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My project of the book waterman's boy.

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Colegio MetropolitanoEnglish29-09-2014


Jose Pablo Lopez Author: Susan Sharpe5 Laurel

CHARACTERS1. Ben2. Matt3. Mother4. Father5. David Watchman

SETTINGThe setting was on a small Town in the Chesapeake Bay.

My New Ending At the end Matt and Ben Resolve the problem and the animals get very happy and people give thanks to them .

SUMMARYBen and his best friend Matt of a little town Of Chesapeake Bay are Growing and changing . One day they Decide to help David Watchman a Scientist of microbiology to clean The water for animals benefits.

DIFFICULT WORDS1. Scrape : Is when something rubs With another thing .2. Harvest : when vegetables and fruits are recollected.3. Device : what do you recommend people to work harder.4. Shadowy : indistinct 5. Souffl : dish made with egg whites.6. Pleasantly : in a cheerful way.7. Guy : a man or a boy.8. Regulations : making regular.9. Marsh : wetland.10. Clams : something important that is missing.11. Asleep : sleeping.12. Leaching : trickle.13. Splash : fall onto the water.14. Oilskin : waterproof,raincoat15. Thoughtfully : dutifully16. Barrels : large wooden keg.17. Silent : with out sound.18. Tossed : throw exactly.19. Discourage : dissuade20. Dozen : twelve

LESSON I learned that is good to take cure of the animals and we have to try to save them.

COMMENTI like this book because I love animals and like to save them.


Jose Pablo Lopez 5 Laurel