomadic way of life is one way in which the people in the region adapt to their environment. Discovery Ed.Click here to travel with Berbers through the desertWater Scarcity causes movement Brainstorm based on what you have learned.Write a brief paragraph about how water scarcity causes movement.How does the Middle East get water?Aquifers:Underground water reservesOases: ( click here)Areas with underground spring water or trapped rain waterWadis:Dry riverbeds that fill up with rain waterBuild Dams: ( click here)Holds water in reservoirs to use laterDesalinization: ( click here)Process of removing salt from sea water so you can use it to drink or irrigation