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House Cleaning Service as You Move…Out

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Rather than adding more stress into your life during the relocation, consider simply hiring a qualified NJ maid service.

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  • House Cleaning Service as You MoveOut

    The moving process is far from simple. After all, you have to leave one home, pack everything

    up and shuttle everything to another place in a short span of time. On top of the actual move,

    there is all of the paperwork, long processes and other tasks that must be addressed before a

    real estate transaction can go through. Its a relatively sure bet that cleaning your old house is

    not on your mind!

    Rather than adding more stress into your life during the relocation, consider simply hiring a

    qualified NJ maid service and letting them do the house cleaning service for you. Its easy,

    and since you wont have a recurring payment, it wont affect your wallet for a long term. Itll be

    relatively quick and easy since most of your furniture will have already been moved out.

    If you dont have enough in the budget to have your old house professionally cleaned by

    housekeeping services company, you should at least try to give it a quick wipe-down. In many

    contracts, leaving the property at least broom-swept is a requirement prior to closing. Plus, its a

    sign of good faith that you are presenting the buyer with a quality investment and that you took

    pride in the property while you owned it.

    Start with a quick sweep and vacuum of the entire house from top to bottom. Dont forget attics

    and basements which can accumulate dust and dirt over time. Decks and outdoor patio areas

    should also be swept to remove any dry debris, and if you want the house to really shine,

    consider powerwashing the exterior.

    Once youve finished sweeping, move on to the walls. If you want to leave the house sparkling,

    mix a bucket of warm soapy water and wash each wall individually. However, if you live in a

    large house and are facing a time crunch to leave the house, buy a slightly abrasive pad to

    remove just the scuff marks. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a great way to tackle most marks

    that might have found their ways onto your walls.

  • Clean each appliance thoroughly with the appropriate cleaner. If there are any leftover solutions,

    leave them for the next owners with labels about where you used them around the house. Also

    be sure to clean drawers and shelves, and dust the tops of ceiling fans and other hanging

    elements. If you can, try cleaning out air ducts and heating vents to remove potential allergens

    from the home so that the new owners can enjoy the house as much as you did.

    By leaving a clean house for the new owners when youre moving out, youll guarantee that the

    new owners will enjoy the home right off the bat. Its a good way to show your appreciation for

    the buyers selecting your property, and it lays the foundation for a lasting relationship and

    friendship. And if you believe in karma, there is a good chance that your new home will be just

    as spotless for you when you move in!

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