How do food choices Affect our life? Hope you enjoy!!!!!!! By Mia Handley

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How do food choices effect our life?

How do food choices Affect our life?Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!By Mia Handley

Questions and answers1. Why do most fruits have sugar in them?A. Most of them are made out sugar but dried fruits have 81% of sugar in them.2. How would you compare red apples to green (besides the colour)?A. The plant is diffent and the green one is more sour.3. What would happen if junk food business were removed?A. People would not eat junk foods and only eat healthy and people would be more fit.4.How do sugar canes grow?A. Some grow in Hawaii in giant grass places, sugar cane looks like corn.5. How do carrots help your eyesight?A. Sometimes it can but if not no it is just a myth for kids.Questions and answers 26. How do fish help your brain?A. If you eat oily fish it can help your memory. 7. Are home cooked junk foods better than takeaway?A. People prefer takeaway but home cooked are better.8. What are some exotic fruits and vegetables? A. There are many such as bizarre kiwano and romsure.9. Why is to much sugar unhealthy? A. Because you might get diabetes obesities and tooth decay. 10. What would happen if fruits never existed?A. People would be unhappy, tired and not fit and might die. Pictures!!!!

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Facts!!!!McDonalds fast foods employ over 1.5 million people around the world. There are around 2000 different plant types that humans use to create food.Examples of popular vegetables include lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, potatoes and onions.Cutting onions releases a gas which causes a stinging sensation when it comes into contact with your eyes.China is the largest producer of garlic, producing over 10 million tons in 2008 and accounting for over 75% of world output.Examples of popular fruits include apples, oranges, pears, strawberries, peaches, bananas, apricots and grapes.

Thank you for watchingHoped you liked itBy Mia Handley

Remember kids an apple a day keeps the doctor away!!