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Hong Kong. Map of Hong Kong Hong Kong’s Flag Country Quick Facts Hong Kong Capital City: Victoria City (usually called Hong Kong) Population: Over 7

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Hong KongMap of Hong Kong

Hong Kongs Flag

Country Quick FactsHong KongCapital City: Victoria City (usually called Hong Kong)Population: Over 7 millionMain Languages: Cantonese, EnglishMain People Groups: Han Chinese, othersReligions: Chinese religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, HinduismMore Quick Facts Hong KongLocation: Hong Kong lies on the southern coast of China. Hong Kong has 4 areas: Kowloon and the New Territories, both on the mainland, Hong Kong Island, and about 200 outlying islands. Altogether, Hong Kong is about half the size of our State of Rhode Island.

More Quick Facts Hong KongThe Land: Mountains cover a lot of Hong Kongs land on both the mainland and the islands. There are also grasslands and swamps, with some good land for farming on the mainland. Hong Kong has to import most of its food and even drinking water.

Weather: Summer is hot and humid; winter is cool and dry. Storms called typhoons bring a lot of rain in the summers, especially in September.

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Children enjoying the puppets and clowns.

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