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Students in Mrs. Bell’s 2009-2010 4th grade class created their own creatures while learning about animal adaptations.

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  • Our House Creatures

    by Mrs. Bells 4th grade class


    Students created their own creatures while learning about animal adaptations.

  • My animals predator is a big dog he can get a way with his claws and wings.

    My animal gets his oxygen by its nose and mouth.

    My creature eats dogy food and fire.

    My animal gets its food by its claws and wings.


    Austin Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October, 12, 2009

  • He has legs and wings that help him move.

    My creature lives in my kitchen.

    My animal is 4 months old.


    His mouth helps him get water.

    His mouth and nose helps him to get oxygen by going down his throat and into his body.

  • The pocations predators are dogs,cats,and rats the pocations adaptation are the red spots on his back.

    The pocation gets oxygen from the 6 blue spots on his back.

    The pocation eats ants around my house.

    The pocation red spots on his back help.


    Joe Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October, 12 2009

  • The pocation moves by its three legs.

    The pocation lives in my closet.

    It is the mix of a beaver and ant eater.


    The blue dot in his head.

    Its blue spots on its back.

  • My animals predators are cows, and deer. The way it stay away is its instinct.

    It uses its nose to get oxygen.

    My Pig tang eats slay which is a combination of hay and slop.

    My animal does a trick and then has to find its food.


    Bailee Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October 12, 2009

  • Pig-tang has 4 legs and thats how it moves.

    Pig-tang lives in my room but travels to my brothers room in the day time.

    Pig-tang has one eye and a horses mane also a pigs tail. It's a mixture of a pig and a mustang.


    My animal uses its legs to get its water. It walks over to its water bowl.

    Pig-tang uses the two holes in its nose to breathe.

  • His predators are lions he avoids lions by blending in grass.

    My creature gets oxygen from legs.

    My creature eats horses.

    Fango gets food from blending in his surroundings.


    Nyles Mrs. Bell Grade 4 Oct.2009

  • Fango moves by his legs and arms.

    He lives in the basement at day.

    Fango weighs over 1000 pounds.


    Fango can find water by hearing other animals splashing water.

    He breathes by smelling bugs.

  • My animal eats dust and candle wax.

    My Slizer gets food out of a hole in the top of its head.



    Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October;12,09

    My animal avoids getting eaten by predators by slithering threw the air vents.

    My animal breathes out of its toes.

  • My creature moves with two legs and slither with its tale.

    My animal lives in the air vents.

    My animal has two spikes to protect its self .


    My animal out of its nose.

    My creature breathes out of its toes.

  • My animal has no predator in my house but it has a tail to swim and wings to fly if it did.

    My animal can get oxygen from its holes in its nose.

    My animal eats plants in my house.

    My animal has wings to get its food to eat.


    Taylar Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October 2009

  • My creature has wings in order to fly to places and a tail to swim.

    My animal lives in my living room in my house.

    My creature has 2 ways to get away from predators fast!!


    My animal gets water from its mouth to drink.

    My animal has a nose so it can breath so it wont die.

  • Bald Eagle,Bear.His tail,strong jaws,and big claws.

    His nose.

    My house creature eats any thing it can find.

    He sneaks up behind his prey and jumps onto its back and bites them.


    Tanner Mrs. Bell Grade 4 Oct.2009

  • Legs

    In my bedroom.

    Destruction can run up to 26 miles per hour, he can swim up to 7 miles per hour, and he can jump up to 3 feet in the air.


    My creature drinks with his tongue and mouth.

    He uses his nose and mouth.

  • My creature has only one predator it is a t rex. Drago has a red white and blue cape and it stays on the flag.

    My animal has holes on the top of its hat and that is how it breathes.

    My creature eats pizza.

    Drago picks up the phone and calls pizzahut and they bring it faster than light.


    Demetri Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October 2009

  • Drago has four legs to move really really fast.

    My creature lives in the attic with all his frends.

    Drago works for the goverment as a super hero.

    Creature Name

    Dago goes to a waterfall to get water.

    My animal has holes on the top of its hat .

  • My animals predators are birds snakes frogs .

    My animal has a door it will go out to get air. And it also uses its intinos .

    My animal eats heaven clouds.

    .My animal has arms that help catch prey and intenas to help track animals. And also the nose helps sniff prey.


    Zoie Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October 2009

  • My animal flies to move around.

    My animal lives in the bathroom.

    She is a kind loving animal .


    My animal flies to get water when it rains .

    My animal uses its intenas to breath in oxygen.

  • The PLHs predator is a black cat. PLH has claws on its feet so it can protect its self from its predator.

    The structural adaptation my animal has to breath is a small round nose.

    My animal eats salt and vinegar chips.

    My creature has claws on their feet and a long neck so it can reach in the bag of chips.


    Emily L. Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October 12 ,2009

  • My creature has two legs to walk on and wings to fly around my house.

    PLH lives in my closet in my pink room.

    My animal only eats at night but plays during the day.


    My animal gets water by flying up to the water dispenser on the freezer and then stores it in its peace sign head.

    PLH has a small nose on its peace sign shaped head to get its oxygen.

  • Yanna Bears predators are dogs and lions. Yanna Bear shoot out big letters to her predators.

    Yanna Bear breathes air out of her nose.

    My animal eats book bags and paper.

    Yanna Bear walks to her bowl to get her food.

    Yanna Bear

    Linnijah Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October 2009

  • Yanna Bear move by her legs.

    Yanna Bear lives in a cage but I let her out and I let it sleep all over the house.

    Yanna Bear love to get out of her cage and play with me.

    Yanna Bear

    Yanna Bear walks to her bowl so she get her water.

    Yanna Bear breath through her nose thats how she gets oxygen.

  • My animal predators is the water eye. My animal rainbow powers to survive from getting eating.

    It gets oxygen from his nose.

    He eats fish and chickens.

    It gets food by running after other animals.

    Fire Rainbow

    Jalan Miss Bell Grade 4 Oct.12,2009

  • My animal uses its wings and legs to move.

    My animal live in the bedroom.

    My animal can fly 100 miles an hour.

    Fire Rainbow

    My animal gets water from the lake. He gets water by his tong.

    He yours his nose to breath.

  • Pinacalata has lions ,tigers and snakes as predators . My animal uses its spray to chases away predators.

    My animal gets oxygen by breathing through his nose.

    My animal eats meat, greens or fruit.

    Pinacalata uses his feet to walk out of the house and go hunt for predators .


    Jasmine Bell Grade 4 October 2009

  • My animal has its spray .

    Pinacalata lives in my room.

    He is a friendly.


    He has its mouth to drink.

    He has a nose. It is round ,skinny little with two holes.

  • My animal predators are goldfish and cat fish. It has sharp claws on its feet and a pointy bill on its head to protect itself.

    Fibedu gets oxygen from its orange and purple gills.

    Fibedu eats its wings once a month for food.

    My animal swims around and bites itself one time and then its wings fall of for food.


    Taryn Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October12,09

  • My animal moves with its wings, legs, tail.

    Fibedu lives upstairs in a big tank and a small area dry land.

    Fibedu green horn glows at night also its tail changes colors


    Fibedu gets water from its head and the water comes from when Fibedu takes a breath out of the tank some of the water he drinks and the rest goes to its head.

    Fibedu uses its two nostrils to breathe.

  • His only predators are people.

    Horsefly breaths though two holes on its face.

    Horsefly eats grass, leaves, and sometimes dirt.

    He uses his teeth. To gnaw though the window to get food.


    Nora A. Mrs. Bell Grade 4 October 12, 2009

  • He has legs, wings, and arms .

    He lives under my bed .

    He can run fast .


    He digs it up .

    He has two holes on his face .

  • My animal gets eaten by bears. What structural or behavioral adaptations does your creature have in order to avoid predators?

    My animal breathes from its wings.