HORA LAGNA Part 1- For Raj Yoga Predictions

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  • 7/28/2019 HORA LAGNA Part 1- For Raj Yoga Predictions


    Ashutosh Kumar is a young amateurAstrologer from Ranchi, India with

    specialization in Vedic Astrology and Jaimini

    Paddathi. He has been in astrology from the

    very early age of 15 & started working on

    Astrology. His deep passion is to share

    knowledge and not hide it. He travels

    extensively all over Northern India meetingrare astrologers not known in the English

    reading astrology circles.

    H ora L agna P art 1

    F or R aj Y oga

    P redictions

    ByAshutosh Bharadwaj, India.

    ndian has achieved numerous

    scientific advancements in the past.

    There are many suggestions which

    say that we had so many learning centers

    spread across the country. These centers

    have their own rich heritage of learning

    which has come down to us from one

    generation to another.

    Kashi (modern Varanasi) and Darbhanga

    have been two important centers of

    learning especially for Astrology.

    Astrologers belonging to these two places

    have distinct calculating methods of

    foretelling future that are not found


    In the beginning of last decade, I came to

    know about an astrologer based in

    Darbhanga who was known for his accurate

    predictions. He was exceptionally accurate in

    predicting profession of persons. I was doing

    Graduation around that time and was

    fortunate enough to meet him in May 2002.

    After meeting him, I found his methods

    were rather different from those of other

    modern astrologers. These days modern


  • 7/28/2019 HORA LAGNA Part 1- For Raj Yoga Predictions


    astrologers normally use Parashar or Krishnamurthi Padhhatis.

    On seeing my keen interest in Astrology, this great astrologer agreed to help me learn his

    methods. But his methods seem very complex to me and I lost interest soon. I took off and

    came back to complete my studies. After some time I learnt that he died of natural reasons.

    My interest in Astrology didn't evade and one day I found a book on Char Dasha by veteranastrologer K N Rao.

    I have traveled across India and have met many astrologers. Some of them use unique

    methods. I found an astrologer who is doing Jamini like the one in Darbhanga, in Andhara


    I wish to thank my friend Saptarishis Astrology who inspired me to write this article. I

    would also like to thank Mr K N Rao. If we study commentary on Jaimini we find it is

    difficult to know the actual calculation of Hora Lagna because every ancient astrologer hasdifferent view.

    Now, Let Us See Some Basic Things About Horaora (means solar day) is divided into 60 Ghatis. Now, 5 ghati before and after the

    sun rise is called Khanda and 5 ghati before sun set and after sun set is called

    Sudha. The 20 ghati of the day is called Purna and the rest 20 ghati of the night is

    called Mugdha. In this way, there are four divisions of hora lagna i.e. 10 ghati of sun rise 20

    ghati of day time, 10 ghati of sun set and 20 ghati of night time. This is the basic distribution

    of Hora Lagna. All you may thinking what is importance of knowing the all measurement of

    Hora Lagana. Its use we will discuss later.

    Now lets see the calculation of hora lagna, broadly it is of two types -

    1st - Which Is Based On Rasi Division ( in a rasi division these are of three types)2nd - Based On Ghati DivisionIn a rasi division these are of three types, in a ghati division these are of six types.

    Rasi Based Calculation:(A) The calculation of HL is as follows1st half of Aries is Aries and the 2nd half is Taurus. The 1st half of Taurus is Taurus and the 2nd

    half is Gemini, so on we have to calculate.

    (B)Pt. Ramyatna Ojha in his book called Phalit Vikas and Pt. Gopesh Ojha in his commentaryon Jatak Parijat both mention about vriddh karika. The calculation of HL is as such- the 1st


  • 7/28/2019 HORA LAGNA Part 1- For Raj Yoga Predictions


    hora of Aries is Aries, 2nd is Taurus. The 1st hora of Taurus is Gemini the 2nd hora of Taurus

    is Cancer, and so on, we can find references of the method in many ancient books.

    (C) The popular method of calculating Hora Lagna according to parashara isRasis are given two categories namely odd and even.The lord of 1st half (0 to15) ofodd rasi is Sun and the 2nd half (15 to 30 ) is Moon.

    Just opposite for even Rasis, the lord of 1st half (0 to15) is Moon and the 2nd half (15 to 30 ) is


    Ghati Based Calculations(A) Take Birth ghati divide it by 2.5, if Asc is an odd sign count quadrant from Asc in

    direct way and if Asc is even sign count from reverse.

    (B) If Asc is an odd sign count from Sun and for even sign count from Moon in direct way(C) Count 2.5 ghati from Sun rise each divided part is called a Hora. If birth time comes

    under 1st Hora count from Asc. If BT come under 2nd part of Hora, count 2nd from the 7th

    of Asc. The calculation will be as on.

    There is much confusion over the rule. Its very hard to know which HL is accurate.

    Every HL has special function. I tried my level best to understand the use of all the HLbut I know only few HL calculations to use it.

    Except these three HL, there are three popular methods to calculate HL-

    There are three popular old/ancient commentaries on HL,1) Vriddha Karika2) Venkateswara3) Raghava BhattVriddha karika says take birth ghati after sun rise divide at the rate of 2.5 ghati for each rasiand add the number thus obtained to the Janma lagna. The result will be HL. In short we

    will say it VK.Venkateswara divides birth ghati after sun rise at the rate of 2.5 ghati for each rasi. If thelagna is an odd sign count obtained number from the sun and if the lagna is an even sign

    count from the moon. In short we will say it VEN method.

  • 7/28/2019 HORA LAGNA Part 1- For Raj Yoga Predictions


    Raghava Bhatt divides the day into 12 equal part, and the night 12 equal part and reckon eachpart as a hora. Find the number of hora after birth and count from the Janma lagna according

    to odd or even rasi, clockwise or anti clockwise direction. In short we will say it RB method.The astrologer ofDarbhanga says take birth time divide it by 2.5. If lagna is even sign count

    from lagna and if lagna is an odd sign count from Sun position. In short we will say it DAmethod. The method is almost same to Vriddh Karika only difference is counting from Sun

    for odd sign.

    Also to be noted is that the Darbhangaastrologers method of calculation is the same as given

    in the rare classic Vaanchanadiyam translated by Raghavendra Rao, published during 2011 or

    2012 issues ofSaptarishis Astrology. The other methods are taken from the articles of the great

    Shri Madhura Krishnamurthy Shastriji as published in 2008/2009 issues of Saptarishis

    Astrology.Further we will discuss this with various examples:-

    Example 1: AmitabhBachchanDOB 11- 10- 1942

    Time 2-50pm


    Ista ghati -22.52

    Sun rise-6/02

    Sun set-17/36

    1) DA methodIsta ghat-24.50/2.5=9.08

    The lagna of Amitabh is Aquarius so we count 10th from Sun's position. Sun is Virgo 10th

    position from Virgo is Gemini so the Hora lagna is Gemini.

    2) VK method24.50/2.5=9.08

    10 lagna is Aquarius 10th


    Aquarius is Scorpio so the Hora lagna is Scorpio

  • 7/28/2019 HORA LAGNA Part 1- For Raj Yoga Predictions


    3) VEN methodSun is in Virgo, 10th from Virgo is Gemini so the Hora lagna is Gemini

    4) RB methodDuration of day is 11/33 hrs = 58 minutes of 1 part. Count 11th from lagna so Sagittarius isHora lagna.

    Now we have three hora lagna Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio. Amk Mercury is in moola

    trikona and aspect Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, two of them is HL.

    If we take Gemini as HL

    In D1 chart -lord of HL mercury is 8 th from lagna with Amk, Gemini is the triangle from

    GK but the main thing is that GK is not from the triangle of mercury.

    In D9 chart- lord of HL is in the sign of Leo 11th from lagna with Sun and GK neither

    triangle to HL nor HL lord.

    In D10 chart mercury is with Mars in 11th from lagna and GK neither trikona to HL nor HL


    If we take Sagittarius in D1 chart

    Guru is 6th from lagna and 8th from HL in his exalted sign. Amk mercury aspect HL butthere is not a aspect of HL lord. There is no aspect on GK either HL or HL lord.

    In D9 chart there is Ketu in the sign of HL and exalted Guru in 10 th house with debilitated

    Mars, GK is just 7th to him , and 8th lord Venus aspect them.

    In D10 chart HL lord Jupiter in the house of wealth and Amk and BK both are in the 11 th

    house from lagna , but one notable thing is there that Amk is a 8th lord, and Amk & BK both

    aspect Jupiter.

    If we take Scorpio as a HL

    In D1chart BK mars in 8th house from lagna with 8th house lord Mercury.

    In D9 chart--- Mars is debilitated there in 10th house with exalted Jupiter, and HL and HL

    lord both are aspected by 8th lord Venus.

    In D10 chart HL lord Mars and Amk & 8th lord mercury both are in Sagittarius sign.

    In this case we have three HL. But computing every aspect we can easily find what isaccurate .

  • 7/28/2019 HORA LAGNA Part 1- For Raj Yoga Predictions


    Example 2: Indira GandhiDob-19- 11 1917time-23- 11place AllahabadIsta ghati- 41.88

    Sun raise -6-26

    Sun set-17-09


    Amk -Venus

    1) DA methodBirth ghati 41.88/2.5 =16.75 Asc is even sign so we have to count from lagna. 17th